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#566 Archen / #567 Archeops

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New Member
GOt a Archen, with Pokerus, jolly nature level 1, willing to trade for poison heal gligar or gliscor, female. OR vulpix with drought , female please.
looking for a timid archen with the egg moves dragon pulse and earth power ill trade it for a deino with dark pulse or something just make me an offer and tell me what you would like. pm me.


Ace Trainer
Offering Archens looking for anything in my sig or white exclusives.


Ace Chick Trainer
Looking for any Archen. Can trade a Tirtouga or something else. If anyone has one please pm me. Pokémon Black Friend Code: 4126 4309 9715


COD Fanboy
I am looking for at least a level 50 Archeops with the move, Earthquake. I will be offering a shiny for it. PM me if you are interested.
Hello all!
I have an Archen which I can breed for any gender!
PM me offers if you're interested and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Sweet Lou

Sweet Trainer
Willing to trade a Carracosta (the other fossil pokemon) for either an Archen or Archeops.
Its for Pokedex purposes. Please PM me
My pal code is 2236 9272 2929

Twilight Dawn

Active Member
Hello ;) I would really like an Archen can someone breed me one ? with his best nature :p greetz ! :D and PM me !!! ^^
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