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5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Section mergers = new thread! Discuss what you're doing in the BW/B2W2 games here.

    If you have questions, please use the Help Thread sticky within this section. We also encourage that you put some effort into your posts, because one-liners like 'I beat the E4' are spammy and boring to read.
  2. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I reached the Pokemon League on my Black 2 save file a few days ago, but I didn’t feel like fighting the Elite Four right away. So today, I flew back to Virbank City and then went to Route 20. I used Surf and Waterfall there and battled several trainers I couldn’t fight during my earlier trips to this route. I defeated all the trainers using only my Krookodile, since it was the only member of my team who was not level 65 yet. Also, since it’s autumn in the game, there were piles of leaves scattered throughout the route that allowed me to obtain some items.

    After I was done with R. 20, I flew to Nimbasa City and headed to one of the stadiums. Krookodile needed a little more experience to reach lv. 65 like the rest of my Pokemon, so I fought a trainer and got it to level up. Once that was done, I returned to the Pokemon League, healed, and purchased some more healing items. I’ll fight the Elite Four next time.
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So on Black, I finally sashayed into Route 15 and fought some trainers and caught a wild Fearow, Kangaskhan, and Tyranitar in the grass. Next I visited the the Poke Transfer Lab and transferred over Pokemon from Platinum version. I flew to Opelucid City afterwards and dashed east towards Route 11 again and fought a few trainers. I Surfed down a waterfall and caught a wild Bisharp, then I found the Overheat TM when I climbed up another waterfall. Next I ran to Village Bridge and healed my darlings inside one of the homes and then I explored the bridge a little bit. I talked to several NPCs and caught a wild Carvanha and Sharpedo via fishing, then I got a Lum Berry at the outdoor cafe there and then I saved.
  4. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I started challenging the Elite Four on Black 2 today. I challenged Marshal first and started the battle with my Sigilyph against his Throh. After defeating Throh with Air Slash and Ice Beam, I switched to my Rotom as Conkeldurr came in. My Rotom burned Conkeldurr with Will-O-Wisp, but was then KOed by a critical hit Stone Edge. I revived Rotom right away and then sent it back in to finish Conkeldurr off with Thunderbolt. Next, I had Emboar defeat Lucario with Flamethrower and Sigilyph defeat Mienshao with Psyshock. Finally, my Ludicolo took out Sawk with Surf and Giga Drain.

    After defeating Marshal, I moved on to Caitlin’s room. My Krookodile used Hone Claws while her Musharna put me to sleep with Hypnosis. I healed on the next turn while Caitlin switched out to her Reuniclus. My Krookodile then swept through her entire team, using Crunch to defeat Reuniclus, Gothitelle, & Musharna, Stone Edge on Sigilyph, and Earthquake on Metagross.
  5. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    Today's the weekend, so I played White and defeated Bianca and found the other six sages. Now I have no reason to touch White ever again because there really isn't anything to do in White.
  6. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I continued my Elite Four challenge by heading into Grimsley’s room next. My Tauros’s Strength only got Liepard down to red HP, but then Liepard took damage from my Rocky Helmet after attacking and fainted. After that, Grimsley sent in his Scrafty while I went over to Rotom and used Will-O-Wisp. Then, I switched to Emboar and took out Scrafty with Flamethrower and Hidden Power. I defeated Krookodile and Absol with my Ludicolo’s Surf after that and then went back to Emboar to Flamethrower Bisharp.

