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5th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    5th Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Black/White, Black2/White2

    What is a Monotype Challenge?

    A Monotype challenge is one in which you can only use Pokemon of a specific type to beat the game from start to finish (ie beating the champion and seeing the credits or with HGSS, beating Red). For instance if you say try a Grass Monotype Challenge, you can only use Grass Type Pokemon found in the game.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • Pokemon are allowed to have two typings. For instance, Butterfree would be acceptable on both a flying team and a bug team.
    • Legendaries and traded Pokemon (not counting in-game trades or trades for evolution purposes only) are not allowed.
    • Note some types (like Dragon types typically) are not viable to use for such a challenge due to a lack of availability of them early in the game, or at all.
    • If you pick a starter that is not of your type, then it may not be used after you have obtained one Pokemon of your chosen type.
    • You may have Pokemon of another type in your team, but only as HM slaves - they may not be used in battles.
    • Post only on this thread to either state which type you are doing, your current progress or to ask for suggestions on which Pokemon to use.
    • If you wise to impose any other restrictions on yourself feel free to do so and mention them!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
  2. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    My Water-type Unova Adventure: Part 1:

    Professor Juniper gave me, Cheren and Bianca a present which contained a Pokemon for each of us. I chose which one would be mine first, which was Oshawott. I named him Sammy. Bianca immediately wanted to battle with her Tepig. Afterwards, Cheren also battled me with his Snivy. We left to go to Juniper's lab where we received our PokeDex.

    The three of us made our way to Accumula Town where we saw Team Plasma. A guy around our age called N wanted to battle - he was very easy to beat. He then left.

    Later on I made it to Striaton City, but, before I entered, Bianca arrived and wanted to battle. Sammy was quickly able to beat both her Tepig and Lillipup. I went to the Trainer School and saw Cheren. I battled his Snivy and Purrloin who were both easy to beat. After some training I headed to the Gym.

    Once inside and after solving the Gym puzzles I battled Cilan. His Lillipup was easy to beat once I used Sammy's Focus Energy allowing me to take it down with a Critical Hit Water Gun. His Pansage was a little more tricky to defeat as had to rely on Tackle and hope to get another Critical. After a few normal Tackle hits and his Pansage being healed to full health, Sammy achieved a second Critical Hit and defeated Pansage. I won the Trio Badge!

    After leaving the Gym I headed towards the Day-Care Centre where I met Cheren looking for a battle. Sammy was quickly able to beat his team. After the battle, Sammy began to glow white and changed shape. He had evolved into a Dewott!

    Suddenly, some Plasma grunts ran past us. Me and Cheren chased them to the cave and teamed up to take them down.

    Once I got to Nacrene City I met N at the entrance to the Gym. He battled me and I managed to defeat him. I headed to the route west for training when a Tympole appeared. I caught him and named him "Doki" - he was to be my second team member! After training both him and Sammy for a while I headed back to the Gym.

    After unlocking to secret entrance to Lenora's study I asked her to battle me. Her Herdier was easy to beat with Doki but then her Watchog came in and used Retaliate which was able to OHKO Doki. I sent in Sammy and after, luckily, not getting hit by Hypnosis, was able to defeat Watchog with a few Razor Shells. I won the Basic Badge!!

    Team Plasma came into the Museum and stole the Dragonite fossil head. I went outside with Lenora and met Cheren, Bianca and a man named Burgh. We decided to chase Team Plasma down in the forest.

    I made my way through the forest and defeated all of the Team Plasma grunts. I reclaimed the Dragonite fossil and gave it back to Lenora. After some quick training Doki evolved into a Palpitoad. I healed and made my way to the Skyarrow Bridge.

    Once I had crossed I was in the huge Castelia City. I explored for a while and trained some more in the city and in the Desert. I returned and went straight to the entrance of the Gym. However, before I could enter, Cheren and Burgh came out and said that Team Plasma were active in the city. I went south and met up with Bianca and Iris. Together we went to a building near to the Gym where Team Plasma were hiding. Once we defeated some grunts they decided to leave.

    Burgh then told me to come battle him at the Gym...

