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#532 Timburr / #533 Gurdurr / #534 Cokeldurr

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will help anyone evolve their gurduur on pokemon white in exchange for helping me evolve my kadabra on heartgold/soulsilver.

PM me for friend codes! im ready to trade at any time today.
Greetings, I happen to be looking for a member of the Timburr/Conkledurr family with;
-The moves drain punch and mach punch
-Brave nature with Guts ability
-Good Ivs

I can offer:
TRU Arceus jolly nature
Various self destructing Munchlax
Various event Jirachi
Event Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
Fall2010, Mystery, and Hayley Mew
Alamos and member card Darkrai
PKTOPIA Magmortar
Misc. other legendary and non-legendary pokemon

I will also consider trading for female members of this family with good Ivs and a Brave nature.

Edit, I retract my offer and am now starting a breeding chain.
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Looking to evolution-trade my Gurdurr. My (black) friend code is: 2537-3206-1402

You can reach me via AIM on "ForseeRejection" or PM me.

I got my trade! Thank you! I don't mind at all helping evolve if you catch me when I'm free!
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I am wanting to Evolution trade my Gurdurr and Boldore. My FC is 3224-5192-6917

PM if interested!! thanks!!


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I need help to evolve my Gurduur, pm me if you want to help :)


Looking for any Timburr/gurder/conkeldurr that knows both Mach punch and drain punch. I'm offering:
-mandibuzz's pre-evolution
And others. PM/VM me if interested.


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Looking for male timburr with egg moves mach punch and drain punch. Have ferroseeds with spikes and stealth rock. My aim is zima2190.


Raiden Maximus
Name: Bobuilder (Male) / Gurdurr
Lv: 24
OT&Offerer: Shira
Location: Singapore

I have place it in GTS. If you want a conkeldurr (my gurdurr will evolve through the tread), get ready your boldore. Any gender, any level.


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Drain punch timburr/dokkora lvl 1.

Offering lvl 1 timburr/dokkora with the egg move drain punch. You can request nature if you like. PM me if interested. Only for a limited time!


do you like mudkips?
timburr with drain punch and mach punch wanted, preferably male with brave nature and guts ability, but i can accept any male with the above moves.

offering therroseed with egg moves leech seed and stealth rock, which should have good IVs


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Hey peeps,

I'm searching for a Male Timburr with Mach Punch and Drain punch. Preferable good Iv's, but not a must.

I don't have much to offer except zorua's (mostly naughty, timid, hasty). I got it from the GTS and found out it has dark pulse, extrasensory, counter and sucker punch :/

This is my first time and first post on Serebii, so PM me if you're interested.


Drain/Mach Punch

I have some newly hatched Timburrs with this moveset:

Drain Punch
Mach Punch
Bulk Up

PM me offers if you're interested.


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Looking for a timburr with mach punch can offer dark pulse deinos and zoruas
Pm me if interested :)

Edit: got my timburr :D
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Lookind for a Timburr w/ Mach punch and a Adamant nature offering items or a Zekrom?


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can anyone help me evlove my gurdurr and i'll do yours
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