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#570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

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Looking for any kind of Zorua. I don't have much (read: anything) good to offer in return so I'm kind of just hoping that someone has an extra one lying around that they don't want. PM/VM me! Thanks!

EDIT: Trade Completed.
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I've done some breeding earlier in my game, and I have several Zoruas
all lv 1 with the Egg move Dig. I don't have anymore females, though.
I have already completed the Unova Nat'l dex, so I am far from picky.
PM me if you want one.


I am looking for a shiny UT zorua with the nature modest(+sp. att, -att)
I have shiny blastoise level 60
I also have fully completed my unova dex (victini to kyurem).
If any one has any of these shines as well i would love to talk aabout them more: larvesta/volcarno, frillish/jellicent(male), rogenrolla/boldore/ gigalith, dieno/zweilos/hydreigon and finally solosis/duoson/reuncilus
all UT
if any one has any of these plz PM me thanks


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Bred many Zoruas. Looking for Baltoy/Claydol.


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I really want a Timid Zorua!

If nobody has one, than a Female would be appreciated.

Willing to trade my Shiny Female Samurott

My FC is : 3740 0737 6933


I am able to breed Dark pulse Zoruas of any nature
The only things I ask for are a Life Orb, Focus Band, Wise glasses or Flame Orb
Pm me if interested


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Hi I would love to have a Shiny Zorua I have a few shinies to offer:
lv.100 japanese Chandelure
lv.100 Muk
lv.51 japanese Gigalith
1v.100 Rayquaza
lv.46 Audino
Ut Gyrados
lv.100 Gengar
Lv.28 Ninetales
lv.100 Ditto
lv.24 karrablast
lv.73 Nidoking
lv.50 ampharos
lv.100 Deoxys
lv.47 Pachiricu
lv.22 carnivine
lv.37 Druddigon
ut japanese Kyurem
lv.100 Registeel (randomly nicknamed Regigigas)
I would like the zorua Ut if possible but I don't care what level it is just as long as its legit Pm me with offers :D


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Looking for a Zuroa with the following credentials;

Nature: Modest
Egg Moves: Dark Pule and Bark

I am offering: A Shiny Zen Mode Fire Monkey


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I have plenty UT Dark Pulse zorua's, looking for Life orb/choice scarf/focus sash or electric gem.


Mail me, I breed Zorua's, can come with the move Dig. You can request and nature and request female or male. Offer me something? Not picky. I can evolve the Zorua for you, as well.


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To whom it may concern,

I borrowed my friend's DS in a trade for my PS3 for a while and found out that Zorua/Zoroark are event pokemon. Sad day. While I'm currently dying inside trying to find a Sawk in Pokemon White, i'd like to know if anyone out there would be so generous as to offer a Zorua under lvl 30, english, with a non-detracting nature. PM me please!!! But be warned.. I offer essentially nothing =(


I would like either a Zorua or Zoroark, English if possible.
I have plenty up for trade.
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