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#540 Sewaddle / #541 Swadloon / #542 Leavanny

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

  2. Dragonitor

    Dragonitor <- Shiny Hunter

    I'm looking for a Adamant Sewaddle. I prefer a lvl 1 but a UT other one is fine too. I don't have lots of pokemon but maybe I can get a pokemon you can't get your version. Just PM me and I'll see what I can do.
  3. luxrayshock

    luxrayshock Ursus arctos

    Anyone have a leavanny, I can trade for it but really only need to do a tradeback for dex purposes. pm please.
  4. riosuave

    riosuave no time for cameras

    Looking for an Adamant or Jolly Sewaddle if anyone has a spare? Can't offer much, as I'm not far into my game, but I could give you fodder with Pokerus? :)

    PM me!
  5. Beorgit

    Beorgit Poison Trainer

    I've got a shiny Leavanny. I'd like a Shiny Poison type in return please :3
  6. GGDeadZone

    GGDeadZone Pokemon Ace

    Looking for any Leavanny. Just want the dex entry and will trade back. Can pass Pokerus and can help fulfill a dex entry for you.
  7. Suicune1988

    Suicune1988 Maestro Entrenador

    looking for leavanny will trade zorua, pm me if your interested :D
  8. Animedingo

    Animedingo Red Blue Veteran

    looking for Leavanny, i can trade almost any of the starter pokemon from all regions.
  9. marshon

    marshon New Member

    Im give you one for a torchik
  10. SSJCerious

    SSJCerious Pokemon Collector

    Lookin for a Sewaddle, offering any starter, and breeded zoruas.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2011
  11. KingBravest

    KingBravest Well-Known Member

    Need a Male Perfect stat Sewaddle with Swarm cause mine was stolen :'(. My game was freezing so I gave my pokes to someone till I could restart. They took My Perfect stat non Hacked or cloned : Male Emolga, Female Tranquil with Super Luck, Male Oshawott, Male Tepig, Female Snivy, Male Scraggy with Moxie Also. Please help me get these again
  12. Glove

    Glove New Member

    Looking for a Leavanny. I can trade any generation starters, or I can get just about anything else within reason. PM me if interested.
  13. ZeroKyurem

    ZeroKyurem Final Smash User

    I'm looking for a Leavanny. I can give an Unfezant. (Or a Sawk if you have Pokemon White version.) I can also give them Pokerus, if you want.
  14. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I need Leavanny for my Pokedex. Can trade pretty much anything on Gen V for it. I don't even need to keep it, I can send it right back.

    I can help you with Starters, Zorua, Dex Entries, evolving etc etc
  15. Graal

    Graal New Member

    I'm looking for leavanny, pm me for details !
  16. miyac

    miyac Shiny Hunter!

    I'm looking fo a Leavanny, I can breed any gen starter, version exclusives, and pokemon from gen 1-4 pm me with what pokemon you want and I can see if I have it!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  17. Yukianesa

    Yukianesa Battle Champ

    I am looking for a specific kind of Leavanny. i have alot of things i could offer, you just have to ask me for the specificity. the Leavanny (or sewaddle) details are below

    nature: naughty
    gender: female
    Base 70 hp fire needed
    ability: chlorophyl
    It doesnt have to be shiny but this is something i really am looking for. Please PM me if you want to make a trade deal with me. BTW i am new to serebii but no slouch to pokemon!!!
  18. Mysticizm

    Mysticizm Ghost Pokemon Master

    Looking for a Sewaddle or Leavanny, level 10-30. PM me if you have one.
  19. maji

    maji Member

    I'm looking for a female Sewaddle with the Overcoat ability. I have Pokemon White pre-Nat. Dex, so I can work with you on what you'd like in return.

    Please PM me if you're interested in trading.
  20. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Got a Lv. 100 Lonely Leavanny I'd like to get rid. Knows Shadow Claw/Leaf Blade/X-Scissor/Swords Dance. EVs and IVs unknown. Not particularly picky on offers, but no non-EV'd Lv. 100s, please.
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