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5th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. FlamingRok

    FlamingRok Member

    @Vast White Reshiram
    Hey hey! It's for fun, dude! Don't worry.

    Badges: 8
    Current Location: Pokemon League
    Body Count: 21

    The Relic Castle was pretty easy. Dancegal evolved inside, which is AWESOME!! But Ghost Joe died inside too. R.I.P. I really don't want to get into too much detail within how much progress I made over at my friend's sleepover. Right after getting the Light Stone, I headed for Drayden, the last gym leader. After having an easy battle with Bianca, on Route 9, I caught a Garbodor (forgot to give it a nickname, but it didn't matter). Drayden overall was quite easy, despite how worried I was. Haxorus was the worst. Dragon Dance sucks, and I tried Garbodor on that beast. Clear Smog was shown quite useful, as it eliminated Dragon Dance. Toxic played a part too. However despite that, two slashes torn Garbodor apart. Zuru finished him off.

    I soon fought Cheren. All I can say is god! I hate Simipour! It came 2HP away from bringing Muscle down with it. Scald FTL. Here I caught my fifth teammate, Shroob, the Amoongus. Victory Road is THE ideal training place for my team. If I feel I need more training, I'm coming back here. I also caught Darkegg, a Vullaby, but died shortly after.

    Tell me if you think I'm ready for the E4!

    Pokemon on team:
    :534:Muscle Lv. 46 [M]
    :537:Dancegal Lv. 45 [F]
    :555:Zuru Lv. 46 [M]
    :530:Clawcurb Lv. 45 [M]
    :591:Shroob Lv. 46

    :519:Winga Lv. 9-12 [F]
    :513:Monk Lv. 10-13 [M]
    :522:C-153 Lv. 11-15 [M]
    :506:Wizdog Lv. 4-15 [F]
    :502:Warrior Lv. 5-17 [M]
    :546:Cloudy Lv. 14-17 [F]
    :551:DesertKing Lv. 15-20 [M]
    :562:Ghast Guy Lv. 19-21 [M]
    :564:Hurb Lv. 25 [M]
    :510:Jaguar Lv. 22-28 [F]
    :580:Duck-E5 Lv. 22-29 [F]
    :520:Speedy Lv. 25-29 [F]
    ;400;Luke(Dream World)Lv. 10-26 [M]
    :595:Shik Lv. 24-30 [F]
    :505:J Lv. 29-34 [F]
    :529:Z Lv. 27-34 [-]
    :613:Achoo Lv. 28-29 [M]
    :525:Ricky Roll Lv. 30-33 [F]
    :622:Ghost Joe Lv. 34-37 [-]
    :569:Garbodor Lv. 36-39 [F]
    :629:Darkegg Lv. 41 [F]

    Can Be Called Upon:
    :585:Bamban Lv. 22 [M]
    :587:Magic Lv. 25 [M]
    :590:Toad Lv. 25 [M]
    :527:Blindy Lv. 30 [F]

    Wish me luck guys! I'm headed into the finales!
  2. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    I just started a White Nuzlocke. My rules are:

    -Catch the first Pokemon you see in a new area.
    -Nickname all captured Pokemon.
    -If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and cannot be used again. All deaths are stored in a singular box.
    -If I would be automatically healed after a battle, all deaths occurring in that battle are negated.
    -You may catch duplicates of any Pokemon you've already caught.
    -Found Revives and Rare Candies are okay to use to revive Pokemon at any time. No Revives may be purchased.

    So let's get this thing started!

    I'm a boy named Chris. Today I got a male Snivy named Ginseng from the local Professor, Professor Juniper. He beat Bianca and Cheren's Oshawott and Tepig with relative ease. After meeting up with Juniper, we all went to Route 1, where we learned how to catch Pokemon. Putting my new knowledge to use, I captured a female Lillipup named Pepper and made my way to Accumula Town. Unfortunately for me, Pepper had the Pickup ability (FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!). In Accumula Town, a group called Team Plasma gave a speech on an epidemic called the Black Rage and how Trainers should release their Pokemon to protect them from it, as it only targets human-owned Pokemon for whatever reason. Afterwards, a Trainer calling himself N challenged me to a battle. His Purrloin was no match for Ginseng, and with that done, I hit Route 2 to catch...

