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5th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    Okay, I finally started after beating the game for the second time, so now I shouldn't get lost, I can't read japanese.

    Anyways here are the details so far. I saved in Virbank Complex.

    Aspertia Town - Oshawott
    Route 19 - Purrloin
    Route 20 - Sewaddle
    Sangi Ranch - Azurill, killed it
    Purrloin Lv.2-5
    Oshawott Lv.5-10

    Team at this point:
    Sewaddle Lv.15
    Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf

    Magnemite Lv.12
    Tackle, Supersonic, Thundershock, Sonicboom
  2. CovertNinja

    CovertNinja Pokemon Master

    Good luck in the gym!
  3. Missdreavus

    Missdreavus Dulceridentem

    June 30

    -My day started battling Cheren. Easy battle, as always.
    -Then, I was hoping to catch a decent pokemon in Route 3. A Patrat appeared... no thank you >.<
    -In Wellspring Cave, after battling team Plasma I found a Roggenrola. I can't trade to evolve it in Gigalith, thought...
    -Roggenrola's name is Olly. And he's my 3rd team member with a speed hindering nature. RNG, I have no comment.
    -I cleared the remaining trainers in Route 3 and went to Nacrene city.
    -After beating N I went to Pinwheel Forest, and caught a Pidove there.
    -I'll name her... Eve.
    -During the training, that kid's Roggenrola killed Henrietta... Goodbye. Lillipup also evolved into Herdier.
    :498: Chaki lv.15 - Tackle, Flame Charge, Ember, Defense Curl
    :507: Herdier (To be nicknamed) lv.16 - Take Down, Tackle, Helping Hand, Bite
    :524: Olly lv.15 - Rock Blast, Headbutt, Two other random moves that I don't remember.
    :519: Eve lv.14 - Gust, Growl, Leer, Quick Attack
    :504: Snaggy lv.4 - Killed by wild Lillipup's Tackle, Route 2
    :511: Henrietta lv.10-14 - Killer by Roggenrola's Rock Blast, Pinwheel Forest
  4. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    Here are the details so far. I saved in the Castelia Gym after beating Burgh.

    Aspertia Town - Oshawott
    Route 19 - Purrloin
    Route 20 - Sewaddle
    Virbank Complex - Magnemite
    Castelia City - Pidove
    Castelia Sewers - Grimer
    Relic Path - Drilbur
    Sangi Ranch - Azurill, killed it
    Purrloin Lv.2-5
    Oshawott Lv.5-10

    Team at this point:
    :542:Leavanny Lv.25
    Cut, Protect, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf
    ;081;Magnemite Lv.25
    Spark, Mirror Shot, Thundershock, Sonicboom
    :529:Drilbur Lv.25
    Strength, Dig, Hone Claws, Metal Claw
    ;088;Grimer Lv.25
    Venoshock, Mud Bomb, Disable, Sludge
    :520:Tranquill Lv.26
    Roost, Quick Attack, Detect, Air Cutter
  5. GalacticMagmar

    GalacticMagmar New Member

    Decided to start a Pokemon Black Nuzlocke. So far it's turned out well. I chose Oshawott as my starter, and caught a Lillipup. With the help of the Pansear in the Dreamyard, I was easily able to defeat Cilan. I have just defeated the Plasma grunts in Wellspring cave, where I caught a Woobat, however it has already died from a trainer's Pokemon.

    My Current Team:

    ;501; Joey the Oshawott, Lv. 16
    Tail Whip
    Water Gun
    Focus Energy

    ;506; Puppy the Lillipup, Lv. 15
    Take Down

    ;527; Bart the Woobat, Lv. 11
  6. ilovedeino

    ilovedeino Deino Master

    I am putting my Black 2 Nuzlocke on hold and going to finally continue my Black Nuzlocke.

    I'm also too lazy to put details. I'll also only put my team, because I am really lazy.:p

    I beat Skyla and it was kinda easy.

