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5th Gen OU DW Team- With Loads of Legends... For some reason


?Hu Hsilaciryl
Eh ok, so the title had too many abbreviations... I get that.


So, I'm really bored, wanted an excuse to increase post count, and need some advice on this thing. It's a team I put together 2 weeks or so ago. And have continuously modified it. Also, I've noticed the unusually large number of Legendaries here, so that pretty much ruins any opportunity of getting this team on my (Future) B/W game...

Team Building

Alrighty, So I started off with one of my Favourite pokes... from years ago. Latios. He's a fairly competent Special attacker, though outclassed by Hydrogen when it comes to Choice Specs.

So, Using This thing, I found Lucario and Cobalion... And I chose Cobalion of the two, due to Higher defensive stats, and because I like using stuff that you don't see everyday. Once again, I can't care less about Jirachi. This guy walls any physical bolt-beam. combined with lati@s, he walls Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Rock or Ground/Rock really well. Also, Cobalion + Lati = Resist all attacks by at least 2x, except for flying.

Then, I dumped my favourite lead there, because he works better than any other lead I've used. Thundurus. He taunts, he plots, he does stuff.

Ok, so I had my Latios, a defensive wall, and a lead. I took another look at the synergy website, and I thought. "HEY LETS USE BOTH LATI'S!"
Latias... Well, wish passer, can set up screens, yeah.

From there, I ran around with those 4 and filled the other 2 slots with... fillers I suppose. But I was bombarded with Thunder Waves, for some odd reason. So, Raikou was born, because I wanted a flying resist. Raikou has Calm Mind, which is pretty good. It lets me stop special Bolt-Beams, too.

And then I just put Mienshao there for the task of scouting. And I like U-turn too. Still, he's a little on the "filler" side. Fake Out priority from him is essential though.

Thundurus (M) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 8 HP / 252 SAtk / 248 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Volt Switch
- Grass Knot
- Thunder Wave
- Taunt

Ok, he's Thundurus. What does he do? He Taunts. What type is he? Electric/Flying. What does he look like? He looks like a retard on a cloud.
Thunderbolt is STAB, it hits stuff hard. Grass Knot kills Hippos, Tyrants, Giant mudskippers, and the sort. It 2HKOs Giant monsters that start the weather, too. But I don't see them alot. Politoed and Ninetales are common(er). Nasty Plot is why we like using him... to sweep teams. Taunt... Well, what would Prankster be there for if I didn't have this?

EVs / Natures:
Timid lets me outrun base 100s, unlike the other thing. Modest or whatever. 248 Speed lets me outrun base 110s, like Latios, if I see it... 252 SAtk is obvious, even if a certain bomb exploded I'd still know this. 8 HP- All HP is good. Even on this guy.

Latias (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 204 HP / 88 SAtk / 216 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Wish
- Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor
- Reflect
- Protect

Eh, she's a SDef tank. I hate Blissey.
Wish is... wish. Dragon Pulse is probably the more desirable of my two stated moves there, but Latias sets up screens and switches, or Wishes then Switches. Switching. yeah, Draco Meteor is good that way. Reflect makes me bulky both sides, Protect lets me stall for Wish.

EVs / Nature:
Calm is pretty obvious here. 204 HP hits my highest Lefties number. 88 SAtk lets me hit hard when I need to, though could go into Def (but Reflect takes care of that so meh). 216 SDef is a jump point (Is that whatcha call it?).

Cobalion @ Leftovers
Ability: Justified
EVs: 116 HP / 224 Def / 168 SDef
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Taunt
- Sacred Sword
- Thunder Wave
- Metal Burst
/ Stone Edge

Cobalion: Yeah, he supports the Dragons. Works better than Jirachi here, because he lets me have a Dark/Ghost resist!... eh.
Taunt is for stopping other guys from taunting me (Like Gliscor!), Sacred Sword is good. and awesome. and awesome. Thunder Wave slows stuff down, and is also awesome. Metal Burst... well, He deals damage like this. Wish from Latias keeps my HP high, since I'll be switching in on a resisted move. However, Metal Burst has no Negatve priority, which sucks, since Cobalion is kinda fast. Stone Edge says Hi cuz of that.

EVs / Nature:
116 HP is a lefties number... and is a small number so I benefit more from Wish. Oddly enough, it means my HP is = to Latias'. 224 Def makes me bulky, and is yet another jump point. 168 SDef is so I don't get killed by random Fire Blasts. My HP beats Skarmory's ya know. Impish is just... so friggin obvious.