    Another Lillipup.

    I caught her and named her Paprika, since I already used the name Pepper, and after having Pepper catch up to her in level, I decided I was going to use Paprika from then on instead of Pepper since she had better stats (but still had Pickup! I swear, when it comes to catching Lillipups, I'm cursed! :()

    So now Ginseng and Paprika are both at level 8, and I'm taking a bit of a break.


    -Snivy/Male/Ginseng/level 5-8/Nuvema Town/Naive/Somewhat stubborn/Learned Vine Whip
    -Lillipup/Female/Pepper/level 3-4/Route 1/Impish/Loves to eat
    -Lillipup/Female/Paprika/level 4-8/Route 2/Bashful/Likes to thrash about/Learned Odor Sleuth and Bite



    EDIT: I went to the Dreamyard to train my team before the Gym and ended up getting a male Panpour named Splash. I battled Cheren and trained on Route 2 until everyone but Pepper reached level 12. I then challenged the Gym and ended up fighting Chili because I picked Snivy. His Lillipup fell to Paprika, but not before a hard fought battle. Pansear was easy pickings for Splash, and I ended up with the Trio Badge.

    After leaving the Gym, Fennel greeted me with a request to help her find some Dream Mist, so back to the Dreamyard! There, I met with Bianca, and we started searching together. Woo. Except for Team Plasma, who Splash absolutely decimated. Munna and Musharna reunited, we got the Dream Mist, which netted me a C-Gear and a Pal Pad.

    Anyway, I left town to try and catch something on Route 3, but Cheren was there to battle me (dick). Splash and Paprika took care of him quite easily, so guess what happened after that.

    Yep. More Plasma shenanigans. This time, they took a girl's Pokemon. I caught a Pidove before joining the chase and named him Frankie. Ginseng struggled against the Grunts, but we managed to come out fine. Before leaving, though, I took a chance on what I could find, and it turned out to be a Roggenrola, which will be an absolute GODSEND against Lenora. I named him Jagger and got Heal Balls from the little girl.

    The plan is to train Frankie and Jagger a little either tonight or tomorrow, then hopefully get to Nacrene City. But before I go, what's the etiquette on trade evolutions in a Nuzlocke challenge?
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  3. Blinkingsky

    Blinkingsky Matsuda breeder

    @Nightlingbolt, you can trade to evolve your poke, but you can't trade to get a new pokemon to keep.
  4. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    Okay, great!

    I got to Nacrene City just now, and I tried to catch a Timburr for use against Lenora, but I ended up running into a Pidove, which I decided to just fight for experience. However, Pidove got a critical hit with Quick Attack, killing Splash. Seeing as he was the only Water-type I would get for a while, I made the decision to use my found Revive on him. Man, if Paprika hadn't picked that up while training for Chili, Splash would be permanently dead. In a way, Paprika saved Splash's life.

    So for now, it's back to the Dreamyard to train on Audinos until Splash learns Bite.
  5. Penguinsftw

    Penguinsftw Well-Known Member

    6/2/2011 8:26
    Started a Nuzlocke challenge on White today :D
    Here are the additional rules:
    *Battle style - set
    *No legendaries
    *No doubles
    *Potions BUT no Revives
    * Trade to evolve pokemon no trading pokemon you arent evolving to use on your team
    i know my rules are making this even harder haha
    * No saving before Gym leaders or elite 4 (To prevent soft resetting to save pokemon)
    Made a female character named touko (Fan name of white) (I would play as a boy if i had pokemon black since Black-Touya=Male White-Touko-female)
    Alright got a snivy got into battle and i noticed its a female snivy (Woo!)
    and its nature is jolly
    got a crit on cheren which makes me think this is gonna be a lucky run.
    When outside then to biancas house and then to professor juniper's.
    nick named my snivy Smugleaf (SOOO ORIGINAL /end sarcasm)
    i walk into the grass and find a.......patrat... Ah well it will be my first time
    using a patrat. so this oughta be fun. And i get a crit and kill him.
    GREAT START GUYS i get scared for the N battle coming up.
    I buy some potions because im scared of losing so soon.
    N approaches me and the battle begins.
    N leads with his purrloin and i lead with my snivy
    purrloin goes for the growl and i go for the whip doing almost no damage
    I use leer 3 times in purrloin and do MASSIVE damage on my vine whip and take
    him out in 2 turns. I get to route 2 and get another chance to catch a patrat.
    i watch my high level and decide just to go for the pokeball without damaging it
    "Gotcha! Patrat was caught!" i nicknamed my patrat Lonely (I mean honestly on actual pokemon runs i have never seen anyone use a patrat haha)

