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#524 Roggenrola / #525 Boldore / #526 Gigalith

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

  2. hohoXD123

    hohoXD123 New Member

    Looking for someone to trade my Boldore with in order to evolve to Gigalith, can offer any TM/Item available in HG/SS. Please PM.
  3. Bigboy

    Bigboy Member

    Can someone help me out and help me evolve boldore and then trade it right back
  4. fschulze47

    fschulze47 Mighty Marvo

    Can someone help me evolve my Boldore? PM me. I can help you with your trade evolutions!
  5. Bigboy

    Bigboy Member

    still looking for someone to help me evolve my boldore.
  6. White2011

    White2011 Member

    Hey, I need to evolve my Boldore as well. I will evolve yours if you evolve mine. Post now please and pm your fc.
  7. Bigboy

    Bigboy Member

    yeah ill trade you
    In Game Name:Randy
    Friend Code: 4341 1779 4071
  8. Plusf50I

    Plusf50I New Member

    Need to do a trade back with boldore and gurdurr pm me
  9. jurassicjoey

    jurassicjoey Member

    i need some one who i can tade wiht i need to send my Boldore to some one so it become a Gigalith and then have them send it right back to me. anyone nice enough to help? privetmessage me if so.

    game name joey
    fc 5329 0210 8899
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  10. thats fine i want one to this is my code 18137
  11. drager92

    drager92 New Member

    I can do a back and forth trade, my Boldore and whoever else's Boldore.
    In-game name: Daniel
    FC: 2923 8398 6085
  12. Pokemon Breeder Rob

    Pokemon Breeder Rob The Master Trader

    i am looking for a person to do a trade and trade back for my boldore, can any one help me please, i will still give you another pokemon to who ever helps me.
  13. Equality72521

    Equality72521 New Member

    Does anyone have a Baldore they can trade me, or maybe a level 18-19 Roggenrola they can trade me? I can possibly trade a moon stone or a miracle seed but I'm only on the fourth gym so I don't have much. I also have a Maractus I can trade. Pm me if willing to trade.
  14. aipomadvanceshipper

    aipomadvanceshipper Well-Known Member

    I'll trade anyone who needs their Boldore to become Gigalith then trade back.
  15. aggraae

    aggraae New Member

    Wanna trade my boldore back and forth so it evolves.

    Friend Code
    2794 9844 0054
  16. sparky4048

    sparky4048 New Member

    ill trade with you add me :
    Name: Mark
    Friend Code: 4641 8338 6788
  17. Prestonscott89

    Prestonscott89 Stop hating

    im needing the trade as well as every other person here ;p although im looking for someone that needs the same trade so both people benefit from it
  18. Nando's_Budew

    Nando's_Budew Member

    I'm willing to help anyone that needs to evolve their Boldore.
    I evolved mine and I'm in love with Gigalith.
    So will gladly help others =D
  19. lmath97

    lmath97 New Member

    can you trade with me reply back with time whe you want to go. my frined code is 2064-8449-8078
  20. xerozero69

    xerozero69 New Member

    Looking for a trade back evolution. PM me please.

    Last edited: Mar 9, 2011
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