    Current Team -:


    "Sammy" Level 26 | "Doki" Level 26

    Should this be a rule? Some people are already using legendaries/trades in their challenges.
  3. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    TBH if people really want to use a legend or do a trade they can, it's not a hard-and-fast rule (mind you it was in old challenge threads all over the place too, and legendaries somewhat remove part of the challenge in general imo). And for those continuing existing challenges from old threads they can go ahead if they already are using a legendary/traded Pokemon.
  4. Zenosparadox

    Zenosparadox Happiny<3

    Well Im starting a psychic type Monotype challenge for Black. I will trade over a Solosis from white so I have one. Plus, its a nice begining pokemon.
  5. Voyeur

    Voyeur Member

    Doing an electric monotype in a copy of White

    Intended team:

    Last edited: May 12, 2011
  6. Zenosparadox

    Zenosparadox Happiny<3

    Well I started out with a Snivy, caught a few pokemon and went to the first gyms city. I got a panpour and easily destroyed the gym. After I got the C-Gear, I traded over a Solosis from my White version and used him. I caught a Woobat and A Munna and headed to the second gym. In there, I got raped. Every freakin pokemon has a dark type move. It sucks. So I kinda cheated and used Tabunne training. So after all my pokemon were at decent levels, I beat Lenora and took the badge. Now, Im in the middle of pinwheel forest

    My team-

    Woobat(lvl 20)

    Munna(Lvl 18)

    Solosis(Lvl 18)
  7. Zenosparadox

    Zenosparadox Happiny<3

    (Wow im the only one posting here)

    I have gotten actually pretty far. I caught a Siglyph and a Gothita and trained. I just beat Clay by using a combination of Revival herbs, Fake tears, and future sights on his Excadrill. Im right now at Celestial Tower trying to catch a Elgeeyem.

    My team

    Picard(Swoobat) lvl 30

    Chekoff(Sigilyph) lvl 33

    Janeway(Gothorita)lvl 33

    Spock(Duosion) lvl 33

    Uhura(Musharna) lvl 30
  8. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    @dragonfly: after seeing your team and actually becoming aware of the psychic type selection in genV, I actually became kind of tempted to do the same thing! I already have trained a Solosis though, but I might breed and EV-train another one for a trick room set.
    A fighting run-through would definitely be gold in genV though, but I already have trained my two fav fighting types in this generation; Scrafty and Mienshao.
    Fire is my favourite type, but I have my doubts when it comes to Emboar, Simisear, Darmanitan, Chandelure, Heatmor and Volcarona's ability to get through this region alone. Fire is not exactly the best defensive type... not really the best type overall.
    I think ghost with Chandelure, Golurk, Cofagrigus and Jellicent would be pretty badass.
    Oh well, suppose I have to finish this nuzlocke challenge first.
  9. Asterveil

    Asterveil Go figure.

    I'm debating on whether doing a Ghost or Water Mono-type challenge... Hmmm....
  10. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    If you are in Unova, I would definitely do ghost, they are cooler, generally more competitively viable, and offer more variation than water imo. And you can still use jellicent^^
  11. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    ..~::Water Challenge::~..

    It all began in Kanako town when Professor Juniper gave me, Cheren and Bianca our first Pokémon. I picked Oshawott as it was the cutest out of the three. Soon after picking my Pokémon, I battled with both Cheren and Bianca and gained a level up. C: I then got the Pokédex from the Professor's lab, and then left home to set off on my aquatic journey.

    Going north from home, I arrived at Accumula town, gaining a few more levels from the battles I had with the wild Pokémon. I met Team Plasma with Cheren here and heard their awkward speech. I then met a guy named N. He talked really fast and was sort of creepy. He then battled me and I got an easy win with my Oshawott, which I had previously nicknamed Sam. After this awkward meeting, I decided to continue on and go to the next city where I could get my first Gym badge.

    Bianca met me at the entrance of Striaton City and wanted a battle. I was easily able to beat her with Sam, and again leveled up. Upon entering the city I went straight to the Gym to be told that the leader is at the Trainer School and so I decided to go there. I met Cheren here, and the same as Bianca, he wanted to battle me. I beat Cheren and then decided to go to the Dreamyard area. I battled a few more people and then returned to Striaton, ready to battle the Gym Leader. Upon entering the Gym, I completed the little puzzle, but just as I fought the last Trainer, Sam went to level 17, and he evolved! He was now a Dewott!