    ROUTE 2

    :495: Smugleaf-Level 8
    Jolly Female
    Tackle,Leer,Vine whip

    :504: Lonely-Level 4
    Rash Female

    Will update soon!
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  6. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    I had my first glimpse of the Black Rage today.

    I was finally ready to challenge Lenora. I had heard the rumors about her power, but I had a feeling of dread - that someone wasn't coming out of this alive. It was Ginseng vs. Herdier. I led with Leaf Tornado, Herdier countered with Take Down, which didn't do too much considering. I used Growth to make sure she wouldn't heal after the next Leaf Tornado, but then... something happened.

    A black mist seemed to emanate from Herdier, and its eyes turned blood red, sclera and all. It let out a bloodcurling roar as it charged at Ginseng with full force. When it made contact, Ginseng coughed up blood, and he breathed his last.

    I sent out Jagger to stop Herdier's rampage, though I had to heal him at times. Eventually, Herdier fell, and it returned to normal in an instant. Lenora was more than willing to hand me the badge, despite having one remaining Pokemon, but I knew I had to finish what I started... for Ginseng's sake.

    So she sent out Watchog, and it too was possessed by the Black Rage, but I had faith in Jagger. He was a bastion of raw defensive power, and with a little healing, took down Watchog. I won the Basic Badge... but I lost my first Pokemon in the process.

    After the battle, Team Plasma made off with the museum's Dragon Skull. We met Burgh of Castelia City coming out of the Gym. He wanted to team up with me to stop Team Plasma, to which I agreed, feeling if I could stop them, somehow, someway, Ginseng could be vindicated.

    Then Cheren and Bianca showed up to help. Bianca gave me a Dowsing MCHN from Fennel, and a glimmer of hope sparked in my heart. If I could find a Revive, I would be able to bring back Ginseng. Lenora yelled at me to not let my emotions rule me, but I wouldn't listen to reason. As long as there was hope, I refused to believe there was no way I could get Ginseng back. Finally, I found the Revive and gave it to Ginseng ASAP. He was alive... Ginseng was alive!

    Yadda yadda yadda, we went after Team Plasma, blah blah blah, we got the Skull back and I got a Moon Stone for my troubles, yakkity yakkity yakkity, Frankie evolved during the struggle.
  7. FlamingRok

    FlamingRok Member

    You use that rule? If you ask me, then you are playing "Nuzlocke Easy Mode". But it's okay.

    I'll update my Nuzlocke around 3:00PM, so be sure to stick around there!
  8. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    @FlamingRok Haha, yeah, I'm not nearly ballsy enough to try it without Revives in some capacity. At least I don't allow myself to but any.

    Thinking of nixing the challenge and just starting a normal run.
  9. sonic507

    sonic507 Come at me Flower!

    my god panpour nearly died! it would have been dead if it werent for my last potion!
    NOOOO i have no more potions what is to become of my panpour i have no revives!

    team: woobat, lilipup, and pidove
    spares: serperior and watchog
    dead: none!
    WOOT i just got a revive on the floor and a water stone! panpour is back ans simipour!
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2011
  10. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    I decided to keep on with the Nuzlocke for a little longer. Today, I saved Bianca's Munna from Team Plasma, beat her, Burgh, and Cheren (though not in that order), and ended up catching a Sandile named Elton in the Desert Resort. I gotta tell you guys, I'm really wishing I had a Darumaka, though when I get to Lostlorn Forest, I'll buy me a few Super Repels and take a chance on finding a Pansear. I'm out of Revives, so now any deaths that happen are the real deal unless I get another one.

