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#570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

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simply bored
edit: trade done
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Lookin' for Shinies
Looking for a shiny Zoroark (or zoura). I can offer a shiny Kyogre lv 70. Pm or vm me if you're interested.


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got mine, thanks!
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hey im lookiong for a shiny zorua with a good nature ut pref with snarl and darkpulse pm with offers
breeding zorua with dark pulse and sucker punch, will be willing to trade for most gen 4 and earlier pokemon and white exclusive pokemon, pm me for if interested and to set up time, friend code in sig
Looking for any zorua! Only thing is I don't have wifi at home so a trade will have to be scheduled ahead of time so that I can walk a block to get wifi access..please PM me if you are willing to do this

Edit: currently trying to work out a GTS trade...if it does not work I'll update again if I still need a zorua
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Master of pokemanz
Plz anyone help me out I am looking for a japanese, europe etc anything but a us female zoroark for masuda method breeding. Can give a zorua with snarl in return male or female and nature of choice(though female is alot harder) PM me plz really could help me out.


Misplaced Black...
I have a friend who's looking for a Zorua of his own. Willing to trade a Snivy for it.
I have an European Zorua, anybody up to trade it for a Japanese one?! :570:
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Currently offering Dark Pulse Zoruas. I'm currently looking for DW Female Poliwag or DW Female Dratini. Please PM if interested.
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I have a bunch of zorua i wanna get rid of . i have most natures; adamant, modest ect all are UT lvl just hatched

not shiny.

PM me for offers


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i have over 60+ zorua and 30 of them are the best natured but i have all natures non are shiny (sadly)

PM me for offers


Turn my Swag on!
lf zoura preferably in an egg idc about egg moves as I can get them myself. Can trade within reason.


dragon tamer
i would like a shiny zorua with a any nature that raises one of the attacks but don't lower the other attack or speed


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I need a Zorua at any level I currently just started the game so I don't have much to trade my friend code is : 0003-9261-7389
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THANKS, Hermione.
I've got a ton of Zorua. Mostly male, most if not all natures.
PM me ・ω・
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