    :497:Serperior Lv.41
    Coil, Leaf Blade, Slam, Aerial Ace

    :604:Eelektrik Lv.40
    Crunch, Acrobatics, Spark, Return

    :521:Unfeazant Lv.40
    Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Roost

    :526:Gigalith Lv.39
    Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Return, Bulldoze

    :534:Colkeldurr Lv.41
    Bulk Up, Return, Rock Slide, Poison Jab

    :608:Lampent Lv.41
    Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Flame Burst, Inferno
  7. RNG_Reporter

    RNG_Reporter Well-Known Member

    i heard this gen is one of the hardest to nuzlocke.
  8. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    I'm going to attempt a Black Nuzlocke, I'm getting bored of SRing for a shiny...


    - If a pokemon faints, it is boxed until the end of the Nuzlocke challenge (after Alder).
    - Nickname all Pokemon caught.
    - If you lose your starter due to one of your first battles against Cheren or Bianca (in player's house), restart the game.
    - PC and Pokemon Center have unlimited uses.
    - Duplicates can be skipped if desired.
    - And of course, one pokemon per route. However, there are exceptions:

    - One pokemon per body of water, even if you have a pokemon from that route.
    - One pokemon per cave level.

    That's all.

    EDIT: My run...I couldn't get to Lenora...

    I started with Otts and caught a Lillipup named Dahlia on the first Route. After training them both to Lv7, I beat N easily, and moved on. I caught a Patrat in Route 2, skipping a Lillipup. I lost none of my members, and boxed Ethan the Patrat in Striaton City. Pansear was my next member, and had a Quiet nature. I levelled up a bit more, and then hammered through Cilan's Gym barely avoiding a loss. I got to Route 3, but something was about to turn nasty on me.

    I took on one of those trainers in the playground, and I think Pansear got beaten by a Daycare teacher person...R.I.P Keanu.

    I then took on Cheren. His pokemon were vicious, and I lost Dahlia to his Snivy, I think? R.I.P

    I beat the Plasma Grunts, and fortunately won against them without a casualty. But, as i skipped two duplicates, I encountered a female Pidove. As I went to catch it, I lost another member in the form of Alex the Roggenrola somehow, iirc. Now that was ridiculous, as I had lost 3 to Route 3...I caught it and named it Nina, because...I did.

    Now, as I boxed the dead and began training. I now caught a Tympole named Rob, because it's derpy just like the person I know called Rob.

    As I remembered I left some trainers on Route 3, I prayed for no more losses. Guess What? I lost Rob. He was annihilated by Rock Blast from a Roggenrola. I Bubblebeamed it from my 7 HP Tympole, but Sturdy allowed it to kill me with Headbutt. Nina beat it.

    Now, it was just me and Nina the Pidove. She took on a Timburr and barely lived a Rock Throw, and won.

    Now the last trainer on Route 3 was one with Woobat. I took a Gust, but my Gust wasn't going to 2HKO like the Woobat. I knew that Nina was dead. Gust killed it, and I blacked out. Now, I also forgot to mention a rule.

    "Should I white out, the game is lost and you must forfeit the challenge, no matter how many reserves you may have."

    So yes, not even been to Lenora, and I have lost. Otts also died to something, I can't remember what.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2012
  9. CovertNinja

    CovertNinja Pokemon Master

    So I started a Blaze Black nuzlocke and its pretty damn hard:
    Challenged lenora with a team of 5, all level 22, it was a double battle....
    they all died, i whited out, but had 2 boxed/ daycare pokemon
    It was a Staravia which i trained to 28 and a psyduck which i trained to 33 so it could evolve
    I beat her basically with just golduck, staravia fainted
    Now I went inside pinwheel forest, me and golduck, I then captured a bulbasaur in the shaking grass after encountering a pansear, since i got one in the dreamyard, I didn't have to catch it
    So, now i need to complete pinwheel forest... I need to grind bulbasaur to probably 32 so i get venesaur, then I think the forest will be a breeze, but i am worried about burgh.... I will, however, get a pokemon in the desert and I can fish in castelia, so wish me luck!
  10. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    Started a nuzlocke for my White version. Started with Tepig.