    So Jagger's close to evolving into Boldore, and when I evolve him into Gigalith, would it be within the rules to trade an event Celebi so I can get Zorua in Castelia City and then just trade back the Celebi for Jagger?
  11. FlamingRok

    FlamingRok Member

    @Nightningbolt Good luck!

    As for why I didn't update...I'm too busy grinding. And real life=sad.
  12. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    I made it past the Driftveil Bridge, and into Driftveil City. I went to Cold Storage, and got my newest member, Susie, the Vanillite. I put the Exp. Share on her, and battled the trainers on the outside and inside. On the way, Lucy, my Solosis, evolved. I then sorta teamed up with Cheren and battled the Team Plasma members without any difficulty.

    I trained a little while, and then headed towards Clay's gym. Niles destroyed everything in his path, but he did have a little bit of trouble with Clay. Excadrill spammed rock slide and put Niles in the red. Lucy helped to kill it, and Clay's last pokemon was no problem. I now have the 5th badge in my possession, and I am ready to head to Chargestone Cave.

    Current Team:

    :496: Niles Lvl 33
    :508: Toby Lvl 32
    :578: Lucy Lvl 32
    :582: Susie Lvl 28
  13. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    Meander's Menace

    Ok, I just started a Nuzlocke challenge on my Black game yesterday.
    *Nuzlocke standard rules
    *Items can be used, but only the ones found in the wild.
    *Only pokéballs can be bought.
    *HM-slaves can be used, but not for battling or sacrificing.
    *NO revives OR rare candies can be used to revive pokémon. It it faints, it's permanently dead. All fainted pokes are stored in the PC, in a box with the sky wallpaper.
    *Repeats are allowed, seeing as I think much of the charm in a nuzlocke challenge is having more of one type, especially since they still fill different roles given their natures and IVs. Some pokes can be extremely ambiguous^^
    *No keeping extras: if you have a team of six and you catch another pokemon, you must choose which ones to use and which one not to use. The one that is boxed cannot be used again, unless it is for HMs.
    *In-game trades are allowed, but you can only trade a pokémon that has been legally caught according to the nuzlocke rules.
    *Trading for evolution is allowed.
    *NO REPELS are ever allowed.
    *Legies can be caught if it is the first pokemon you encounter, still without using a repel (so yes, extremely improbable)

    Ok, my character is a boy named Meander, and he just about had the best start possible.
    The Tepig I chose, Torch, had these natures and IVs, figured out after some levelling:
    Relaxed +def -speed
    HP: 30 Atk: 24-29 Def: 27-29 Sp.Atk: 27-29 Sp.D: 10-19 Spe: 30
    I was pretty extatic. Of course it ended up dead to a critical hit in the first gym, together with Herb the Pansage. The first Lillipup I caught, Persia, died to a critical hit before even levelling up once.
    Things were truly looking dark, and the only companion still kicking was the second Lillipup I caught: Avenge. He is Calm with decent HP and Atk IVs, but pretty sucky everything else. He caught me a nice Munna, called Messi (it does kind of look like a soccer ball), with a bold nature and great HP and Sp.Atk IVs, so I'm rather pleased with that one. She also helps me out with catching things, as it has yawn^^

    Progressing on my quest I caught a Patrat which I later sacrificed, and a Rash (of all things) Roggenrola, named Topaz, with all IVs in HP, Atk, Def, and Sp.Def between 20 and 29, so I'm very pleased with her.

    To replace my awesome to-be fighting type, Tepig, is Jekyll the Timburr, with a calm nature (kill me) and IVs in all stats below 12, except HP. Meaning its attack stat is just about as low as it possibly could be. It sucks. I hope it will do its duties against the normal gym though.
    Now I'm Audino grinding, hoping to avoid any more casualties in the upcoming gym.

    Current team:
    :507: - Avenge, M, [Calm], lv 17
    :517: - Messi, F, [Bold], lv 18
    :524: - Topaz, F, [Rash], lv 20
    :532: - Jekyll, M, [Calm], lv 21

    :506: - Persia, F, [Bashful], lv 2
    :498: - Torch, M, [Relaxed], lv 14
    :511: - Herb, M, [Lonely], lv 11
    :504: - Tartap, F, [Lax], lv 8
  14. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    I traveled trough Route 6 before Chargestone Cave and caught a Deerling named Daisy. (Boxed.) I battled all the trainers, but along the way, Susie died... I healed my other pokemon, and finally went into the cave. I saw N, but I ran into a wild pokemon before I could talk to him. I successfully caught a new team mate, Molly, the Joltik. I put the Exp. Share on her, and I am NOT planning on taking it off of her for a while...

