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5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
Once I reached Opelucid City I immediately challenged the gym. Since I didn't have an exact counter for Dragon types most of the battles were ones of attrition. I slowly widdle down their health but proved victorious thanks to Exile, Mirage, Zephyr, and Sparta. After leaving the gym Team Plasma attacked and stole the DNA Splicers from Drayden.

I reached Humilau City and searched all over the place for Marlon. I literally searched all of Route 21, Seaside Cave, and Route 22 for him but couldn't find anything. Turns out you have go to a certain spot in the city! Since I was so frustrated I rushed through the gym thanks to Tesla, Cedar, and Sparta.

I've spent the last couple of hours pursuing Team Plasma around the map. Colress is probably the most difficult battle I've had so far in this playthrough. I ventured into Giant Chasm and fought Ghestis who proved more difficult since I didn't have any direct counters to his Pokemon. After beating him and talking to N I called it a night.
  • Exile (Samurott)(M)
  • Gale (Unfezant)(F)
  • Sparta (Lucario)(M)
  • Tesla (Ampharos)(M)
  • Ember (Arcanine)(F)
  • Mirage (Krookodile)(F)
  • Shadow (Zoroark)(M)
  • Cedar (Sawsbuck)(F)
  • Zephyr (Braviary)(M)
  • Ares (Cobalion)(X)
  • Gaia (Virizion)(X)
  • Quake (Terrakion)(X)


Unova Enthusiast
I had successfully challenged and beaten 1/2 of the Elite Four last night. Though, I forgot to save and my DS ran out of power after I’d passed out.

Started at the entrance to the E4 once more. Checked my party and realized, once again, I’d need to delete some HMs and relearn moves. Flew over to my Join Ave where I ranked up to 7 and a few shops were remodeled, due to their rise in rank. I plan to challenge and defeat the E4 and Champion on B2, tonight.
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Unova Enthusiast
Defeated the E4 and Champion in B2 and W2 over the last couple of days. Kept playing afterwards.

Ultimately I caught all three Regis between B2W2. Got them all onto my W2 copy and caught the beast, Regigigas. Named it Big O.
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Cramorant is too cute for words!
I continued my journey in the Celestial Tower in White before I got to Skyla. I caught a male Litwick, named him Leto. I’m also going to catch an Elgyem in the Tower, or at least try to. I managed to make an opponents Musharna to flinch 3 times in a row before KOing it with my Unfezant’s Air Slash. Also, I managed to catch a female Elgyem.

6th Gym:

It was easy, my Zebstrika helped me get through without being damaged.
On my way to Twist Mountain, I ended up catching some Pokémon, including a Watchog and some more.
Doing some major team changes. My new team is:
Searah (Pansear): Lv. 37: Shadow Claw, Bite, Fire Blast, Flame Burst.
Watchy (Watchog): Lv. 33: Super Fang, Strength, Rock Smash, Hyper Fang.
Mrtyakalis (Tranquill): Lv. 32: Roost, Detect, Taunt, Air Slash.
Kodok (Palpitoad): Lv. 27: Mud Shot, Scald, Bulldoze, BubbleBeam.
Klink: Lv. 26: ThunderShock, Gear Grind, Volt Switch, Charge Beam.
Galeah (Joltik): Lv. 24: Fury Cutter, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Gastro Acid.
And going to switch around some team members.
So now my team is:
Klink and Searah, +
Leuweung (Unfezant): Lv. 33: Fly, Air Slash, Detect, Quick Attack.
Callum (Scraggy): Lv. 24: Rock Tomb, Payback, Strength, Brick Break.
Anoki (Samurott): Lv. 37: Slash, Cut, Scald, X-Scissor.
Zeke (Zebstrika): Lv. 35: Flame Charge, Pursuit, Spark, Stomp.
I went on to the Twist Mountain.
I battled Cheren. His Unfezant was really easy, his Servine was too. Simipour was a bit harder.
Doing some Surfing. First to Rt. 17/18 and the P2 Lab, and Mistralton Cave for the Cobalion/Terrakion/Virizion catching.

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
I did some last minute training in Victory Road before challenging the Elite Four. Once my team was adequately leveled I entered the Pokemon League and easily beat the Elite Four. Champion Iris on the other hand was more difficult since her Hydreigon, Haxorus, and Archeops kept making my Pokemon faint. After using several restoration items I was able to beat her.

