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#570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. moshdaninja

    moshdaninja New Member

    Trade Completed Thanks!
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2011
  2. mew-the original

    mew-the original Binchsquatch

    I have a Lv.1 Male Mild natured Zorua up for trade. Specifically looking for an Rufflet, either hatched or caught, with an attack boosting nature (particularly Lonely but any will do really.)

    Message me if you have one. No other offers will be recognized.
  3. FuxingDani

    FuxingDani Porygon Fanatic

    I'm breeding Zorua with Dark Pulse. I'm searching for anything shiny. PM offers please
  4. Soluna

    Soluna Active Member

    If possible i'd like a female Zorua with a decent nature. + Sp Atk / + Speed. Although it's no biggie if you don't have one with the prefered nature. Alternatively i'm happy with just a female one. ^_^

    In exchange I can breed Jolly Snivy's, if interested.
  5. Kirbycollin1

    Kirbycollin1 New Member

    Looking for Zorua. Will offer 5th Gen starters and white exclusives (Except Zekrom)
  6. ginga

    ginga New Member

    i need a zoura anyone one have any left
  7. Animedingo

    Animedingo Red Blue Veteran

    i have plenty of zoruas for trade, several with dark pulse and payback. pm me if your interested, im looking for very specific pokemon
  8. Hwisun

    Hwisun Member

    hey, i'm looking for a zorua. i'm not interested in specific stats or moves.
    i honestly don't have much to offer, as i play pokemon for fun and dont breed or hunt shinies.
  9. Yang_Wolf

    Yang_Wolf A Foongus Amoongus!

    Need shiny Zorua/Zoroark. Any gender, nature, etc.
  10. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    I have a couple of Zouras that knows Dark Pulse and Counter. PM me offers
  11. Animedingo

    Animedingo Red Blue Veteran

    I have TONS of Zoruas that know Dark pulse and Payback. I'm looking for only a few unova pokemon and a few starter pokemon. mostly Hoenn and johoto pokemon
  12. complete_havok

    complete_havok New Member

    hey, i'm looking for a zorua. don't have much to offer just looking to have it in my roster pm me if able to help thanks
  13. bobbybrown85

    bobbybrown85 New Member

    I need a Zorua (preferably one that knows dark pulse). I have virtually every Gen 1-4 poke (with a few exceptions, but not many).

    If interested, just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll see if I have it.
  14. Mew&Celebi

    Mew&Celebi Member

    Looking for a UT Jap. World hobby fair Zoroark, Pm for offers
  15. DDB

    DDB Member

    Need to finish the main story before I can trade.... but if anyone has a shiny Zorua, I can trade it for any shiny breedable pokemon from gen 4. I'd prefer it if it is nicknameable and UT please.
  16. Ziii

    Ziii New Member

    Beginning to give them away this moment, send your FC code and add mine!

    Also would love to trade one for an archen if anyone has an extra but if you don't, i'll take whatever you have laying around.
  17. bobagsp

    bobagsp New Member

    Ziii is still giving away more zoruas!! He gave me one! :D
  18. Ziii

    Ziii New Member

    Yup yup, i be, i also have other's just let me know what you want....
  19. miyazakipig

    miyazakipig New Member

    Zii's still giving out Zoruas, he was even nice enough to give me a female!
  20. Ziii

    Ziii New Member

    148 zorua's to go :O Call your dibs and PM me :D

    As the number continues to drop, i begin running a bit short on females... Let me know as quick as possible if you want a female
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2011
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