    In the cave, I battled all the trainers and explored. I defeated them all without a problem, including N at the end of the cave. Niles evolved around half way through the cave. In Mistralton City, I met Cedric and Skyla, healed, and took my first step on Route 7.

    Current Team:

    :497: Niles Lvl 36
    :508: Toby Lvl 35
    :578: Lucy Lvl 35
    :595: Molly Lvl 35
  15. MetaPheonixPal

    MetaPheonixPal Well-Known Member

    I started a Nuzlocke run on Pokemon Black about a week ago. Normal rules except that I will catch a new Pokemon each floor in a cave instead of one per cave.
    I'll write out what has happened on this run:
    I chose Tepig named Bacon and things started out good as I got Look Out the Patrat and Lily the Lilipup and kept on going through. I got Forest the Pansage from the Dreamyard and got a Purrloin named Kitty somewhere (I forget). Although shortly after everything started to go bad with Look Out and Lily dieing while training. Forest and Bacon made it through and I got a Lillipup which I named Pup who died too. I caught a Woobat who I named Batty who was fantastic. She could destroy everything and helped in defeating Lenora. I caught a Tympole named Frog Mario (who i left in the PC) and made it to the third gym who I beat. In the training process for the gym though, I lost Batty to a Roggenrola which is what I expected from the cave.

    I went north and caught a Darumaka (Firilla who went in the PC) in the first part and a Sandile (Gary) in the second part near the Relic Castle. I chose the Tirtouga fossil, revived it, named it Crush, and added it to my team. Gary died in the training process but in the route east of Nimbasa, I caught OMG Dove! the Pidove who I trained to replace Batty. Unfortuantely she died soon after aswell. I defeated the fourth gym leader with Bacon, Crush, and Forest.

    I caught a Gothita named Elmo west of Nimbasa who died due to a crit. While fighting my way through the Cold Storage, Forest died. I caught a Vanillite (Sundae) who died while training in the Cold Storage. I had to goes west and get a Deerling (Bambi) to replace it and trained Bambi, Crush, and Bacon to good levels for Clay. The gym went well until I made the stupid mistake of pitting Bacon against Clay's Excadrill thinking that Arm Thrust would be enough to take it out.... it wasn't and a Bulldozer killed it. It really sucked to lose my starter, especially since all I had now was Bambi and Crush. I got Firilla out of the PC and added it to my team and trained it. I went into Chargestone cave and got a Klink (Gears) to add to my team. I trained outside next to the healing house and lost Bambi because Jump Kick missed TWICE and killed it due to its effect.

    After getting to Lv. 40 with Crush, Firilla, and Gears I made it through Chargestone cave and went to the tower north of Mistralton and caught an Elgyem who I named X and added to my team. With a lot of losses and losing my starter... I got a bit paranoid and trained Crush, Firilla, Gears, and X to Lv. 45 just to make sure I was ready for Skyla. Now I am going through Twist Mountain.
    :565:Crush Lv. 45
    :555: Firilla Lv. 46
    :600: Gears Lv. 46
    :606: X Lv. 45

    Dead Pokemon:
    :504: Look Out Lv. 13
    :506: Lily Lv. 4, Pup Lv. 11
    :509: Kitty Lv. 13
    :527: Batty Lv. 22
    :551: Gary Lv. 23
    :520: OMG Dove! Lv. 27
    :574: Elmo Lv. 28
    :512: Forest Lv. 31
    :582: Sundae Lv. 32
    :499: Bacon Lv. 33
    :586: Bambi Lv. 36
    Frog Mario (Tympole) Lv. 15
    Seasdeer (Deerling) Lv. 26
    Lumiere (Litwick) Lv. 27
    Bat Killer (Boldore) Lv. 30
  16. Draknir

    Draknir Fear the Deer

    Right, so for reasons of my own I restarted this challenge. It is by far going better. I've updated my rules, though. This should make it more interesting:

