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5th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. ashgirl92

    ashgirl92 Blazing Glory...

    As soon as I got Surf, I gave it to Toby, and I flew to Driftveil City. There, I went in the water... and a female Frillish popped up. I throw an Ultra Ball, and I got my new team member, Hannah, on my first try. I slapped the exp. share on her, and flew to Accumula Town. I walked down Route 1, and surfed to land. There I battled a trainer, and walked through the grass to get some exp. A Pokemon I wasn't expecting came out... and I squealed. I am pretty sure everyone on my floor could hear me. Why? Because....

    A Scraggy appeared. A Scraggy! I had no idea that they were on this Route, and I wanted it SOOOO badly. I sent out Niles, and didn't plan to attack it at all. Instead, I just kept chucking Pokeballs. However, she proved much harder to get then I thought. She kept escaping, and she was 7 levels below my Pokemon, but she almost SWEPT my entire team! I finally captured her with 3 hp on Lucy, 10 on Niles, 15 on Molly, and 12 on Toby. I am not kidding! Anyways...

    Welcome to the team Leah!

    After I calmed down from all the excitement, I continued surfing. I came upon some new land, and I defeated some trainers. I ended up at a rest house, and I saved right after I received a mysterious egg.

    Current Team:

    :596: Molly Lvl 43
    :508: Toby Lvl 41
    :497: Niles Lvl 41
    :578: Lucy Lvl 41
    :559: Leah Lvl 35
    :592: Hannah Lvl 28
  2. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Got my third update, I trained the team, still nobody's died, except Ursula, and gotten three badges now.
    Main Team
  3. Beginning challenge today, first Pokemon listed:
    :495: Josh
  4. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna restart my White and do a Nuzlocke Challenge.

    -If a Pokémon faints, it will be boxed permanently.
    -Only the first Pokémon encountered will be captured.
    -All Pokémon will be nicknamed.
    -No use of healing items. Only Pokémon Centres allowed.
    -No duplicate captures.

    I will be keeping a record of the journey when I start.
  5. godo156

    godo156 huh, what?

    I beat my Black version Nuzlocke (why do y'all have separate threads for the same topic) but if anybody here reads my comic, it would kinda spoil it if I posted my winning team ^^;
    The next one im probably gonna nuzlocke for plot purposes is either gonna be LeafGreen or Sapphire
    But on Bmgf, on a roleplay I started based on nuzlocking, I'm doin' a Platinum run (sorry fer going off topic)
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2011
  6. HeracrossGod

    HeracrossGod The Heracross God

    I started one on White. I used the classic Nuzlocke rules. But if my Pokemon are healed auto after a battle and a death is healed, the Pokemon is allowed.

    So, I started out and got my starter, Snivy, who I called Smugleaf. I beat Cheren and Bianca. I got to the first route and caught a Lillipup, and named it Prime. I got to Accumula and beat N. On the next route I caught a Purrloin. I named it Boogey. I got to Striaton and went to the Dream Yard and got Panpour and named it AquaMonkey. I went to the gym. I beat Lillipup with Boogey. The Pansage got a critical hit and that was the end of Prime. I continued on then ended for there.

    Smugleaf - Lv11
    Boogey - Lv10
    AquaMonkey - Lv11
  7. Vanillachu

    Vanillachu Pudding master

    I love nuzlockes. Need to start a 5th gen one. Good luck to everyone on your nuzlockes :D
  8. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    I remember when I did a nuzlocke in white version. It didn't go so well so I quit >.>
  9. Sucker_Punch

    Sucker_Punch Well-Known Member

    Scrapping my scramble challenge (sorry to the people who suggested things..) because it wasn't going well at all...

    So with that, a sudden urge to try a Nuzlocke bubbled in my mind! The most challenging... challenge of them all, and the only one I havn't done yet! First! My personal rules.

