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#550 Basculin Red-Stripe Form / Blue-Striped Form

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Trading Away

RED Basculin - Mild Nature, Adaptability Ability, Male, Level 40 - Crunch, Aqua Tail, Soak & Double-Edge
BLUE Basculin - Adamant Nature, Rock Head Ability, Male, Level 25 - Aqua Jet, Chip Away, Take Down & Crunch

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.


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I have shiny legit Basculin up for trade,pm me with offer's please.


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Have the special rock head white exclusive basculin untrained. Will check on the nature later but pm me with offers


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I have a Shiny Red-Striped Basculin. Legit. Caught it while trying to catch a Milotic on Route 1. PM me with trade offers.


Looking for an untouched Shiny Blue Stripe with neutral, sp atk, or speed natures. I can offer a shiny, untouched Escavalier. :D Preferred ability: Adaptability. PM me if intrested. :)

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I would like a dream world female Basculin ( Red) please. Nature and level dont matter. I can offer tangela, barboach, poliwag and Snorunt with dream world abilities..Male or female with pokerus if desired. . Pm if you have it .


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I'm looking for a shiny Basculin blue stripe,I am willing to trade one of my shinies Togepi,Drowzee,Seviper,Hoppip,Tyrogue,Aron,Frillish please PM if intrested


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I'm looking for a Dream World female Basculin, I don't care what nature or level it is, as long as it female and has Mold Breaker, I have every other released Dream World female except what I'm looking for in my signature.

Got it.
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Hi, looking for DW female Basculin. Can offer shards, rare candies, DW females not listed in my sig. Let me know if keen.
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