    1. If a Pokémon faints, it is treated as dead and must go into the last box of the PC
    1a. If a Pokémon is defeated by a OHKO move, it is treated as severely wounded and cannot be used until after the next gym.
    1b. If a Pokémon is defeated by a Critical Selfdestruct or Explosion, or is defeated at full health by a normal one of the previously mentioned moves, it is also treated as severely wounded.​
    2. Capture only the first Pokémon on each route.
    2a. If the Pokémon encountered first is one previously obtained through any means, it does not count as the first Pokémon on the route, and is to be run from immediately.
    2b. Shiny Pokémon can be captured regardless of whether or not they are the first encountered.
    2c. Gift Pokémon do not count as the capture
    2d. Trades do count as the capture
    2e. Each level/portion of a cave/forest counts as a different route
    2f. This rule does not come into effect until after I obtain my first Poké balls.​
    3. Legendaries may be caught
    3a. Master balls cannot be used on anything except on Tornadus(If he is encountered on Route 10 first) or Reshiram(As it is required by the game itself).​
    4. All Pokémon must be given human names.
    5. Breeding is allowed
    5a. In order to be used, an egg must hatch in a spot that there have been no captures in.
    5b. Breeding is only allowed if two Pokémon, which are the first captures in their respective areas, are in the same egg group(E.g. No catching a Ditto at the Giant Chasm just to breed unless it is the first encountered).
    5c. The Duplicates Clause does NOT apply here.​

    Started with Snivy again, since it is my favorite starter of this generation. I was quite surprised and pleased to find out it was female. I beat Cheren and Bianca easily. I chose the first female name that came to mind for Snivy's nickname, which was Alexa. Caught a male Patrat that I named James on Route 1 and got both of them to Lv.7 before heading to Accumula town. Beat N easily, and made my way to Route 2. I caught a female Lillipup that I named Lily(It was while I was training it that I realized it was similar to the first part of her name. I got everyone to Lv.10 before heading to Striaton City. At the Dreamyard, I got a male Panpour, as it is a free Pokémon, and named him Mark. Got everyone to Lv.12 and challenged Chili. It was a rather easy fight. Back at the Dreamyard, my capture was a female Purrloin, which I named Jenny. Thanks to a large amount of Audino, I got everyone to Lv.17, with Alexa and Lily evolving. Beat Cheren on Route 3. My capture for that Route was a male Pidove that I named Alan. He died while fighting an Audino, so he was my first loss. In Wellspring Cave, I caught a female Roggenrola that I named Wendy. Beat Team Plasma and got to Nacrene City. Outside Pinwheel Forest, I caught a Tympole that I named Ryan. I trained everyone to Lv.20, Ryan included, before fighting Lenora, with James and Jenny both evolving. I beat Lenora with no losses, though it was a very real possibility. Inside Pinwheel Forest, I caught an Audino that I named Joy. Got the Skull back and made my way to Castelia City. On Route 4, I caught a female Darumaka that I named Emily(Who is awesome because she is Adamant). Got everyone to Lv.25 before fighting Burgh, with Ryan and Wendy both evolving. Beat Burgh's Whirlipede with Wendy, his Dwebble with Ryan, and his Leavanny with Emily. Afterwards, I did a tradeback with my White to evolve Wendy fully. Made my way to Nimbasa City, where I went on a catching spree. Caught a female Emolga(Abby) on Route 5, a female Gothita(Sam), on Route 16, a female Unfezant(Ally) in the Lostlorn Forest, a female Maractus(Laura) outside of the Desert Resort, a male Yamask(Tim) on the second floor of the Relic Castle, a male Sandile(Ben) on the first floor of the Relic Castle, and a male Siglyph(Nate) inside the Desert Resort. Now I am working on getting everyone(And I mean EVERYONE) to Lv.27 and then Lv.30. Just picked up a female Tirtouga, which I named Liza.

    (Note: There are 17 Pokémon here, so detailed information is omitted for size.)
    Servine(Alexa), Watchog(James), Herdier(Lily), Panpour(Mark), Liepard(Jenny), Gigalith(Wendy), Palpitoad(Ryan), Audino(Joy), Darumaka(Emily), Emolga(Abby), Gothita(Sam), Unfezant(Ally), Maractus(Laura), Yamask(Tim), Sandile(Ben), Sigilyph(Nate), Tirtouga(Liza

  17. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    Oh my... the summer has just gone by too fast!

