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#580 Ducklett / #581 Swanna

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td]#580 Ducklett[/td]
    [td]#581 Swanna[/td][/tr][tr]
    [td][​IMG][/td][/tr][tr][td][​IMG] [​IMG][/td][td][​IMG] [​IMG][/td][/tr][/table]
  2. twisted-thoughts16

    twisted-thoughts16 New Member

    Looking for Ducklett, legit please. See sig for more :)
  3. Para Noid

    Para Noid New Member

    looking for the shiny pokemon above if your interested pm me
  4. free2be_any1

    free2be_any1 Active Member

    Have a male untrained caught Ducklett, Timid nature, big pecks ability.
    I'm not done with the main game and still missing quite a few of the new pokemon so just PM me with what you have to trade! thanks!
  5. pokemonnewb

    pokemonnewb New Member

    Have a few Ducklettes, pm me with trade offers
  6. Suicune1988

    Suicune1988 Maestro Entrenador

    Searching for Swanna, offfer zorua, pm me if interested
  7. CrobatOwns

    CrobatOwns Back from the dead!

    Looking or swanna or ducklett, don't care about nature or anything, I only need it as a surf/fly HM slave, will trade pokemon white exclusives or anything normal to the unova dex cause I am only asking for an HM slave xD Thanks!!! PM me to trade!
  8. Graal

    Graal New Member

    Looking for a ducklett, can offer quite a lot. Pm me for details !
  9. Trainer Evan

    Trainer Evan Local Crackpot

    Looking for a Ducklett with Timid, low leveled, and Hydration. I don't care if it's hacked or not, but I don't want hacked EVs or IVs or any of that junk. I'll be willing to offer a wide variety of options of Pokemon with certain natures, bred for your training pleasure :D PM me for details!
  10. mtj0000@hotmail.com

    mtj0000@hotmail.com Pokerus R us

    Have L1 ducklet will trade for opportunity to evolve boldore.
    PM me
  11. cuty_pie98

    cuty_pie98 Gallade Lover ♥

    offering a ducklett! pm me and i'm sure we can work something out!
  12. mje018

    mje018 New Member


    i have a ducklett, actually i have like 10 :) but im not sure what is the best nature for it, can anyone help me find this out ? and im willing to trade any of my duckletts to anyone

    white fc : 2838 0433 1152
  13. looking for a ducklett please!! dont have much to offer but any ducklett would be acceptable!! thank you:D
  14. free2be_any1

    free2be_any1 Active Member

    have two duckletts lv 1 that I'm willing to give away for anything cuz they are just taking up space :) Pm if you need one :)
  15. pwnswitchclik

    pwnswitchclik Alakazaminator

    I'm giving away a Level 49 Swanna (male). Please pme me if you're interested. :)
  16. Talon2863

    Talon2863 Pokémon Collector

    I'm looking for a level 1 ducklett. PM me with what you want and I'll check if I have it or can get it.
  17. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    Shiny Ducklett

    looking for a Shiny Ducklett i can offer whats in my sig, pm me with offers
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  18. cuty_pie98

    cuty_pie98 Gallade Lover ♥

    I have 5 Duckletts! For more details msg me! They're looking for good homes! :)
  19. jumplufflover

    jumplufflover New Member

    I am looking for a Ducklett. I won't be picky. I just ask that is legit and not a hack or anything of the sort. Message me to offer
  20. Tomtom854

    Tomtom854 New Member

    I'm looking for a swanna that's shiny I really don't mind if it's not legit just I want it below level 50
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