Raikou @ Leftovers
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 60 HP / 228 SAtk / 220 Spd
Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Calm Mind
- Hidden Power [Fire/Fight]
- Shadow Ball

Eh heheh. Who better to abuse Reflect that him?
Thunderbolt hits stuff with STAB. Calm mind boosts my SDef to match with my heightened Def. HP Fire is better in situations, Fighting is better in others. I like Fire, it kills Ferrothorn/Whimsicott before I need too many Calm Minds, cuz I hate Leech seed. but Fighting works too... except better. I'm waiting for DW Raikou with Aura Sphere (is there gonna be one in the future? I dunno). Shadow Ball pairs with HP Fight, but Fire... I'll be walled by Hydrogen I guess.

EVs / Nature:
Timid lets me outrun loads of stuff. 60 HP is a lefties number, which I like alot. 228 SAtk is for hitting stuff. 220 speed is yet another Jump point, which I like on my lefties pokes. It also means I outrun base 110s. Outrunning base 115s in unnessecary... I think.

Terrakion (M) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- X-scissor

Revenge Killer Terrakion. Yep. You heard that right. Close Combat is overkill. Stone Edge is kill. Earthquake is filler. X-scissor deals with grass types, and is also filler.
This guy goes over Latios, ever since he got banned (read bottom of post)... He does a worse job, but at least Gengar makes up for the loss...

EVs / Nature:
Jollylets me outrun +1 Jolly Salamence, but not +2 Adamant Gyarados. It's less awesome. 4/252/252 here.

Gengar (M) @ Life Orb / Expert Belt
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Shadow Ball
- Icy Wind
- Thunderbolt
- Substitute

Ok, so here's a new addition. In replacement of Mienshao, and also because I needed another levitator since Latios left. Now, I have 3 weak to ground and 3 immune to ground pokes on my team. Shadow Ball is STAB to wreck stuf with. Icy Wind is cool. Because it removes Speed from Dragon Dance. Because it "ruins" baton pass. Because it hits dragons. Because after I use it, I am faster than them. Thunderbolt kills Gyarados... well yeah. Adamant Gyarados after a Dragon Dance. Substitute is cool... Because I hate Blissey and Chansey. I enjoy PP stalling them, but really, My Life Orb kills that purpose. Might throw in Expert Blet because of that.

EVs and Nature:
Timid and the 4/252/252 spread is so common I doubt I need to explain it.
Edits: Since Latios became Uber (In pokemonbattlecenter at least), I had to change my team around...
Edit2: Argh never mind. Playing in smogon now. But the new team is nice... won't change it back
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Frozen Trainer
Dood we need ev's moves ECT to rate so this goes in to the IGT Section or this gets removed also Latios will be uber most likely as its broken though the others are not uber.


Frozen Trainer
With Latios instead of Psyshock use Psychic its just better.
Latios can outspeed alot so it dosnt need scarf try specs instead.
In the end this is just a great team really.


?Hu Hsilaciryl
Scarf lets me check stuff- like loads of them. I'm not dropping it anytime soon... But maybe. Psyshock kills Blissey and Special walls that wanna wall me- so no.

How about a replacement for Mienshao? I'm thinging Conkeldurr, or something that lures Electric moves, but not Ice moves, like Gyarados, so Raikou can set up sometime... though most of the time it's OK. I'd prefer a bulky, non-setup sweeper/tank


Frozen Trainer
Not really sure and ya blissy's annoying I know but I want to know what keeps scozor in check in your team, I mean like blissey you see it on like every team....


I was there.
Giv ur latios trick instead of psyshock. It screw blissey better. XD. Metal Burst on Cobalion is useless, cause you're outspeeding ALOT of stuff. You could make Thundurus a scouter instead of mienshao, using Volt Switch.


?Hu Hsilaciryl
Giv ur latios trick instead of psyshock. It screw blissey better. XD. Metal Burst on Cobalion is useless, cause you're outspeeding ALOT of stuff. You could make Thundurus a scouter instead of mienshao, using Volt Switch.
Metal Burst... is for killing Salamence. as long as I don't Twave it first. But if I did, then I can switch in Thundurus to be KOed, since he has 1 HP anyway most of the time, then send out Lati@s or Mienshao and kill him off.
Psyshock kills CM Suicune too, and others. but not Reniculus D:
Volt Switch + Nasty Plot is stupid. No.


?Hu Hsilaciryl
Ok, BUMP. Would someone ELSE please rate my team now?

There are a few edits, like tossing in Gengar and Terakion, and removing Latios and Meinshao, since Latios became Uber (In PokemonBattleCenter... I have no idea why I play on that server, but meh)