    Faint = to the death box
    1 catch per route
    no trading

    So I defeated my rivals without much problems. went to route 1 and got a Lillipup I went north to the next town where they thought me how to heal my pokemon. I went back outside and there I saw Team plasma and I fought N. I healed my pokemon and went to route 2 got running boots, and got caught a purrloin. I defeated Bianca and went up to Straiton. Went to the dream yard and got a Pansage. I defeated Cheren and I took care of the first gym. Without any deaths so far.

    I went to do the little C-Gear quest and defeated the Plasma Grunts.


    :498: Tepig Level 15
    -Tail Whip
    -Oder Sleuth
    -Flame Charge


    Nuvema Town: :498: Tepig
    Route 1: :506: Lillipup
    Route2: :509: Purrloin
    Dream Yard: :511: Pansage


    None so far.
  11. terrytorterra

    terrytorterra Ka-BOOM

    Its tougher I think because of the new EXP system making people have to grind more early on....
    I dont think I've ever had that many Pokemon faint so early on in the game, even while not doing nuzlocke. Probably had my Blitzle faint something like 7 times in the 15 minutes i had it.

    Just started my Black 2 Nuzlocke Run :D
    Team so far
    - Dawson the Dewott (M) Hardy lv 21
    - Arietty the Purrloin (F) Bold lv 15
    - Emmerett the Flaffy (M) Quirky lv 18
    - Techroma the Magnemite (-) Adamant lv 16
    - Gwen the Zubat (F) Naughty lv 19
    - Corbal the Sandile (M) Brave lv 14

    - Apolli the Sunkern (2-4)
    - Archival the Pidove (15-17)

    Training on Route 4 with EXP Share on Corbal for the next gym
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
  12. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Alas, I just can't rest on my laurels. I may have saved Unova once, but that was two years ago (five months in real time). My team of veterans can take care of themselves. For now, I am prepared for a brand new adventure. And so, I depart! So long, my old friends! I will return some day, with many new allies!

    Hestia, Lilly, Alvin, and Vinny
    The Veterans of my White Nuzlocke


    1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be boxed permanently.
    2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured.
    3. No duplicates.
    4. Exception to Rule 3: If a Pokemon of the same species as one who has died is my encounter in a new area, I can catch it. For example, if I have a Patrat and it dies, I can capture another Patrat if it is my first encounter in another area.​

    October 26-27, 2012
    - Ah, such a beautiful day to begin a journey. Not sure what Hugh's big hurry is. Oh well.
    - Sweet Bianca, it is splendid to see you again. Now fork over that Snivy. His name is Apophis, the Serpent of Chaos destined to devour the sun and plunge the universe into darkness . . . MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hugh's Tepig got pwned.
    - Wow, I've already got Poke Balls and I'm not even to the first Route yet. Sweet!
    - I caught a Patrat on Route 19. His name is Cheeks.
    - What is Alder's obsession with jumping off of cliffs?
    - On Route 20, I caught a Sewaddle. Her name is Selena. In Floccesy Ranch, I caught a Lillipup. His name is Walter.
    - I'm just past the second town and Apophis has already beaten Hugh's Tepig twice. CHAOS RULES!
    - What, the accursed Team Plasma has returned? This requires further investigation . . .

    New Captures
    :495:Apophis Lv. 5
    :504:Cheeks Lv. 4
    :540:Selena Lv. 3
    :506:Walter Lv. 7

    :495:Apophis Lv. 10 - Vine Whip, Tackle, Leer, Wrap
    :506:Walter Lv. 10 - Tackle, Bite, Leer, Odor Sleuth
    :504:Cheeks Lv. 7 (Future HM Slave)
    :540:Selena Lv. 3 (Best case scenario, she winds up in the box; worst case scenario, she gets sacrificed to save another team member)
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2012
  13. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    So, I decided to use a Nuzlocke as my initial playthrough for Black 2. It didn't go amazingly. I made it through all 8 badges with relatively few casualties, but I started having bad luck afterwards right around the time I got the 8th badge. The last trip the Plasma Frigate turned out to be devastating to me, as my team was entirely unprepared for Zinzolin's ice-types and Colress' steel-types. Here's my Graveyard to end the game:

    -Dale the Patrat. LV 3-6. Met at Route 3. Died in a team battle early in the game.