My final team who ended up winning the championship was:
Exile (Samurott)(M)
- Ice Beam
- Slash
- Aqua Tail
- Razor Shell

Tesla (Ampharos)(M)
- Power Gem
- Light Screen
- Discharge
- Thunderbolt

Sparta (Lucario)(M)
- Quick Attack
- Close Combat
- Aura Sphere
- Bone Club

Zephyr (Braviary)(M)
- Air Slash
- Superpower
- Crush Claw
- Fly

Ember (Arcanine)(F)
- Extreme Speed
- Will-o-Wisp
- Fire Fang
- Flamethrower

Mirage (Krookodile)(F)
- Crunch
- Rock Tomb
- Earthquake
- Dragon Tail


Unova Enthusiast
I’ve played a fair amount of post game on both of the sequels since defeating the E4. However, since I’ve played W2 as recently as this morning, I’ll just post about that.

After acquiring Big O, it was time to see the parts of Unova ‘um Whom’ had not yet seen. Decided to fly to Castelia City and travel south, first. My Join Avenue’s rank increased to 8 this morning. Trainers weren’t too much of a hassle, most of my team’s levels are on par with the NPCs’. Made it to Nuvema, where I met Cheren’s and Bianca’s parents. Met the mom of the famous ‘Savage’ whom no one has heard from in two yrs. Also, finally got to see Juniper’s lab.

Afterwards, I headed back to Route 1 where I faced off against some trainers I had initially avoided. Took a left and explored Route 17. Will most likely head down Route 18 when I resume.

Current team:
Fire Doge/Arcanine
purp Sea⭐️/Starmie
THE end/Dragonite
Big O/Regigigas


Active Member
Restarted B again. After two days, i have

Palpitoad - lvl 34
Servine - lvl 32
Gothita - lvl 25
Sandile - lvl 23
Darumaka - lvl 21 (will likely change him for the Litwick line)
Vanillite - lvl 20

The latter four need some training. I'm in Driftveil City now.


Unova Enthusiast
Have done some on B2W2 since my last post. More recently, over in B2, I’ve discovered every flyable place. Defeated Alder and then my rival with intermediate difficulty, received a HA Eevee over in Castelia City, and began my ascent of Black Tower. I believe this Join Ave is rank 11, I’ve had Cheren and Roxie stop by so far. Have had quite a lot of success with my antique shops.

I’ll probably continue to power through Black Tower, as half my team is underleveled and we’re aiming to beat Cynthia (at some point).

Oh you/Serperior
Bleu Bold/Milotic
a dog type/T-Landorus


Unova champion
A couple of weeks ago on my first playthrough of black I got to elesa’s gym and oh my god how hard it is to beat I think I’ve battled her about 13 times now and I still can’t win, the first 5 or so times I was just trying with the same team (which comprises of dewott tranquill and herdier I’m sure you can see the issue) over and over again, not making much progress I decided to go and train in the desert until I was strong enough that my type disadvantages didn’t matter, however, I got distracted by a shiny little pokeball that was holding the tm dig and in the heat of my excitement my brain naturally went gasp this will solve all my problems completely forgetting that she has emolga which can fly/glide and dig doesn't effect them like a idiot, so I did the only option left I went into the desert and caught myself a sandile but I'm already encountering an issue being that sandile doesn't get any good ground type moves that work against emolga until I think level 43, so yeah I think I'm just gonna have to struggle until I beat her
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Active Member
Just finished pokemon Black with this team

Reshiram / Lilligant (used Reshiram for E4 battle, but used Lilligant for all other occassions, normally i don't use legendaries, but the champion used Zekrom as well, so why wouldn't I? :p)

All somewhat around lvl 45-50.

In White 2 I will probably use Serperior, Krokodile, maybe Galvantula, maybe Seismitoad or another water pokemon, Darmanitan and the last one isn't decided yet.


Active Member
Currently playing with a

I think i'll dump Galvantula for Electivire (unfortunately, i wish i could use both pokemon). Never used either Elekid or Lucario.


Well-Known Member
I recently bought a used copy of Black 2 and re-started the game just because I wanna play the game from the beginning. Chose Snivy as my starter Pokemon at the outlook spot and battled Hugh. I barely won with Tackle and then I healed Snivy and got the capture tutorial from Bianca at Route 19. Battled and caught a Purrloin, then I met Alder and he showed me the path to take from Floccesy Town to the ranch so I could find Hugh. But before leaving town I added Riolu and Togepi to my team that I sent over from the Dream Radar.


Unova Enthusiast
I restarted White 2 last night. Chose Oshawott. Not only was it a female it has a Rash nature as well. Nicknamed her Mama Wott (might change it). I beat Hugh, whom I named ‘da boi’. Saved after that.

Transferred some Pokémon from Dream Radar, Tornadus being among them. I hope to finish Dream Radar fairly soon, trying to acquire Ho-Oh, Dialga, and Palkia DBHA at lower levels.

