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#529 Drilbur / #530 Excadrill

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looking for a Shiny flawless excadrill with Sand rush and Jolly/adamant nature. PM me
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Offering a lot of Jolly Drilburs, UT. Send me a PM if you want one so we can work something out.


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Trading lvl 100 Shiny Flawless Adamant Excadrill (4 HP/ 252 Att/ 252 Spe)

Looking for shiny flawless, good-natured pokemon (competitive ones).


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Offering a Level 1 Adamant Sand Rush Drilbur. What I want is a Dream World Immunity Gligar, either female or Impish with either gender.


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hav a bunch of lv1 drilburs up for trade PM me if you want one


I have many Lv1 Drillburs with 31 Attack & Speed.

I am seeking male pokemon with 31 IVs in 2+ stats.


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:529:I've got an extra Drilbur looking for a good home. PM me offers.:529:​


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Looking for an Excadrill fully EV'd in Attack in Speed.


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looking for a drillber don have any Pokemon to trade would be nice if i can get an adement lv 1-20 drillbur


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Looking for shiny drillbur or excadrill. Offering basically any item, pokerus, zorua/zoroark and various DW females. I'll offer everything combined of what I just mentioned for a shiny drillbur or excadrill. PM or VM with offers.


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I'm seeking an Excadrill (preferably Adamant/Jolly nature. MUST have Sand Rush). Offers are in my signature. PM me if you're interested.

EDIT: Done! Thanks for trading, ouchies!
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Got a lvl 36 Excadrill, Serious nature ( not sure that means anything ) Nearly lvl 37 ( 8xp ).

PM me for details and further talk.


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I am looking for a shiny flawless jolly drilbur with sand rush
will do the best i can for that pokemon
please pm me in reply
I know its a big offer but i will really like it
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Would really like a shiny drilbur or excadrill. I have an Arceus at level 100 and some other stuff. PM me if you're interested.


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I have two female Drilbur I caught that I can trade for any of the following-
Any Johto or Hoenn Starter (Chickorita must be female, though)
Any male Sinnoh starter (Piplup must know Bubblebeam, Chimchar must know Double Kick)
Any non-legendary Kanto Pokemon (Except Meowth and Persian)
Any level under 50 for any of them is fine, but no nicknamed ones please.

Please PM me if interested. I'm available to trade from Friday-Sunday before 8:00 PM EST.


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Trading Away

Excadrill - Gentle Nature, Sand Force Ability, Male, Level 50 - Horn Drill, Earthquake, Swords Dance & Sandstorm

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.
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