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#529 Drilbur / #530 Excadrill

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Returning Champion
i have 3 adament drilburs im willing to trade there all lv 1 i have 2 females and 1 male pm for offers

Arctic Amos

3353 3526 0984
LOOKING for a MALE shiny drilbur or excadrill

antures etc i dont care about ut a beneficial one would be lovely

offering 1 maybe two shiny pokemon for it we can discuss in pm


♥ PSG ♥
Willing to offer a cool Excadrill:
Name: MOLEsted
Nature: Naive
Ability: Sand Rush <---Broken mole alert
I can attach an item if u like
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
Max EVs in Atk and Spf
I'm looking for an Adamant/Jolly Archen with Max IVs in Atk and Spd. PM me if inetrested. I'm looking for more stuff and I'll tell u over PM.

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
So in my quest to get decent IVs for my Drilbur I am left with leftovers which I have no use for but rather than to release them (which I have no hesitation doing), I figured I may as well put them on offer however I do not plan to keep them for that long so if you want one you'll have to be quick. I am not looking for much in return so feel free to take them off my hands

Drilbur- 24/31/31/30/27/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 18/31/30/31/24/31- Adamant- Sand Force
Drilbur- 31/22/30/31/6/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 22/26/31/21/29/31- Adamant- Sand Force
Drilbur- 31/31/31/22/8/31- Adamant- Sand Force
Drilbur- 31/21/30/17/31/31- Jolly- Sand Force
Drilbur- 31/26/30/31/0/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 31/31/24/23/23/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 4/31/17/27/31/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 31/30/31/16/14/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 23/31/30/25/31/31- Adamant- Sand Rush
Drilbur- 16/31/31/30/29/31- Adamant- Sand Force
Drilbur- 31/30/31/4/8/31- Adamant- Sand Force

Now all you have to do is to PM me so we can discuss a trade. Thank you for reading ;529;


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LF Excadrill Adamant high IV Attack PM or Reply here for stuff I'm offering (lvl100 evd pokemon with high ivs, none from Unova)


Offering personally bred, flawless Attack and Speed (31 IVs), Adamant Drillburs with Sand Rush.
Jolly or adamant drillbur

LOOKING for a jolly or adamant drilbur with good ivs. dont care what gender. i want it UT PLEASE.

I Can offer all items except TM's. from masterballs to ev training bands


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I'm looking for a Relaxed male Drilbur under to level 20 that knows Dig and/or Posion Jab if it's not too much and is holding an everstone (non-shiny)

I'll trade it for a level 6, Bold male Snivy that knows Solar Beam and Grass Knot & is holding a Rare Candy. (also non-shiny)

I'll also trade my newly caught untouched event Victini holding a Rare Candy if the Snivy isn't enough

My name & FC is in my signature. PM me if interested
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
i have 3 adament drilburs im willing to trade there all lv 1 i have 2 females and 1 male pm for offers

I have 3 Hippopotases & I'll gladly trade you any of them for either a Tepig or a Charmander


Sol Badguy
I have a shiny exadrill looking for a DW Umbreon


New Member
I have a Japanese Excadrill with the standard moveset. It also has sandrush or whatever, lol. I used to use it a lot but then I got a Metagross so...

Make me offers, I'm not picky.

PM me :) I'll give my friend code.


New Member
Looking for a good IV Adamant, sand rush Excadrill.

I got DW poliwag and DW vulpix and a bunch of evo stones and other stuff for trade. PM me


Straight outta Johto
Lf for a flawless or near flawless UT Drillbur or evd drillbur or excadrill. It does not have to be shiny,I dont care.

Im offering a ut shiny deoxys pm me
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