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#554 Darumaka / #555 Darmanitan Normal Mode / Zen Mode

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Shiny Hunter
Have an UT shiny darumaka female, zen mode, lonely nature, quickly tempered characteristic....PM me with offers.


Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Darumaka - Bashful Nature, Hustle Ability, Female, Level 1 - Tackle, Incinirate, Fire Bang & Headbutt
Darmanitan - Quirky Nature, Sheer Force Ability, Male, Level 37 - Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Fire Punch & Facade - Had POKERUS

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.


Live out Loud
I have a Lv 37 Shiny Darmatian for trade PM me with any offers! :D


New Member
I have a
lv35 Darmanitan
Zen mode

Dont mind what its traded 4 :D


Wanna trade
hava a lv 100 darmanitan up for trade pm me with offers


New Member
LF for any free or extra darumaka of any nature. Pm me if you have one.


The Silver Brumby
Looking for a zen mode darmanitan. Not interested in whether it's female or not.

In return, I have every breedable pokemon except for phanpy and spinda.

EDIT: got one :)
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New Member
Looking for Darmanitan Level 100 with Jolly nature with max speed (317) or offer and we may negotiate. Offering Movie arceus/darkrai/ fateful ecounter shaymin PKTOPIA electvire shiny pokemon such as raichu/pikachu slowking/Escavalier/Accelgor/ and valcrona (modest nature) + more shinys and DW sharpido and every pokemon from gen 4


New Member
Hey guys, if anyone is willing to help a newbie out, I don't have much to trade because I have just started, but I am looking for a jolly or adamant Darumaka around level 20 if someone can help me out, that would be appreciated :) Thanks

Charizard Lord

Probably Napping
Offering a low-leveled, untouched Adamant Darumaka. PM me with offers. Thanks!
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