    Finally, I fought Shauntal. I sent my Sigilyph into battle and had it Calm Mind several times against Cofagrigus. I then Koed Cofagrigus with Psyshock and used Ice Beam and Air Slash to defeat Driftblim and Banette respectively. After that, I switched to Ludicolo and took out Shauntal’s Chandelure and Golurk with Surf.
  7. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    After checking all the Hidden Grottoes and training Altaria in Victory Road in Black 2,I decided to shoot a film at the Pokestar Studios.I picked the script "Mystery Doors of the Magical Land" and rented a Vanillite.Although Woobat kept causing it to flinch with Heart Stamp,Vanillite slowed it down with Icy Wind and finished it off with Astonish.My next opponent was a Swoobat,and,to my surprise,its Supersonic kept missing,so Vanillite knocked it out in three screens.After this,I watched the film,and it was a total success.I received five Lemonades and a Berry Juice from the fans of my work and saved the game.
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So next I left the Village Bridge area and dashed towards Route 12. I thrashed several trainers and caught a Combee, Kakuna, and Sunkern upon arrival, then I picked up Tinymushrooms and the Energy Ball TM. I sashayed into Lacunosa Town next and visited the PC, then I spoke with some NPCs and got the Gracidea when I showed someone my Shaymin. I ran to Route 13 afterwards and caught a wild Tangela, Solrock, Swellow, and Drifblim, then I helped a Wingull gather its missing Grams. I snatched the U-turn TM next for helping it, then I walked around the shoreline while fishing for Pokemon. I captured a wild Kingler, Shellder, and Luvdisc, then I Surfed and caught a Corsola and slayed more trainers.
  9. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    With the Elite Four defeated, I made my way into Iris’s room and battled her. My Sigilyph set up a Calm Mind against Hydreigon and then defeated it with Ice Beam. After that, Iris sent out her Aggron so I switched to Tauros. I got Aggron down to low health with Rock Slide and Bulldoze, then got Aggron to faint after it took damage from my Rocky Helmet. Next, I went over to Emboar and spammed Hidden Power until Druddigon went down.

    After that, my Rotom went up against Lapras. Rotom used Shadow Ball first, then followed up with Thunderbolt to finish Lapras off. Iris’s Haxorus was my next opponent, so I switched to Ludicolo and had it use Toxic. Haxorus used Dragon Dance and then OHKOed my Ludicolo with Outrage. My Krookodile then came in to finish Haxorus off with Earthquake. I then tried to end the battle by defeating Archeops with Stone Edge, but it missed and Krookodile then fainted. I sent Sigilyph back in to finish things with Ice Beam.

    With Iris defeated, I got my team entered in the Hall of Fame and saw the credits.

    :500: :561: ;272; ;128; ;479; :553:
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
  10. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    Just recently got interested in the 5th Gen. Yeah, I'm one generation late >.> Will probably never set my foot in the 6th Gen but that's what I said about 5th Gen too and now look where I am XD;

    Anywayyy. Been playing for about, what, maybe a month and is now currently in Mistralton City. Gotta say I love the new TM system. Caught a Litwick whom I'm planning to keep; 4th team member after Archeops (still thinking of a suitable nickname), Samurott (Ninja Boy) and Stoutland (Snuffles). Been training Litwick ever since to get him up to par with the rest of the team members (L41). Lucky Egg is fun ^.^ Also kind of surprised about the lack of need to getting gym badges in order to use HMs, but I'm not complaining. The newer Exp. System is kind of weird too, but with all the daily trainers available, Lucky Egg, and the rustling grass Audino popping out every now and again, I don't find the lower-experience-as-you-level-up system to be too troublesome.

    Ah well. That's my rant. Lampeeeeeent here I cooooooome.

    /needs to start thinking suitable names for flying rock monsters and ghoulish lamps.
    Or I might just call Chandelure... Sia. XD
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
  11. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I arrived at the gatehouse that led into Undella Town and I dashed to the PC and I shopped for stuff. Next I hurried outside and visited villas and slayed a kid and his Buizel. After stopping by the Riches' home, I got the Dive HM and visited Undella Bay and accessed the Abyssal Ruins, then I caught a wild Wingull and Mantyke as I Surfed. I then left Undella Town and headed south towards Route 14. I fought trainers and caught an Altaria, Tropius and Shuckle. I stopped by one of the waterfalls there and climbed the waterfall and saw a Team Plasma Sage. Looker appeared to take him away, then I pranced to the Abundant Shrine after battling some trainers. I walked around and caught a Vulpix, Chimecho, and Stantler.
  12. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Once the credits were over, I started the game again back in my house. I talked to my mom and to Cedric Juniper, who upgraded my Pokedex to the National Dex. Then, I went outside and saw Hugh and his sister. After speaking with them for a bit, I went over to the Aspertia Pokemon Center and withdrew my Fly slave from the PC. I then flew over to Castelia City.