    • Once a Pokémon faints, it is boxed, never to be used again.
    • Only capture the first Pokémon encountered on a route, unless I already have it, in which case I either capture the next Pokémon, or nothing in that route.
    • All Pokémon must be nicknamed.
    • No limit to what can be bought from Pokémarts.
    • If a Pokémon faints, but then straight after the battle is healed (such as when fighting Nurses/Doctors), then it is not counted as 'dead'.
    • Different area's of the same place, count as the same, meaning if I capture a Pokémon on the first floor of a cave, I can't capture another on the second floor, unless the Pokémon found there are completly different.

    I deleted my old game, and started a new one. I chose to be a Girl, named Chihiro (after the Spirited Away star), and found myself in my room, a box infront of me. When everyone arrived, I chose my starter Pokémon, a Tepig! Later, I'll named it Okkoto! I battled Bianca's Snivy first. I won, as the battle was relatively easy. Next up was Cheren's Oshawott. Another easy win. When I finally got to route 1, I captured Heen, the Patrat! After healing up in Accumala, I trained Heen on route 1, but a nasty critical hit meant we had our first death, even before the first gym! It was a sad moment for us. After that, I decided to make sure I wouldnt loose Okkoto, and raised him to level 9 on route 1. I then proceded to see the Plasma talk, and battled N. Quite an easy battle, Embers burn coming in very useful! After healing up, I saved and came off for the day.

    :498: Okkoto - Lv.9

    :504: Heen

    NOTE: All future posts will most likely be in the recent happenings thread, instead of here.
  10. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    Well, I am currently doing a nuzlocke in my Pokemon White, and I am training for the Elite 4. However, I do not know how high of a level I should train to. I also do not know whether I should replace my Liepard with a level 41 Deino I caught in the Victory Road. Help would be appreciated!

    My team:
    :500: (Riley) Level 50
    :512: (Chris) Level 49
    :510: (Uri) Level 49
    :526: (Kiretsu) Level 49
    :521: (Tia) Level 49 (It's a female, but I couldn't figure out how to make the female Unfezant emote)
    :565: (Enzio) Level 49
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2011
  11. BlazikenBlitz

    BlazikenBlitz Blaziken Ninja

    I started a Nuzlocke despite being given pokemon from a "Hit me with your best shot" challenge.
    SORRY for wasting your precious time.............

    Anyway, I got htrough all of the starting stuff all the way up to being about to return the pokemon that was stolen by Team Plasma to the little girl.

    My Team so far:
    (Tae Kwon) :502: Lvl 17
    (Searflames) :513: Lvl 12
    (Sopleta) :519: Lvl 11
    (Rouge) :527: Lvl 11


    (Teddy) :509: RIP Lvl 7
    (Sniper) :504: RIP Lvl 9

    Oh, and Epic-Inferno, if you haven't already trained, add the Deino instead and train everyone to 58 or so.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2012
  12. lucario beast

    lucario beast Well-Known Member

    just beat first gym

    tepig (jacob)
    lv 15
    flame charge
    defense curl

    pansage (ape escape)
    fury swipes
    vine wip
    work up
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2012
  13. ShadowAura

    ShadowAura A speck of light

  14. Claus351

    Claus351 Shiny hunter :)

