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#557 Dwebble / #558 Crustle

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Lvl 50 Crustle
Stealth Rock
X Scissor
Stone Edge
252 HP 252 Attack 4 Def
Perfect IVs in HP Attack and Def

Looking for DW Abra female. PM me.


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I am offering a level 1 dwebble that just hatched. pm me with an offer

Mr. Reloaded

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A evolved dwebble awhile ago its a good pokemon.


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offering baby dwebbles pm me with an offer. ty


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will give any 6 pokemon from my shop if you can bring me any 1 of the following pokemon. ( bring 2 you get 12 )

Looking for the following in shiny form but will also take in normal form.

scraggy/ adamant/ flawless/ shiny/ shed sking
dwebble/ adamant/ flawless/ shiny/ sturdy
frillish/ calm/ flawless/ shiny/ water absorb
snorunt/ jolly/ flawless/ shiny/ female


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Looking for shiny dwebble or crustle. I will offer battle subway items, zorua/zoroark, phione and pokerus. No hacks please. If there's something else you want, please PM or VM me anyway. Thanks!


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Hey looking for a shiny UT Dweeble lvl 1 Will offer anything in my sig :D


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I have a handful of Lv.1 UT dweebles with spikes for trade. PM me if interested


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Looking for Crustle offering any sttarters. PM me offers ^^
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DWF Dwebble/Crustle (Weak Armor)


Wishmaker Jirachi

The Dwebble/Crustle line is the last DW ability I need. I have a Colosseum Bonus Disc and am more than happy to generate you your very own Jirachi in exchange for this last DW Pokemon. I also have loads more to offer if Jirachi isn't your thing. Shoot me a PM if interested.


Water/Dragon Leader
Looking for DWF dwebble. Check my sig for what I can offer, I have a very large amount of DWFs available, and I can IV/nature/egg move breed pokemon


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I'm looking for a shiny Dwebble,I am willing to trade one of my shinies Togepi,Drowzee,Seviper,Hoppip,Tyrogue,Aron,Frillis please PM if intrested


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I'm looking for a Dream World female Dwebble/Crustle, I don't care what nature or level it is, as long as it female and has Weak Armor, I have every other released Dream World female except what I'm looking for in my signature.

Got it.
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Hi, looking for DW female Dwebble. Can offer shards, rare candies, DW females not listed in my sig. Let me know if keen.
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