    In Castelia, I walked over to the gate leading to the Skyarrow Bridge. I dashed across the bridge until reaching Pinwheel Forest on the other side of the water. Didn't feel like exploring the forest in its entirety, so I just fought a few trainers and then headed straight towards the other entrance/exit. I ended up in the outer part of Pinwheel Forest, which I did take the time to explore. Once that was done, I entered Nacrene City.
  13. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I am going to play 5th gen a little again. Because there is one thing I want to do in B/W which I want to do that I have never really tried seriously before, and I want to get a post on the first page of this thread while I still can.

    Played Black and White today, activated the C-Gear in both games and went to the Entralink in Black. From there, I entered White's world. It has been so long since I last did this that I have forgotten how it is. Everything is recreated into a grayscale reality which looks so cool, it is different while still being the same. I also like how you can meet people here which aren't there normally. I did two things once I was there. First of all, I went to White Forest to speak to the people there, inviting everyone I could find to Black City. Then I went to the various cities around the Entralink and picked up Pass Orbs in front of the Pokemon Centers. When that was done, I left White's world and the Entralink, headed back to the real world... as real as it can be in a game.

    Tried to connect to Black 2 as well, but it didn't work. I guess you can't visit other worlds through the Entralink while connected to the sequels as there are so many things that are different compared to the first pair. Instead, I went to Black City, and found it to be full of trainers and houses, compared to the big emptiness it usually is. I withdrew my Kyurem and gave it the Lucky Egg. Trained it a bit by battling all the trainers, but it didn't gain a level. I also checked the shops in the main house, where I bought some Fire and Thunderstones as they are pretty rare and difficult to find through other means in the game. Don't think I'll ever use these for anything, but it felt better to have a few extra just in case. Tomorrow, I will continue with trying to recruit new people and Pokemon to White Forest. I'll probably also try to keep my Black City alive for a little bit longer.
  14. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I left the Abundant Shrine quickly since I had to withdraw Tornadus and Thundurus from my PC. I dashed back to Route 14 and climbed waterfalls and accessed the Abundant Shrine again and caught a wild Bronzong and Noctowl as I marched through the farmland. I eventually headed north and saw some kids by the shrine there. When they had left, Landorus showed up and I fought against it. I weakened it slowly and caught it eventually, then I picked up the Trick Room TM and a Razor Fang before heading out. I then flew over to Lacunosa Town and dashed east again towards the Giant Chasm. I walked through the cavern and caught a wild Jynx and Sneasel, then I arrived at the crater and pranced around the woods.
  15. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Did some sightseeing around Nacrene City. I healed at the Pokemon Center and then went to all the warehouses around the city. Then, I went over to the museum. I met Lenora there and obtained a Cover Fossil from her, which I then had revived into a Tirtouga. After that, I looked at some of the museum’s exhibits.

    Once I was done with the museum, I headed back outside and returned to Pinwheel Forest. I walked into the woods and soon ran into Cheren, who wanted to walk around with me to see if Team Plasma was in the area. So, the two of us explored and fought some trainers together. We eventually reached a clearing where we spoke with Gorm of the Seven Sages. After that, Cheren gave me an Up-Grade before leaving.

    With Cheren gone, I continued exploring the rest of the forest on my own. I then returned to Nacrene once I finished.
  16. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    I evolved Litwick and challenged the Mistralton Gym.... in that order, I think. Skyla wasn't much of a problem, but then I'm way too overleveled >.> thanks to the Lucky Egg and the hirde of Audino outside Celestial Tower. Got the Aerial Ace TM, fought Cheren and Alder gave me the Surf HM. Wooooo. I love his theme music too.