    Okai! starting an adventure in black!
    Restrictions from the basic Nuzlock rules:
    1.If i find a wild shiny, I'm catching it. sorry. I NEVER get shinies, so..
    2. I wont use potions and stuff, but I will use the doctors and such that are around big areas. gotta luv em.
    3.no duplicates.
    4.I'll always catch legendarys. as i said in a previous topic, I'm mainly doing this for the extra legendarys i traded away..why not spice it up a bit? :p
    all right! i'll edit this post tonight with my progress.
    Edit: I chose Oshowott that Inamed tidal. :D Beat bianca and Cheren easily. After thanking Professor Juniper, I went out to route one hoping to find a lillipup or something good as my first encounter...When instead I found a level 4 female Patrat. Ah well! beggars can't be choosers. So I name it Sydney and move on. I train until they're both level 8 or so, i think Tidal was 9. Faced N after touring the poke center, he was rather easy. Tidal water gunned his poor Purloin to death.
    All right! after that I headed up the route, retracing my steps to the pokemoncenter often. The first trainer nearly killed Sydney and Tidal...know what that means? TRAINING. now that they're both level 10 I move on to Bianca. She was rather easy, just used Tidal for the whole thing. After going to the dreamyard through Straiton city, I got Searish the pansear. I know, really imaginative. .-. ah well. Ready to face Cheren, I headed to the school. Searish did next to nothing except hit snivy once or twice. What is incredibley annoying about the monkeys is that they're really hard to train at first! he hasn't leveled up once so far after half an hour of grinding!
    Anyways, I head for the gym with Tidal being 12, Sydney and Searish being 11. big mistake. come out with hardly any peices of them left and go to the center. Now I'm grinding for the gym leader. Wish me luck, as I want to beat him without dying. I intend on going in with this team:
    Tidal the Oshawott- Lv.14

    Searish the Pansear- Lv.12

    Sydney the Patrat- Lv.12

    Day after tommarow is off school so i'll have time tommarow to make more progress. Stay tuned! :p
    Death strikes my adventure quite early....
    After hours of grinding in the wild, I finally faced the gym leader. it was relativley simple, searish got some action. after obtaining my much anticipated first badge, I continued on to the next route, where I began grinding further, afer catching the first poke of the route being a blitzle. With little imagination, I named it bolter and stored it away in the day care. :p I left him in there to level up, but I figured he'd never come of use. oh, I forgot to mention i beat my rival before this. he was a sinch though! :) Anyhow, after defeating team plasma with little difficulty, I went to grind more. In the cave I caught a woobat i called Psyfly. Shes gonna be really helpful I bet!! back to the grassy route, it took me a while to find my first audino, but before that...that...PIDGEON...came.... they came in flocks.. jk :p But I swear this one was from The Birds. it only used leer twice, and with one quick attack and a critical hit....Fell Sydney. I wept for hours afterwords (not really) over the loss of my first teammember i had caught. Well...This just hightened the use of Psyfly for future use I suppose. I guess it was a good thing..but it was not to last.
    After a few hours of training/beating trainers in the route, and Tidal evolving :)D), I moved on to the next village, Nacrene City. Like most, fearing Lanoras demon Watchhog, I snuck by the gym in attempts to go to the next route to train. It was going great! I found a few Sawks that Psyfly fell easily. She was really gaining on them....until..that one sawk showed up. He ... he used bide. I don't know what i was thinking. I used heart stamp twice.. HE HAD ONE HP. and skipping the default 2-3 turns of waiting, he unleashed his fuming rage onto the bat creature in waves of horrid pain and misery. Yes, due to my description, Psyfly was DEAD. thus ended my almost favorite pokemons life.
    With two pokemon dead and only two in my team, I looked back to Bolter. He was my only hope of continuing a healthy team that would be able to support in need of an emergency. Well, while im typing this, im pacing back and forth on route 3 waiting for audinos to train my bolter. It was lucky I had placed him in the daycare, as he was level 13 when i took him out. Well, I was wrong about him never coming to use again. hopefuly he'll help me avenge some lost souls.
    And so I end entry II.
    Tidal the Dewott, Lv.18

