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#574 Gothita / #575 Gothorita / #576 Gothitelle

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like pepsi cola
Need a female member of the Gothi line - Modest, Mild or Rash natured only, please.

Can offer Solosis, Rufflet, Vullaby, Cottonee, Petilil, Dark Pulse+Extrasensory Zorua, or Dark Pulse Deino in return - but cannot specify gender or nature (except for the Rufflet - please feel free to ask, as I have a whole PC box full of them).

EDIT - got one!!
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Needing any part of this evoloution strain.
Preferably the first one, pm me with what you need.


Shiny Hunter
Anyone here got a very great IV'd gothitia?

can trade lot of other good IV'd poks with 3 max iv's.


The Horned Zoroark
I have a gothitelle lv.72. It has a hardy nature. PM me what you have, I prefer a shiny because she has incredible Sp.Attack. But anything else is ok


mpk r crazy
just want a gothita
offering items, PokeRus, berries, TM's, move touter moves and pokes
From any generation
looking for a gothita.

I have white version exclusives. I can breed any gen 2 starter, piplup, and tepig

EDIT: Trade Complete
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New Member
I am looking for a gothita or any of its other forms. I ask that it is legit and not a hack or anything of that sort. Message me to offer.


primus inter pares
shiny Gothita

im looking for an UT Flawless shiny Gothita. I can offer an UT Flawless Solosis or an EV trained lvl 100 Reuniclus with max IVs in HP, Def, and Spd. Of course if ur Gothita isn't flawless, but is shiny and UT, i have a lot more shinies i can offer in exchange. Pm me with offers or questions. Thanks for your time

Sweet Lou

Sweet Trainer
Willing to trade a Runiclus for any stage of the Goths. Its for pokedex purposes.
If it matters...

Level 51 Male
Ability: Overcoat
Pain Split
Dizzy Punch

Please pm me, my pal code is 2236 9272 2929

Sweet Lou

Sweet Trainer
Hey I need any of the Goths, Im willing to trade you a Stunfisk...

Level 31 Male
Nature: Careful
Ability: Limber

please PM me....my code is 2236 9272 2929

Twilight Dawn

Active Member
:p I have so much respect for Gothitelle since the pokemon b&w episode : the lost world of gothitelle,, love her , i'll give you a gothita pokemon white'rs ;) just pm ^^


I finally did it!
Looking for any Gothita for Pokedex completion, thought I'd like to keep it, as well as any of the Pokemon in my sig. Message me if you'd like to trade.


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I'm currently breeding Gothitas so PM if you need one. I only have 7 eggs right now but more are sure to turn up. I try to check the daycare 3-4 times a day. I would love a Thundurus but I would trade many others.
Will trade my Gothita for Tirtouga. PM me.
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