    Anyway, on with the Nuzlocke! On Route 7, I battled and defeated all the trainers with ease. I had a little bit of trouble with the triple battle, but I pulled through with no fatalities. I completely explored, and found my route through Twist Mountain blocked, so I headed back. On request from the gym leader, Skyla, I went to Celestial Tower and caught a Litwick named Match. I am still debating if I should use him or not....

    Back at Mistralton City, I decided to challenge the gym leader. I was hesitate to use my Galvantula, Molly, because I have lost a lot of new members lately. However, she completely dominated against all the trainers, and had no problem against Skyla as well.

    With the 6th badge in hand, I traveled back to Twist Mountain, where I defeated Cheren with ease and got Surf from Alder. This is where I saved, and I plan to go exploring with my newly attained Surf next.

    Current Team:
    :497: Niles Lvl 40
    :508: Toby Lvl 41
    :578: Lucy Lvl 40
    :596: Molly Lvl 42
  18. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Starting up a Black Nuzlocke since my sister deleted the data.
    1. Pokemon KO'd count as Dead
    1a. If OHKO'd they count as severely injured and may not be used until the next gym
    2. Catching the first pokemon on city/route/cave
    2a. in-game Trades count
    2b. Giveaway pokemon don't count (Like the Larvesta egg)
    2c. Shiny pokemon may be caught (Only a moron wouldn't) but not used in battle, after catching of a Shiny that WASN"T the first pokemon in route/city ect., must be sent to nearest PC.
    2d. Only Legendary exception is Reshiram, who'll be caught with a MasterBall,
    2e. Cave floors count as a different area.
    3. All pokemon must be given Kingdom Hearts Character names(This includes kingdom hearts specific characters, disney characters, and Final Fantasy characters).
    4. Breeding isn't allowed.
    Trading out of game isn't allowed.
    5 Duplicate pokemon isn't allowed either
    6. May NOT use Revive, all other items that don't revive fallen pokemon are okay.

    Okay, starting off with the starter town, where I obtained my Oshawott I nicknamed Riku, ad started my battle with Bianca,
    I sent out Riku, Bianca sent out Tepig.
    Riku attacked first with a Tackle,
    Tepig countered with a Tackle aswell, taking out a quarter of Riku's health.
    Riku used Tackle again. Tepig did the same.
    Oshawott used Tackle and Tepig used Tail Whip,
    Riku used Tackle ALMOST finishing off Tepig, but Tepig used another Tail Whip, another Tackle I'd've been dead already.
    Riku finished him off with a good old Tackle!
    Riku obtained 43 Experience points.
    So, Cheren healed Riku up, and then, challenged me to a battle in my now destroyed room.
    Once again I sent out Riku, now with full health, and he sent out Snivy.
    Snivy attacked first with a Tackle.
    Riku countered with a Tackle.
    Snivy used a Leer and Riku countered with Another Tackle.
    Snivy then decided to use a Tackle as Riku used Tackle.
    Then, Snivy decided to use a Leer as Riku finished him off with Tackle gaining 43 experience and a level up to level 6!
    So my mom says she'll clean my room (If only my real mom were like that)
    and I head to Juniper's to thank her, get my Pokedex, and head out to Route 1. There, my first pokemon is a Wild Lillipup I name Sora.
    Current Team

    So now I'm gonna do some TRAINING!!!!
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2011
  19. b0bg0blin

    b0bg0blin Teh ub3r n00b

    Just started a nuzlocke challenge on black, first hour of play in and am on route 2, captured a patrat and lillipup along with my tepig starter.

    Current team:
    Tepig lvl 7
    Patrat lvl 7
    Lillipup lvl 6

    Will be writing more detailed information on later posts but this was just the start.
  20. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Okay, I kept going on through the game, got my first badge, whipped the rivals a couple o' times. Currently training for Lenora.
    Current Team
    Xion~12 (She's new)

    And I also caught a Purrloin named Ursula, but she died from a crit hit Lillipup.

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