    Searish the Pansear, Lv. 17

    Bolter the Blitzle, Lv.15

    Deceased, RIP:
    Sydney the Patrat and Psyfly the Woobat. :(
    I made quite allot of progress. where did I leave off? ah yes, grinding Bolt. I never really had teh idea that he would come in handy, and I was right. after training for hours, all his work was laid to rest for retaliate from Lenora. Besides that, I beat N and Lenora with relative ease. The first poke on route 4 was tympole, so I let it be and killed it. >: P After that, I went into the woods and found a Cottonee that I named Pippit. It has become really helpful, and I hope it doesn't die out as fast as my previous members!! after training her and Searish for some time i beat team plasma, much to the dissapointment of the grunty dude. After that I beat some trainers and headed for Skyarrow bridge. and I can say so far, this being sort of like a checkpoint, that the nuzlocke challenge for white is REALLY fun. I absolutoley love it. I definantly reccomend it.
    After reaching Hui- I mean, Castellia city, I explored, fighting break dancers and meeting shady people with the TM Flash. o-0 Its all in good fun though, and after I beat the battle company, I got an Exp. share. that should come in handy!! I'm hoping to get a sandile in the desert, as he'll be a lifesaver in Elisa's gym. Speaking of Lifesavers, Searish had learned Flame Burst in the woods(fire hazard I know :p) and that was a lifesaver in Burghs gym. but before I faught Burgh I had to take care of team plasma with little difficulty. After that, a dwebble nearly killed searish D:< but he lived.
    Beating Burgh was a since really. Flame burst OH-KOd everything within the building except dwebbles that Tidal took care of. I evolved Searish after too! :D now he looks like captain jack sparrow or sumpin. xP Afterwords I got a call from Bianca and faced her, very easy. I think all my grinding has finaly come to use! :D I head into the desert to meet none other then Cheren, who I faught as well. he was rather easy, cept his pidove caused a little trouble. anyways, the first pokemon of route 4 was............Scraggy. .-. last time I used a scraggy it died every time it missed a move, so im not using this one. I skimmed ahead to the Desert resort, hoping for a sandile. after finding a darumahka (s/p) on the outside, I found a sandile on the inside (yes, I consider those two diff areas. is that wrong? :S) with moxie and a ..i forget what nature, but it hightens attack for speed. His names Yoshi! :D definantly gonna come in handy. after hours of training in this place, I got everyone up to 25 and 27, Tidal being the head for now. Im glad he hasn't died yet! Pippit has proved more then useful, as usual. :p
    After exploring and getting the Cover fossil (as a backup incase my starter dies, which im praying won't happen) I headed to Nimbasa. After Obtaining 10 ultra balls, I beat the heck out of some plasma thugs in return for a bike. >: D heading on to route 16 without a second thought of the other guys, i began training Yoshi and co. to level 28. I know, a bit high, but i want yoshi evolved by the time im through with Elisa. Now here I am, grinding my head off. The grinding really pays off..oh, and the first poke of route 16 was Cincinno or whatever that little rat dued was. As for lostlorn forest, it was another Cottonee, so I didn't catch either. Here i am, training! :) Thanks for staying tuned.
    Tidal the Dewott- Lv.28

    Yoshi the Sandile- Lv.28

    Searish the Simasear- Lv.27

    Pippit the Cottonee- Lv.26

    Deceased, RIP:
    Bolter the blitzle, Sydney the Patrat and PsyFly the Woobat. D:
    Badges: 3
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2012
  15. SasoriSand

    SasoriSand Master of Sand

    I'm starting my Nuclocke on Pokemon White today. Wish me luck!

    ~General Rules
    ~Duplicate Rule (If I meet a Pokemon in a route that I already have I can run away from it and try again as long as it is a Pokemon that I already have.)
    ~Box Rule (Boxed instead of release)
    ~Save Clause (If I save I can restart from that point and restart the battle without the "deaths")
    ~More Clause (I am allowed to have more then 6 Pokemon.)