    The Gym Leader I had to face was Cilan, as he had a type advantage over my Sam. I defeated his Lillipup with ease, and as my level was high enough, I was able to defeat his Pansage using Razor Shell. Getting a defense drop sure helped too! I had now recieved my first badge with only Sam, the Trio badge! After this, I went back to the Dreamyard as I could now use Cut to get further. I met up with Bianca and we witnessed some Team Plasma members hurting a Munna. A Musharna then saved Munna, and Fennel, a friend of Professor Juniper, was able to get some Dream Mist. After that eventful moment, I left Bianca and continued my journey.

    On my way to Nacrene City I saw a Pokémon school with a load of toddlers battling. I battled them all with Sam and decided to rest there. As I went forward, some Team Plasma members went running by, and behind them was this little girl and Bianca. It seems like the little girl's Pokémon were taken. Me and Cheren then decide to go and follow those sneaky Team Plasma members.


    ~~My current team~~

    Lv 19
    Water Gun
    Focus Energy
    Razor Shell

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for reading, to be continued~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2011
  12. RevolutionStorm

    RevolutionStorm Revolutionist

    Hm... mind an extra man?

    By the way, I plan on playing through Pokemon White with the Dark-type. As for my team, I just train as many Dark-types as possible and build suitable squads for each point in the game.

    And I'm a little confused: is the no-trade rule in play or not? Because I don't know whether I should trade a Pawniard and Zorua egg over or not.

    Anyway... on with the challenge.
    Casting the Shadow of Victory: The Yami no Game

    "Looking back at my life, I've certainly been through a lot. From a reclusive, slightly power-obsessed and lonely boy to a public idol: a hero, a role-model and a Champion. Yet I'll never forget that fateful day that I met my first true partner, the man destined to become my adversary and the day I found myself on the road of a trainer..."

    It all began when Prof. Juniper sent me and my childhood friends Cheren, an intelligent young man who seeks more power, just like me, and Biance, a slightly ditzy girl however that's because of the enviroment she grew up in, a strange present containing three Poke Balls.

    Due to the stunning lack of Dark-types, I decided to just go with the smug-looking Grass Snake. It will have to do for now.

    Snivy Lv. 5 (M)
    Adamant Nature

    - Tackle
    - Leer

    After that, Bianca challenged me to a battle. Terrible mistake on her part. Especially when her weak little Oshawott was struck by a Critical Hit Tackle after three leers. Easy win. After that, Cheren and his Tepig decided to challenge me. The pig too was struck down with great ease.

    After that brutal sweeping, we decided to thank the Professor for the Pokemon... even though Snivy seemed to hate me. Don't worry Smugleaf, I hate you too.

    After being handed some Pokedex thing and five Poke Balls courtesy of Professor Juniper, we headed off to Route 1 together. During the walk, I heard Cheren trying to flirt with Bianca... normally I wouldn't care but this time... I punched him. I didn't know why, I just did.

    From there, I traversed through Route 1, beating the heck out of several Patrat and Lillipup, before I arrived to a strange sight in Accumula Town: a strange man in robes preaching about Pokemon 'liberation'. Normally, I'd ignore these madmen however I decided to listen this time... and wasn't particularly bothered.

    Then a stranger, going by the name of N, approached me, wishing to battle after hearing 'my Pokemon's voice'. Annoyed and angered from the speech, I brutally thrashed his Purrloin (feeling a little pain after I learnt it was a Dark-type) before walking out of the town, too angry to care about healing.

    Whilst on the next Route, I was greeted by a badly injured Purrloin who had recently been ousted from its mob. Despite its injuries, the small guy seemed to hold onto that optimism of his, however back then, I wasn't a huge fan of optimism. I felt like leaving the weakling to suck it in and keep going however... I felt sympathy. This little guy, who seemed so innocent and jolly, had been brutally attacked and ousted from its pack. Finally deciding to use one of the Poke Balls Professor Juniper gave me, I captured the small Purrloin, deciding that it would be my first Dark-type. I then gave him a nickname, a word for dark that was once part of a now-dead language: Acerbus.