Oshawott/Mama Wott


send smeargles
Earlier today I started up my copy of White 2 to transfer a few Pokemon, and I keep getting the message "It has mail!" when attempting to deposit a Pokemon into my PC. I thought of it as nothing because the Pokemon in question (Arcanine) was holding nothing.

However, it turns out that when looking at my party outside of the PC they do in fact have mail. Every single one of my Pokemon are holding mail, and the only way to deposit them is by giving them a hold item.

The mail looks like this:

Who is "!" and what do they want with me.


I've been playing Black 2 for a bit and decided to use Darmanitan for the first time after my incredible experience with its Galarian Form. Sheer Force is killing it even in Challenge Mode. I'll finish the story and give it a Choice Scarf to see how it holds up in PWT.


The Meme Supreme
Howdy y'all, back at it again in an inactive thread to post some recent happenings! Perhaps things will liven up like they did in the 4th Gen thread.

So I started playing White again after a long time without any inspiration for what to play, having found a Reddit comment that recommended rotating a certain number of teammates out based on what was basically a dice roll. Rather than plan a team, the way this works is that I catch the first Pokemon I encounter on a route like a nuzlocke, and once they're on the team they're stuck there. Once I have a full team and beat a gym, I can roll a number between 0 and 5 and whatever number it is depends on how many Pokemon I can swap out! I believe the comment I took inspiration from forced themselves to switch that many Pokemon each time; I am not doing this because I don't want to force myself to do things, especially if I'm enjoying the team. I'm also making it so that I don't have to swap out that many Pokemon - if I roll a 3 for example I can swap up to 3 team members, but not exactly 3 if I don't want to. Other rules I'm trying to implement include no using healing items in gym battles and try and use the same number of Pokemon as the gym leader, but we'll see if they stick. I chose White because I like a lot of the Pokemon available and having only Unova Pokemon would mean my final team all originate from that region. Plus Audino grinding is something I quite enjoy whilst I binge watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Anywho, game started in the usual way and I decided to pick Tepig as my starter. I've never completed a Unova game with Emboar before and now in my 20 year old wisdom I've decided it's probably my favourite of the three starters. I beat my rivals, named him Chonker and ventured onto Route 1! There my first (potentially guaranteed) capture was present - Lillipup! I named her Floofykins (the same nickname I give my actual dog) and trained her up on Route 1 alongside Tepig before heading to the first town. There I heard Ghetsis's cool speech and beat up N and his Purrloin, before making my way to Route 2 and capturing a Patrat that I never used. I named him Timone all the same. Should mention that my adventure has a no repeats rule (i.e. I'm not capturing two of an evolutionary line, to make my encounters more exciting), but I've been lucky so far. Bianca was no challenge at the end of Route 2 and I made my way to Striaton City. Ignoring the gym and the Trainer's School, I instead headed to the Dreamyard where I nabbed Thyme the Pansage, my ticket to defeating Cress. In my adventure gifts don't count as captures, much like how different areas on a route (i.e. water vs. land) will also net me additional captures just because the encounter table changes substantially. With that in mind I stomped on Cheren and took on Cress! Tepig barely beat his Lillipup with Ember and Tackle, whilst Pansage made short work of his Panpour.

Moving on, I spoke to Fennel and did the Team Plasma stuff in the Dreamyard. There I caught Mittens the Purrloin (I really wanted a Munna) before progressing onwards to Route 3 where I met up with my rivals and again, beat Cheren. I caught my sixth member, Kachow the Bitzle (after Lightning McQueen's catchphrase from Cars) and headed to the Dreamyard to grind the 5 Pokemon I actually wanted to use! I also did my dice roll here now I had a full party and rolled... a 1. So I can swap one party member and if you guessed Patrat was being boxed, you'd be right. Boy did I consider swapping Purrloin during this, no STAB (and then **** STAB) really hurts. I got my squad to level 15 and cleared Team Plasma from Wellspring Cave, netting myself Pebbles the Roggenrola for my efforts! I continued on towards Nacrene City and Pinwheel Forest's outskirts where I hoped for a Tympole or a Fighting type. I got a Pidove instead, called... something? I don't remember. It matters not, it wasn't making the cut. Pebbles the Roggenrola did though! I trained my team to level 18 (Tepig and Lillipup evolving in the process) and went ahead to wreck N and take on Lenora. She's a terrifying gym leader, like Whitney levels of spooky. Herdier has Intimidate and hits annoyingly hard and Watchog genuinely scares me with Crunch, Hypnosis and Retaliate ruining my life. But we did it! Pignite was able to two-shot Herdier with Rock Smash and Roggenrola (who was holding a Chesto Berry) lived a few Crunches to KO with its own Rock Smash! I then saved.