    I had just gotten started and I already knew I would get a Tepig. I had used Snivy and Oshowatt already and Simisage is preety good. I defeated Bianca and Cheren with ease (SERIOUSLY! Who spams leer 5 times Bianca!). I then went to her house yada yada the intial beginning. In the lab I named Tepig Peggyzu (Good Job if you get the reference) And now FINALLY I was in Route 1 to catch my first Pokemon! I was really hoping for a pokemon and what do you know! I got it! A level 4 Patrat. The reason I wanted it was because I felt that he never got any love. I named it Rattty (Forgot to take off the third t). I trained for a long hour and got my Pokemon to level 7 and 9. Once I reached Accumula Town I did the intial PokeCenter tutioural and the Ghetsis cutscene. And now I present my first fail of the game! It was Rattty VS his Purrloin and both of them were level 7. I started off with a Leer but he called off a Growl (Smart)! I then realized that I could do good damage with Rattty with Tackle alone. Two Tackles later I had gotten Purrloin in the Red Zone and noticed it's Scratches only did 3 damage. I prepared to go for the finishing Tackle when I misclicked with Bite and it didn't even take it out. I felt Rattty's life flash between my eyes when I saw the critical hit. To my suprise though, it only did around 7 damage. I finished the battle off with the finishing Bite and Rattty grew to Level 8. I then saved in the PokeCenter.


    :498: Peggyzu the Tepig @ Lvl. 9

    :504: Rattty the Patrat @ Lvl. 8


    No one at the momment


    None yet and I hope to keep it that way!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2012
  16. Claus351

    Claus351 Shiny hunter :)

    Part IV

    Ok, Entry IV is a tragicly long one. I had yesterday off, so I spent most of it hard core nuzlocking. :p Am I the only active one on white/black? I actually enjoy reading others entries, so i hope you guys like mine. :) it is my first!

    So I left off grinding for Elesa. right. So I got everyone to 28 or so and beat up N after exploring route 16. I headed into the gym... I figured someone wouldn't make it out alive. However, I was wrong! :D Nobody died. Yoshi solod the gym leader with Crunch (surprisingly oh-kod both emolgas) and dig. Hes way over leveled now, so i decided to go train on the next route. After beating up trainers and crossing the red bridge, I headed for the freezer containers. First pokemon here was a vannillite that I named Tunacream. yeah...my sanity is questionable. I'm not using tunacream any time soon anyway...
    After defeating some of Team plasma, the gym leader whos name im advoiding took them away. So I headed for the gym to meet them again..but they left. weird. anyways I headed into the gym and absorbed everyones hp to death with pippit. she's finaly become naturally good at this. :p I hope she lives to see the sun stone.. I was really stupid, because Dewott was down to half HP when I reached the bottom of the gym, yet I still faught the gym leader. I knew he would die. poor guy..but he didn't!!!!!!! The mole dude just used hone claws a few times while i razor shelled him to death. then I beat krokorok and pippit absorbed palpitoad. :3 yay!!!! :D 5th badge.
    I headed out to meet Bianca at the route. oh joy. I beat her to get the HM Fly. Havn't had any flying types yet, so im hoping i find one soon..the poke of that route was a foongus, so I killed it. never used him, never will. It's raining so Searish is at a disadvantage. After heading into the Electric rock cave (thanks to the gym leader), I got the lucky egg. I didnt find my first poke till like halfway through..o-0 but after that I litteraly found a poke EVERY THREE STEPS. EVEN ONE SOMETIMES!! AHGHAHWGAHGAHWEGOA stupid no-repels-rule. Y_Y XD anyhow, moving on...
    First poke was Klink. caught him, named him Gigagear in memory of a japanese gigear i had on my old rom. I think... the songs sound so much faster on the DS cus I was used to the slow rom. :p anyways! B2 was ferroseed, who I killed. I was praying for a joltik, and this prayer was awnsered when i headed to B3. However, right before that, I encountered a rock monster demon named Boldore. Using pippit, I use giga drain. It used rock blast.
    Critical hit!
    Critical hit!
    Critical hit!
    ... Pippit fainted!
    sigh. well, I suppose it was for the best. I was getting full of myself, not having had a death since like the second gym. It was almost not challenging. anyways, I beat team plasma, beat N, and healed and deposted Pippit at the pokemon center. sigh.. I also deposted Gigagear, but im keeping Allysha the Joltik to train. And thats where entry IV ends. thanks for staying tuned guyz!
    :502: lv.35
    :514: Lv.33
    :552: Lv.33
    :595: Lv.24

