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#597 Ferroseed / #598 Ferrothorn

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I have plenty of Ferroseeds lvl 1 with stealth rock and spikes. PM me if you want to trade.


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Looking for ferrothorn vullaby and galvantula would like to swap then swap back but can make an offer if neccessary


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Can someone give me a ferrothorn/seed that knows Stealth Rocks & Leech Seed?

PM me please.


Looking for shiny ferroseeds or ferrothorn i have a shiny bronzor and fighting trio untouched.


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Looking for a Relaxed untouched lv 1 ferroseed that knows Stealth Rock/Spikes and Leech Seed. PM me for what you want, I can offer Zorua's, Deino's with Dark Pulse, Tepig's, tell me what you would like.

Uchiha Scizor

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i want a ferroseed with stealth rock and spikes willing to trade anything got most things right nature ect just message me with what you want


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Looking for a Ferrothorn any level just for the dex entry
I am offering these Pokemon:
lvl25 Archen
lvl28 Zorua
lvl1 Larvestsa
lvl60 Rotom
lvl10 Umbreon
lvl10 Vaporeon
lvl10 Charmander
2 lvl35 Darmanitans with Zen Mode
lvl50 Musharna
lvl48 Zangoose

MY WHITE FC:Ethan-1162 9637 8787

PM me XD


Beginner Battler
Looking for a lv 1 ferroseed that knows Leech Seed and Spikes I can offer a lot of hatched pokemon including dark pulse deino's.
I am now offering my favorite pokemon:

Level 100
EV Trained 252 Attack/Speed
IV's 31 in Attack and Speed
Dragon Dance
Brick Break

it has 432 attack so thats the maximum and I raised it so it's fully legit.
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Looking for Ferrothorn. Please PM if you have one to trade :)


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looking for Sassy or Relaxed natured Ferroseed or Ferrothorn with 31 IV Hp and def or Spec. Def. Preferable female.
Can offer Ferroseed with Leech seed and stearth Rocks
Drilburs, Tirtouga, Archen Adamant with 31Iv in attack or Speed or both.
5 gen starters
some items
or something else, pm me with offers.
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Looking for a male ferroseed with leech seed and stealth rocks. Nature and IVs don't matter.

Can offer the egg move pokemon in my signature. Also willing to do some minor IV breeding (can get 31 sp or speed or 30 atk). Could also trade a power item for it instead. PM me with an offer.

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Looking for any ferrothorn, PM me what ou need and we can trade :D


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I'm willing to trade my lv 1 untouched zorua for a Ferrothorn. Pm me if you're interested!


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Offer Ferroseed with Stealth Rocks and Leech seed, they have 31IV in HP and Def, are Sassy nature, can be male or female. Offers via PM.
Also have others IV breeds pokemons.
Dont offer Zoruas or Deinos please.


Gallade Lover ♥
offering a lv 1 Charmander! looking for a Ferrothorn! PM me!
edit: i've got one!
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