    -Killer the Krokorok. LV 18-32. Met at Desert Resort. Died to a trainer's Maractus on a critical hit Mega Drain.

    -Kris the Gothita. LV22-23. Met at Route 16. Died somewhere in Triple Battle with Charles the heartbreaker.

    -Is Dolan the Ducklett. LV 26-28. Met at Driftveil Drawbridge. Died against Clay in Driftveil Gym.

    -Bolt the Eelektrik. LV 37-39. Met at Seaside Cave. Died against a Starmie in Marlon's gym.

    -Porky the Emboar. LV 5-49. Met at Aspertia City. Died against a trainer's Darmanitan on Route 22.

    -Blade the Haxorus. LV 29-51. Met at Mistralton Cave. Died in double battle aboard the Plasma Frigate.

    -Zoroark the Zoroark. LV (?)-52. Met at Driftveil City. Died against Corless on the Plasma Frigate.

    -Puff the Altaria. LV 33-53. Met at Route 14. Died against Colress on the Plasma Frigate.

    -Octavia the Octillery. LV 36-43. Met at Route 21. Died against Colress on the Plasma Frigate.

    -Hillary the Meinfoo. LV 42. Met at Route 22. Died against Colress on the Plasma Frigate.

    -Rosey the Roserade. LV 35-52. Met at Route 12. Died against Zinzolin on the Plasma Frigate.

    -Rick the Claydol. LV 30-52. Met at Relic Castle. Died against Zinzolin on the Plasma Frigate.

    My team for most of the game was Porky, Blade, Rosey, Rick, and Zoroark. The death of my team can be traced to the loss of Porky on Route 22. Facing off with a Darmanitan that outsped it, Porky was felled by a Flare Blitz after the Darmanitan had used Belly Drum to max out its attack. If not for that loss, I could have stormed the Frigate easily. But my team was perilously weak to ice types, and that proved to be the death of me. Ah well...I'll get 'em next time. :)
  14. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Yikes, sounds like that was quite the slaughter. My condolences for your numerous losses.

    Now, more on my own White 2 Nuzlocke:

    Octobter 27, 2012
    - Lots and lots of training with Apophis and Walter. It paid off; they beat Cheren with no problems, getting me my first badge. Apophis took down Patrat with a few Vine Whips and Walter beat Lillipup with two Tackles, the second being a critical hit.
    - Heading on to Virbank City, I did a lot more training during which both Apophis and Walter evolved. Thank you, Audino level-grinding!
    - I headed to Virbank Complex, where I'd caught an Elekid named Sparkplug and started training him.
    - I wrapped up my training in the Virbank Complex and stormed the Virbank Gym. Sparkplug annihilated Roxie, taking down Koffing and Whirlipede with several Shock Waves each.
    - PokeStar Studios time! This was fun back in Black 2, but now that I'm doing a Nuzlocke, it just seems annoying.
    - Great, now Team Plasma is stirring up trouble again. Better go stop them. Hugh, Roxie, make yourselves useful!
    - With the Team Plasma stuff out of the way, it's finally time to head to Castelia City.
    - First things first, I wanted to get a new Pokemon, so I headed up to Route 4. Enter Darcy the Darumaka, certainly a welcome addition to my team. She'll be a huge help against Burgh, and throughout the rest of the game in general.
    - I did some training in the Battle Company and Gamefreak HQ, getting some levels on my whole team.
    - Yuck, I hate the sewers. It's damp, smelly, and it's the only place in the Pokemon world where you can wind up in a wild double battle that includes both Zubat and Rattata. Speaking of which, I nabbed a Zubat for my time. Her name is Vetala. She will eat your flesh, so don't screw with her.
    - Working with Hugh to take on Team Plasma was a breeze. I wonder if the game designers realized that Hugh's Pokemon are strong enough to OHKO Team Plasma's?
    - Heading into the Relic Passage, I got my final team member: Kirk the Timburr. I've got a pretty well-rounded team, which is always great for a Nuzlocke.
    - I got one more new Pokemon, this time from the park in the center of Castelia City. What awesome Pokemon might I find? Skitty, Petilil, maybe even the rare Eevee? Nope, it's Rattata. Her name is Marge. Not exactly a bad Pokemon, but she doesn't really have a place on my team at the current point in time.
    - Now it's time to take on Burgh. Darcy and Vetala ripped through the Gym, with Vetala evolving in the process. Burgh himself was also a breeze. Darcy beat Swadloon with Fire Punch, Kirk beat Dwebble with a series of Rock Throw, and Vetala beat Leavanny with a couple Wing Attacks.
    - Lastly, I met and battled Colress, defeating his Magnemite and Klink easily with Kirk.