I have since done my roll and got... another 1. Luckily there's only Pinwheel Forest itself and Route 4 to really warrant team swaps - a Sewaddle, Venipede or Sandile would fit nicely on my team whilst a Darumaka or Scraggy would be a waste of space (as good as they are). Petilil would be okay I guess but why would I use it over Pansage? As for replacements... Pansage could go if Sewaddle is my next capture, likewise for Purrloin if I nabbed a Sandile or a Venipede. Pignite is permanent, Herdier and Roggenrola are actually pulling their weight and Blitzle continues my love for the move Charge whilst also being actually alright. So who knows? Stay tuned I guess.

White Team:
Chonker the Pignite, Level 18 ()
Tackle, Rock Smash, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust

Floofykins the Herdier, Level 18 ()
Tackle, Rock Smash, Bite, Take Down

Thyme the Pansage, Level 18 ()
Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Thief, Rock Smash

Mittens the Purrloin, Level 18 ()
Thief, Pursuit, Assist, Cut

Kachow the Blitzle, Level 19 ()
Flame Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Charge

Pebbles the Roggenrola, Level 19 ()
Rock Blast, Headbutt, Rock Smash, Tackle

Former & Unused Members:
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The Meme Supreme
Apologies for double posting, but nobody else is posting and I tend to have larger posts! Blame my Creative Writing A Level for that one.

Well since my last post a week ago, I've since made it to the Cold Storage in Driftveil City! Funky times eh? My Pinwheel Forest capture was a Petilil, which I didn't want since Pansage has much better coverage and Grass types aren't exactly super useful a lot of the time. I made my way through the forest, cleared out Team Plasma and moved on to Castelia City! First though I headed to Route 4 and nabbed a Sandile! I named him Ruffian, and replaced my newly evolved Liepard with him because Liepard was actual garbage to use (Thief/Pursuit are terrible STAB moves). I grabbed the Amulet Coin from the dancers and the Exp. Share from the battle-centric building and slapped them onto my team since extra money and experience is good to have. I also nabbed a Leaf Stone and evolved my Pansage into Simisage! It knew Seed Bomb by this point and that's all I really needed on it.

I cleared out Team Plasma once again (listening to the riveting tales of Ghetsis and Burgh's interpretation of his speech) and finally took on the third gym which was not going to be much of a problem with a Roggenrola and a Pignite. And it wasn't, Pignite 2HKOed Whirlipede and one-shot Leavanny, whilst Roggenrola dealt with Dwebble. Easy stuff. I rolled my numbers and got a 5, which was a nice change from the 1 bonanza I'd been facing. Especially given that there's the Desert Resort, Relic Castle, the fossils, Route 5, Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest to deal with. Bianca was my first new rival challenge - her Herdier fell to Pignite's Arm Thrust, Munna was KOed by Sandile's Bite, Servine fell to Pignite's Flame Charge and Panpour was destroyed by Blitzle. Easy stuff! Cheren was much of the same, although him leading with Pidove threw me off a bit. Pignite still 2HKOed with Flame Charge though. Dewott fell to Simisage, Pansear fell to Roggenrola and Liepard was taken out by Pignite again. All was good in the hood.

The routes leading up to Nimbasa weren't particularly exciting - I caught a Maractus and a Yamask and obtained the Plume Fossil before scaring off Team Plasma and obtaining the Bike from the day-care man. I cycled up to Route 5 and caught a Solosis I named Bubbles, and on Route 16 I caught a Minccino whose name is irrelevant because I won't be using it. I then added a Swadloon to my collection which I named Leafyboi, because I ran out of names for her. It was here that I did some team swapping - Blitzle had been struggling to pull its weight for a while now and I wanted a change, even if it was close to evolving and receiving a nice power boost. I dunno, it was underwhelming for a long time. I added the Solosis to my team instead since Psychic was a good type to have. Simisage was swapped with Swadloon because I like Leavanny a lot, have never properly used one before and figured the Bug STAB and okay coverage would be better than Simisage's TM repertoire. And finally, the hardest choice - Boldore was swapped with Archen. Boldore was amazing for so long but my god is it slow, and outside of Rock moves it kind-of sucks? Meanwhile Archen came packed with Pluck and could learn Rock Tomb + Dig for some sweet coverage. So there you have it, my new team.