    So I flew back to Nuvema and began exploring the water routes. Went to Route 17, got an Egg and all the stuffs there. Nothing much noteworthy. Explored Mistralton Cave and caught Coballion. Wanted to keep one of the Swords on my team, and after looking at my current team, I decided to raise Virizion, whom I went to catch next. Way too different to catch compared to Coballion, I wasted like 20 something Ultra Balls >.> Granted, Coballion was caught with a Dusk Ball that had a 4x catch rate, but still.

    Anywayyyy. Jolly nature for both of them, which I'm pretty happy about. Changed Virizion's name to Verizon just because, and renamed Archeops as Sprint.... yeah. Thought about renaming Lampent as AT-T, but then decided to name him Flares instead.

    Oh well. Will be training Verizon until he catches up on level, then into Twist Mountaaaaain. I guess.
  17. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Black: Went out to the Treasure Hunter and obtained an item from him. Connected to White for a bit. Went back to White Forest to see if there were any new people to invite to Black City, but there weren't any. So, I went back to Black City. I battled all of the trainers again, and this time, my Kyurem gained a level, it grew from level 92 to level 93. Will probably continue with training Kyurem a bit longer.

    White: Like on Black, I started by obtaining a treasure from the Treasure Hunter. Then I booted up the C-gear in both games and went to the Entralink here on White. Went to Black's world and to Black City there. Spoke to all the people living there and invited them to my White Forest. Also picked up some Pass Orbs at various places. Then I went back to the actual game world and to White Forest. Spoke to some of the people there and caught a Slakoth. Will probably catch a few more Pokemon here while I still can.
  18. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I didn't stay in Nacrene City for too long as I soon left for Route 3. I Surfed on the pond there and entered a Hidden Grotto that I came across. There was a Bibarel in the grotto, which I battled and caught because I simply wanted a Bibarel with Moody. After that, I Surfed back to the main road and continued walking along the route. I battled several trainers and visited the Day Care and a preschool.

    Eventually, I entered Striaton City. I looked for some hidden items near the ponds and hedges after entering the city, then headed into the main part. I checked out the houses and Trainers' school before entering the old Striaton Gym. In there, I talked to Cilan and teamed up with him to take on his brothers, Chili and Cress. Cilan and I ended up being a pretty great team. His Maractus had Water Absorb, which allowed my Ludicolo to spam Surf every turn to destroy Chili's team while Maractus took care of Cress. We won the battle pretty easily.
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So next I marched through the Giant Chasm's forest and walked through the tall grass and encountered wild Pokemon, which I fought against for experience. I also caught a wild Metang, Ditto, Clefairy, and Piloswine and picked up the Psyshock and Ice Beam TMs and other miscellaneous items. I soon found a lake in the middle of the forest and next the whole forest was instantly buried under a thick pile of snow. I sashayed up into the cavern next and found Kyurem's lair and I challenged it. I caught Kyurem quite easily, then I flew back to Undella Town and visited the Abyssal Ruins to the east again. I picked up some treasure, then I flew to Castelia City and boarded the Royal Unova and fought tons of trainers inside.
  20. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Black: Continued training Kyurem a bit. Battled one trainer in Black City which was more for fun than anything. Just so the total number of trainers I had battled there would reach 85, not so much because of the training. Then I went to Nimbasa City and battled a few trainers in one of the stadiums. This was enough to get Kyurem to level 94. Will continue training it a little further.

    White: Went to White Forest again. Caught a Magnemite and a Shinx in the grass, and a Lotad in the water. Also found a Tinymushroom on the ground. Showed the Lotad for the man in the house as he wanted to see one and he gave me a Pecha Berry as thanks. Then I went to Nimbasa City and withdrew three members of my E4 rematch team from long ago. I gave them Lucky Eggs and trained them a little at the stadiums, all three grew from level 81 to level 82. Going to train two other members of that team next.

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