    New Captures
    ;239;Sparkplug Lv. 12
    :554:Darcy Lv. 14
    ;041;Vetala Lv. 17
    :532:Kirk Lv. 18
    ;019;Marge Lv. 16

    :496:Apophis Lv. 22 - Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Growth, Return
    :507:Walter Lv. 21 - Return, Bite, Rock Smash, Leer
    ;239;Sparkplug Lv. 21 - Shock Wave, Low Kick, Swift, Thief
    :554:Darcy Lv. 22 - Fire Punch, Rock Smash, Thief, Headbutt
    ;042;Vetala Lv. 23 - Venoshock, Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray
    :532:Kirk Lv. 22 - Wake-Up Slap, Rock Throw, Strength, Focus Energy
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2012
  15. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    October 28, 2012
    - I started off training in the Desert Resort, where I caught two new Pokemon: Jonas the Dwebble in the desert and Ginger the Sandile in Relic Castle.
    - But then, disaster finally struck. Sparkplug was killed by a Sigilyph's Psybeam. Guess he'll never become the Electabuzz he always wanted to be . . .
    - I headed up through Nimbasa to Route 5 to look for a replacement for Sparkplug. There, I caught a Solosis. Her name is Ria. On Route 16, I caught a Minccino. His name is Simon. I'd love to use him, but I used a Cinccino in my Nuzlocke of White. He's one of the only four survivors from my main team. I wish he was here to help me now . . .
    - THANK YOU, LOSTLORN FOREST! In the biggest display of luck that I've had for a long time, I caught a Panpour in the patch of shaking grass that I waited for. I really needed a Water-type, and now I've finally gotten one! His name is Pan.
    - Lastly, in Nimbasa City, I teamed up with Rosa to take on Ingo and Emmet. Kirk really proved himself, taking down Ingo's Gurdurr and subsequently evolving into Gurdurr himself.
    - I finished up my training around Nimbasa, including Route 5, Route 16, the Stadiums, and the old Gym. During that training, Vetala evolved once again. Unfortunately, I lost Pan to a Scraggy's critical-hit Brick Break on Route 16. So much for being lucky . . .
    - I beat Elesa with surprising ease. There were the usual shenanigans with Volt Switch, of course. Darcy beat Flaaffy and dealt a major blow to Zebstrika, then Kirk finished Zebstrika and beat Emolga.
    - I battled Team Plasma in Nimbasa, then took down Charles on Route 5.
    - I passed through Driftveil City, going out to Route 6 to get my new Pokemon. There, I caught Komali the Tranquill, who likely won't be on my team long. I'm hoping to get a suitable Pokemon from Chargestone Cave, something like Klink, Nosepass, or even Boldore. If not, I'll likely bring Jonas to the main team, though he'll require some training.