    Psyfly, Sydney, Pippit, and Bolter.
  17. BlazikenBlitz

    BlazikenBlitz Blaziken Ninja

    I made progress all the way to the final gym, BUT I LOST the game in real life. Lost it! If/when i find it, I'll give an update.
  18. Artnerd

    Artnerd Insane Artist

    I've just tried this, a total of 3 times, at the first, I didn't even get past the first gym. Then, I managed to get to Burgh, but got slaughtered in the desert, Finally, again, the first gym. I'm going to try again, this time with slightly more patience to grind more..

    My rules are the basic + no duplicates. Rules don't apply to Shinies. XD

    Also a question, how does one go about the free monkey? does that count for the Dreamyard? And the fossils?
  19. Tarro57

    Tarro57 RNGer, haters hate.

    I'm going to be staring over my Jap White sometime to RNG the ID/SID, I might as well do a Nuzlocke to make it exciting, however, you guys might think it's cheating, but I'll RNG my Pokemon.
  20. Claus351

    Claus351 Shiny hunter :)

    Ok, so I accidently let Allysha die. not rly gonna use her but now i realized i made a fatal mistake. water types destroy all my life. i cringe at the sight of them..my only guy not weak to water is a water type!! :O
    Ok, after grinding for weeks in the rain, i faced skyla. she won (well idk) half way through i reset and took a break from the nuzlocke, pllaying a more leasurley platinum run. very fun. back to nuzlocke, i beat skyla after evolving yoshi and teaching him rock tomb or whatever, pwning her team entirely. yoshis all grown up :3 XD also Dewott evolved! :D
    Moving on, I headed off into teh routes and beat my rival. in the twisted cave I caught a boldore! I named her Balderdash. come to think of it, I could catch an axew if i wanted, since i have the no dupe rule and i have both woobat and boldore...anyways. I explored twisted cave despiratley, looking for the doctor. once i found him I grinded a bit and got to level 40 all. or more. After training loads I went into the next city were I headed to the gym with searish to get pwned by brine. didn't die, thank goodness, but almost. by the way, did i mention its been raining since driftviel? every.city.above.Nimbasa. its driving me nuts, specially since its raining irl. that just started this morning tho..
    Ok, so i decided to head up route to see what i can catch.
    I caught it and named it Romani. THIS IS VERY YES!!! I trained it up to level 40 via shaking grass (poor audinos) also, about the rain, i feel like i've been neglecting searish. hes hardly powerful at all anymore due to the everlasting rain...
    I beat the ice gym hands down with Romani and Balderdash, who i evolved after I beat the gym. Then I surfed across from dragon spiral tower were i faught some trainers and didnt catch a flying dude. sorry i did this all at 6:00 am... anyways then i headed up the tower, caught a gollet, and beat team plasma. With romani's help, nearly every pokemon they use is innafective to me. :3
    Ok, then i went to the ancient castle where i beat up team plasma further. they never learn, do they? after that I got the light stone, yippee! now im in the moor of icarus beating up a basculin.

    :553: Lv.43 Yoshi
    :503: Lv.44 Tidal
    :514: Lv.42 Searish
    :526: Lv.44 Balderdash
    :619: Lv.44 Romani
    Dead: add Allysha to prev list
    Badges: 7
    Btw, i thought how funny it would be if everyone else in the poke world was doing the nuzlocke. everyone you refaught would have new pokemon XD that'd be interesting. also I think i found the moral of the nuzlocke story..
    so I Was in the dragon ggym, (i'll update to that l8r) and I got stuck so ic ouldn't go back to the poke center. all my pokes were in red, and one of them was dying so i just reset. theres no way I could have gotten back to the pokemon center without all of them dying, was that considered cheating? I'm training more now. plz let me know ur opinion, cus its rly bothering me.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2012

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