    Acerbus/Purrloin Lv. 5 (M)
    Jolly Nature

    - Scratch
    - Growl

    After taking the little guy to the Pokemon Center and depositing Snivy with Professor Juniper, I proceeded to put him under my training plan. As time went on, I noticed the differences. His muscles were now properly developing, his claws were beginning to sharpen and his confidence and efficency had increased.

    Smiling in triumph, I headed off to face off against the Gym Leader of these parts until... I encountered Bianca, who wished for another battle. Ignoring the strange feelings in my gut, I faced Bianca on the battlefield and swept her with only Acerbus. Accepting defeat, she walked away, her smile never leaving her face...

    The feeling of another victory swelling through me, I looked out at Striaton City, ready to face off against the Gym and cement my title as the future King of Darkness...
    Player name: Yami
    Number of Pokemon on hand: 1
    Badges: -

    Acerbus/Purrloin Lv. 12 (M)
    Nature: Jolly
    Hold Item: -

    - Scratch
    - Fury Swipes
    - Assist
    - Sand Attack
  13. Dark Snivy

    Dark Snivy New Member

    Dark Snivy's Flying Monotype B+W Journey
    Part 1​

    Team at First Gym
    Tepig Level 14
    Lilipup level 4
    Patrat level 2
    Pansage Level 10
    note: Flying Mono starts after this gym.

    Team at Second Gym
    Tranquill Level 21
    Vullaby Level 20
    Emolga Level 20
    Woobat Level 20
    Note: Emolga Sweeped this Gym Leader easily due to two Para hacks

    Team at Third Gym
    Tranquill Level 23
    Vullaby Level 22
    Emolga Level 22
    Woobat Level 22
    Note: Mixed Combination of Tranquill and Vullaby to defeat this Gym Leader

    Current Team on the Way to Fourth Gym
    Tranquill Level 25
    Vullaby Level 23
    Emolga Level 23
    Woobat Level 23
    Archen Level 25
    Note: Going to wait for all Pokemon below Tranquill to reach level 25 before leveling up Archen.
  14. Dark Snivy

    Dark Snivy New Member

    Dark Snivy's Flying Monotype B+W Journey
    Part 2

    Just Beat Elesa after 5 attempts with my Flying Monotype.

    Team after Elesa
    Tranquill Level 31
    Vullaby Level 30
    Emolga Level 31
    Swoobat Level 30
    Archen Level 30
    Ducklett Level 24 (Current Level as I type this)

    Final Team has Decided with no exception of no Legendaries or Ubers
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2011
  15. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    ^ Wow you are the only one typing this :D Don't worry I am reading it xD
  16. Dark Snivy

    Dark Snivy New Member

    Oh good to see people still reading this 5th topic, I felt lonely.
  17. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    Nah you're not lonely. Not sure if I can post on here without doing a mono :S
  18. Dark Snivy

    Dark Snivy New Member

    Dark Snivy's Flying Monotype B+W Journey
    Part 3​

    Been training so hard for 5th Gym Leader as Ground types are one of the 3 types that weaken my team, so I trained all my pokemon up to level 39. I managed to take out Krokorok and Excadrill out with Swanna's Water Pulse and finished the Paplitoad with two shots of Archeops' Dragonbreath which added a nice touch of Paralysis to Palpitoad after the first shot of Dragonbreath.

    Team after 5th Gym Leader
    Unfezant Level 39
    Vullaby Level 39
    Emolga Level 39
    Swoobat Level 39
    Archeops Level 39
    Swanna Level 39
  19. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    I'm still reading :D

    Sorry bobandbill if I'm not posting a Mono.
  20. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I looked over the Unova Pokedex and looked for a good type to do my 5th gen monotype run with. After some serious thought I decided on the Grass type.

    I did all the beginning stuff and chose my starter, Snivy. Who just happens to be a female (A smug female). I battled both Cheren and Bianca and got the Pokedex and stuff. After getting my PokeBalls I battled Patrats and Lillipups until I had leveled up Snivy a little bit. I arrived in Accumula, learned about the Pokemon Center, and headed outside to hear a speech from some guy. After the speech a man named N challenged me with his Purrloin but Snivy pulled through for me. I stepped onto Route 2, got the Running Shoes, and took a break.

    Current Team

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