    New Captures
    :557:Jonas Lv. 19
    :551:Ginger Lv. 18
    :577:Ria Lv. 23
    :572:Simon Lv. 21
    :515:pan Lv. 22
    :520:Komali Lv. 26

    ;239;Sparkplug Lv. 12 - 22
    :515:pan Lv. 22 - 26

    :496:Apophis Lv. 28 - Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Growth, Return
    :507:Walter Lv. 28 - Return, Crunch, Rock Tomb, Dig
    :554:Darcy Lv. 29 - Fire Punch, Thrash, Rock Tomb, Dig
    ;169;Vetala Lv. 28 - Venoshock, Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray
    :533:Kirk Lv. 29 - Wake-up Slap, Strength, Rock Throw, Dig
    :520:Komali Lv. 26 - Fly, Return, Quick Attack, Roost

    October 29, 2012
    - I finished up my training on Route 6 before taking on Rood, who I easily beat with Walter.
    - I forgot to get Zorua while in Driftveil, I'll probably do that later. I won't be using Zorua, since I just used one in Black 2.
    - I took on Clay and beat him, though I had a couple scares. Apophis beat Krokorok, but not before being slowed by Bulldoze and hit with Torment. This made Sandslash a bit of a challenge, as Apophis couldn't outspeed it nor could he use Leaf Tornado two turns in a row. Sandslash almost got Apophis with Crush Claw, but a critical-hit Leaf Tornado came through for me in the end. Then I sent in Kirk to take on Excadrill, who had a very close battle but eventually won.
    - Next, I took on the PWT. First up was Hugh. Walter beat Pignite and Simipour and Darcy beat Tranquill.
    - Second, Cheren. Walter beat Stoutland (Herdier beats Stoutland for the win!), Darcy beat Cinccino, and Apophis beat Watchog.
    - Last, Colress. Walter swept the floor with him, taking down Magneton, Elgyem, and Klink.
    - With the PWT out of the way, I headed into the Relic Passage to train. While there, Walter evolved once again.
    - Next time, I'll be heading down to the pier to face Team Plasma.

    :496:Apophis Lv. 32 - Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Growth, Return
    :508:Walter Lv. 32 - Return, Crunch, Rock Tomb, Dig
    :554:Darcy Lv. 31 - Fire Punch, Thrash, Rock Tomb, Dig
    ;169;Vetala Lv. 31 - Venoshock, Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray
    :533:Kirk Lv. 30 - Wake-up Slap, Strength, Rock Throw, Dig
    :520:Komali Lv. 26 - (probable Fly Slave)

    ;239;Sparkplug Lv. 12 - 22
    :515:pan Lv. 22 - 26

    November 1, 2012
    - Team Plasma went down like a sack of potatoes. Too bad the Shadow Triad showed up to ruin the fun.
    - Next, I headed back to Driftveil Drawbridge to catch a Ducklett to use as a Surf/Fly slave. His name is Louie.
    - Training montage! I did a bunch of training in Mistralton Cave and Chargestone Cave. In Mistralton Cave, I caught a Woobat named Mimi. In Chargestone Cave, I caught a Ferroseed named Sheila.
    - While training in Chargestone Cave, both Darcy and Apophis evolved.
    - I left off in Mistralton City, preparing to go out on Route 7 to train.

    New Captures
    :580:Louie Lv. 26
    :527:Mimi Lv. 27
    :597:Sheila Lv. 26

    :497:Apophis Lv. 36 - Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Coil, Return
    :508:Walter Lv. 35 - Return, Crunch, Ice Fang, Dig
    :555:Darcy Lv. 35 - Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, Rock Slide, Dig
    ;169;Vetala Lv. 34 - Cross Poison, Acrobatics, Bite, Confuse Ray
    :533:Kirk Lv. 34 - Wake-up Slap, Strength, Rock Slide, Dig
    :580:Louie Lv. 26 - Surf and Fly slave

