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#599 Klink / #600 Klang / #601 Klinklang

Discussion in 'Unova Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    • Klink / Klang / Klinklang (White version)
    • Any pokemon for dex entries
    • Most any berry
    • Ragecandybars
    • Black version exclusive pokemon
    • For other needs, just ask
  2. Woba Fett

    Woba Fett kkkkkklkllmlkmklmlkm

    I'm looking for DW Klang. I know it can't be bred so I'm willing to trade multiple DWFs from my sig for it. I also have the event DW Porygon Ut with mild nature to offer.
  3. fireice

    fireice Well-Known Member

    Seeking DW Adamant Kling. What I can offer is in my sig
  4. CJRyder

    CJRyder New Member

    Hi. Just started Black 2. I'm looking for an Adamant Klink egg with the Clear Body ability. If anybody has one, send me a PM. :)

    Cheers. ^.^
  5. ToeyJoey

    ToeyJoey Forward...

    Looking for DW Klang.

    I have all the DWFs. I will trade 1 for 3.

    PM or VM me.

    Edit: I got this myself.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2013
  6. Birdyboy

    Birdyboy Pokemon Breeder

    Can anyone trade Klang (2nd evolution), I know its not overly difficult to get so I will give you a level 1 for it, I have many level 1's from previous generations, for a full list please view my signature below! PM me please!
  7. zombi

    zombi Breeder

    Shiny Klinklang

    Offering a shiny lvl 100 adamant Klingklang

    HP 247
    attk 239
    def 261
    sp attk 152
    sp def 205
    speed 196

    PM me offers
  8. SonicSplashStar

    SonicSplashStar Sonic Speed

    Wanted: Dream World Klang

    PM me if you have one. Desperately looking for a Clear Body Klang from Dream World. I have various old event Pokemon and Pokemon bred with interesting moves that I could offer (too much to state just here), so message me if you have one! I'd really appreciate it!

    My specifications for the Klang are as follows:
    -Adamant nature
    -Perfect/Near-perfect IV's in Attack and Speed stats

    These specs are relative (Why I didn't call them requirements!), so message me with whatever kind of Dream World Klang you have!
  9. Stevedragonslayer

    Stevedragonslayer New Member

    Need a klink with clear body. Don't care if it's shiny, don't care about EVs, IVs, or nature. I would prefer it to not be a hack or clone. I like to create my own... creations (for lack of a better term). I'm not a competitive player, just a guy who likes battling with his friends and I'd like it better than plus or minus
  10. greatguy

    greatguy Back.

    Like almost everyone else, I'd like a Clear Body flawless/near flawless in everything but Special Attack. I have way too much to offer here, but I can procure some flawless legendaries or DWFs from my boxes. PM me to discuss negotiations. :)
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