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#551 Sandile / #552 Krokorok / #553 Krookodile

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Arceus Shadow

Got Shinies?
I have just caught a legit shiny Krokorok, flawless, UT

Looking for shinies - pm with offers


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Looking for any one of the group . I don't have much to trade though :( . PM me if your a nice person wiilling to donate one . Thank you for your time .


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Want a adamant male shiny Sandile

Looking for a male shiny Sandile

Nickname: Abraxas
LV: 1
Abillity: Moxie
Evs: 252 attack & 252 speed, 6 hp
Ivs: 29 attack - rest 28 (charecteristic Quick temperd)
Hatched: Desert resort
Egg moves: Thunder Fang & Fire Fang
OT: Jael
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Advanced Trainer

Looking for a male or female untrained level 1 with 0 experience points with the Ability Moxie and an Adamant Nature. PM me if you have one


Looking for a Shiny Sandile, can offer starters, pseudo legends, ect

please PM


to see you smile
looking for a sandile lv11 can offer anything from white


Pokemon Adoptions!
:551:I've got extra Sandiles looking for good homes. PM me offers.:551:​


Pokemon Adoptions!
:551:I found myself a shiny Sandile.:551:

lv. 15

Nature: Brave
Ability: Moxie

Sand Tomb

PM me offers!


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Hi looking for a flawless female sneasel (Jolly prefered nature) or flawless female bagon (adamant prefered nature) can offer flawless (with which ever nature you prefer) darumaka, sandile, litwick or frillish.
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VGC Trainer
Hello Everyone,
I'm looking 4 an Adamant Krookodile Ev Trained for Atk & Spd + know both fang egg moves (I DON'T WANT IT SHINY W/ A PASSION!!!) I also request the ivs for the atk & spd is between 25-31. For what I have to trade 4 it check my shop (link to it in sig). Thanks in advance :)

Kind Regards,


Dragon Breeder
Looking for an adamant/jolly Sandile with egg move pursuit and Ability Moxie. I can offer almost anything from every generation! Pm !
Sorted, thanks ouchies!
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Dark Type Trainer
Just started breeding Adamant Sandiles. PM for offers.

You can ask for either Intimidate or Moxie, wanted Nicknames and if you want ThunderFang and Firefang on them. Working on breeding other Egg Moves right now.


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Offering a legit Shiny Krookodile, looking for the following shinies:

-Gastly w/ modest or timid nature
-Charmander w/ adament nature

Edit: Traded~!
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Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Krokorok - Naive Nature, Moxie Ability, Male, Level 34 - Embargo, Swagger, Crunch & Dig
Krookodile - Modest, Intimidate Ability, Female, Level 50 - Swagger, Crunch, Dig & Foul Play

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.


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I'm offering my Shiny Krookodile again. It has an Impish Nature (+ Defense, - Sp. Attack) with the ability Moxie, and it's at Lv. 72. I can nickname it whatever the best offerer wants before I trade it. It was caught in a random encounter prior to beating the game, making it even more of a rarity: it was recorded as caught on March 7, 2011, literally one day after the game was released in the United States. This Krookodile is one of the first 5th generation shinies ever caught in an English version game, and it can be yours!

What I would like in exchange (Make offers with any of the following. I prefer unevolved forms.):

Something from the shiny Totodile family, shiny Porygon family, shiny Pineco family, shiny Misdreavus family, shiny Onix family, shiny Treecko family, shiny Torchic family, shiny Trapinch family, shiny Beldum family, shiny Spiritomb, shiny Snivy family, shiny Tepig family, shiny Koffing family, shiny Yamask family, shiny Venipede family, shiny Litwick family, shiny Solosis family, shiny Roggenrola family, shiny Axew family, and Shiny Tornadus. Ones in bold will recieve heightened consideration for trade.

Also, you may offer battle-ready competitive Pokemon, just tell me their nature, moveset, ablility, and general effort point distribution.

So everyone, please, PM me with your offers!


I'm offering a Krokorok. It's level 35 right now, has a quirky nature, is Mischievous and has Moxie. I'm looking for a Drilbur level 22+ or a Excadril. Any nature that doesn't hinder their attack or speed is good and I prefer Sand Rush.


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I am currently looking for a Sandile/Krookodile that has its Dream World ability, Anger Point. If you have one that you are willing to trade, PM me. I can trade event pokemon and legendaries for it, as well a some lvl. 100 pokemon.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I've got a shiny Wingull & an extra Wifi Darkrai that I'll to trade for a male Krookodile with Moxie. PM me if interested
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