    ;239;Sparkplug Lv. 12 - 22
    :515:pan Lv. 22 - 26
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2012
  16. eltigras

    eltigras Well-Known Member

    I have just beaten the third gym and now busy training for the 4th gym

    My team so far

    Klumb the dewott (lvl 25)
    Poof the Munna (lvl 25)
    Thuborg the herdier (lvl 25)
    Jog the Throh (lvl 27)
    Clunkoo the petilil (lvl 26)
    Bongborm the Boldore (lvl 26)

    In training

    Gump the yamask (lvl 22)
    Vulcan the darumaka (lvl 20)

    In box

    Bluzz the scraggy (lvl 15)
    Bling the Mincinno (lvl 16)
    Cloron the Swadloon (lvl 16)


    Hunk the Lilipup (lvl 4)
    Raze the Pansear (lvl 11)
  17. Blackkyurem

    Blackkyurem Well-Known Member

    I am going to start a nuzlocke on white 2.
    Wish me luck.
    No legendarys

    Hammy the tepig Lvl 6
    (Fricken awesome)

    Waffles the purrloin Lvl 4
    (Memorial to my friend's cat.
    Please take a moment of silence)

    Box: None

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
  18. eltigras

    eltigras Well-Known Member

    I have just beaten the gym leader of Mistralton City and I have some nice things.

    My dewott evolved into a samurott so that's pretty nice.
    For the rest I found a bunch new pokemon including a litwick and a archen (both have evolved already) My yamask has now also evolved and is now just in my team for when I need a pokemon to defend me when I want to restore one other pokemon.

    Unfortunately a few pokemon died also. My Darumaka, Liligant, Herdier and Munna died......Pretty said but that's life.

    My team now

    Samurott: lvl 38
    Archeops: lvl 39
    Boldora: lvl 38 (I would like to change it for a drilbur if I can catch one)
    Lampent: lvl 41
    Throh: lvl 39
    Cofagrigus: lvl 40

    I am now in Twist mountain and still no pokemon found but I hope for a drilbur dustcloud and else a Cubchoo.
  19. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    Activated challenge mode on my Black2 last night and started a Nuzlocke. This may be short lived, as I'm not sure what to expect from the trainers now :p
    -catch first pokemon of an area
    -faint = death
    -nickname all pokemon

    I've made it though all the story stuff up to the second town. (Alder is waiting for me by the pokecenter) I didn't realize just how much talking there was at the beginning of this game >.<
    Since my post is the last one, I'll just edit stuff in as I go.
    Made it to Floccesy Ranch, and found a Riolu as my pokemon for the area! I haven't really had a chance to play with Lucario before, so I'm pretty happy with it ^_^
    Did some more story stuff, and now I'm training up my team before heading back to the first gym.
    Destroyed the first gym with Luke, and after thrashing Cheren he evolved into Lucario, hurrah!
    Made it to Virbank City, time to catch some new pokemon and train before the next gym.
    Caught a Magby in Virbank Complex. In retrospect, I should have picked a different starter :p

    :498: Bacon
    :509: Minou
    :540: Kyoko
    ;448; Luke
    ;240; Maggie
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  20. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright guys, I started a Muzlocke in my Black 2 Last Night. Standard Rules apply, except with the No Duplicates Rule. As in, If I got a Pidove, I will be able to skip over a Tranquil and so forth.

    So, I started off and Got an Oshawott and named her Tsuki. After traveling around with her and Bianca-tan's tutorial, we caught Neko the Purrlion. He's been a little quiet, but his quitness and Tsuki's calmness work out quite well. The three of us meet Alder, and he sent us after Hugh. Along the way, we caught Kaze the Pidove and Taiyo the Mareep. After we gave Hugh his map and saved the herdier, we went t ochallenge Cheren. We just finished battling the Lass before CHeren, and Kaze died.

    Team (Alive)

    :501: Tsuki
    Lv. 11

    ;179; Taiyo
    Lv. 10

    :509: Neko
    Lv. 9

    The Dead

    :519: Kaze
    Lv. 9

    GAME OVER! Due to low Speeds and Crits, Cheren completely mauled me and my team. Though... I shan't give up!
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012

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