I ran up and down the Skyarrow Bridge for a few hours whilst watching Avatar: TLA until Swadloon evolved, got my team to Level 26 and took on N and the gym. N fell pretty easily although Sigilyph is OP as hell! Psybeam + Air Cutter 2HKOed everything on my team. But we managed thanks to Archen also being really freaking strong. Elesa was a tougher challenge, especially with no items. Solosis with the Eviolite tanked Pursuit + Volt Switch to put the first Emolga into 2HKO range, before critting and one-shotting the Zebstrika I planned for Sandile to take out. Said Sandile then failed to KO the second Emolga after Solosis fell and was KOed instead. I had Herdier come in to finish the job with Retaliate. Cheren fell also fell in similar fashion to before - Liepard fell to Pignite, Dewott fell to Leavanny, Archen beat his Tranquill and Pansear was wrecked by Sandile. Easy stuff! The two kids with Herdiers? Less so. Luckily mine pulled through on that one with Intimidate after they repeatedly crit my Pignite. I caught a Ducklett on the drawbridge and a Vanillite in the Cold Storage, where I saved. I rolled a 3 which is cool, although honestly the Pokemon between now and the gym kinda suck? Deerling could be cool since Herdier is starting to struggle a bit and I've never used Sawsbuck before, also frees up Leavanny's spot too for a Water type later on. Plus getting Deerling earlier helps narrow down my choices later on (ideally meaning I can nab a Cubchoo on Route 7 in winter, and a Woobat in Twist Mountain so Axew is free in Mistralton Cave). Karrablast could be neat once I have access to Shelmet? Foongus would suck a lot. My team is cool though so far! Pignite is doing serviceably, Herdier is struggling a smidge but is otherwise fine. Sandile is good (evolution will help on that front), Leavanny has done okay so far, Archen is the strongest thing on my team and Solosis is actually surprising me! Replacements look possible for Herdier and Leavanny depending on what Route 6 and later Chargestone Cave and beyond open up for me.

White Team:

Chonker the Pignite, Level 28 ()
Return, Flame Charge, Arm Thrust, Fire Pledge

Floofykins the Herdier, Level 27 ()
Return, Crunch, Dig, Strength

Ruffian the Sandile, Level 28 ()
Bite, Crunch, Dig, Rock Tomb

Beaky the Archen, Level 27 ()
Pluck, Rock Tomb, Dig, Return

Bubbles the Solosis, Level 28 ()
Recover, Hidden Power, Psyshock, Endeavor

Leafyboi the Leavanny, Level 28 ()
Return, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Protect

Former & Unused Members:


The Meme Supreme
Triple posting because there's nobody here, will try and make it a bit briefer though so I can edit in any further updates that occur.

So I'm at Twist Mountain now after exploring Mistralton Cave and reaching six gym badges! Team Plasma were no hassle in the Cold Storage, but Clay was a pain. Leavanny one-shot Krokorok and Palpitoad, but Excadrill was 2HKOed by my own Krokorok's Dig attack whilst it 0HKOed with +1 Bulldoze. So I had to use Dig, retreat into Herdier for Intimidate, sac it off then return Krokorok to KO again with Dig. Tough stuff! Bianca was no challenge after that (Leavanny handles pretty much her entire team anyway) and I made my way to (and through) Chargestone Cave! I caught a Karrablast and a Klink in doing so, destroyed N with Pignite, and met Professor Juniper's dad who I think is kind-of a dick (something about always getting his own way and telling Skyla to smile more rubbed me the wrong way a little bit, funny what you miss when you're like 11). I also rolled a 5 between Clay and Skyla, although I didn't actually swap my team out? Why fix what isn't broken I guess.

Celestial Tower or whatever it's called was pretty easy although Sigilyph gives me nightmares (it 2HKOes everything - how?) and I made my way to the top to talk to Skyla again. During the trip (and a bit before admittedly) Herdier, Solosis and Sandile all evolved! Was pretty cool. Skyla's gym was as fun as ever and basically a pushover - Krokorok one-shot Swoobat with Crunch, Duosion has become my go-to destroyer and KOed Swanna with Psyshock, and Archen two-shot Unfezant with Rock Tomb into Acrobatics. Easy win! Cheren was much the same, although excitingly Pignite evolved after the battle! My first ever Emboar, was very cool. We obtained Surf from Alder and I rolled a 4 which was cool since none of my team except Stoutland can Surf which is... yikes. So I headed to Driftveil City to nab myself a Frillish (first one was a female but screw that, the species has a 100% encounter rate so it was guaranteed so I fled and caught a male one instead) which I named Pringles! I sadly replaced Stoutland with it - whilst my doggo has always been reliable and strong she's just not exciting to use anymore, and Normal coverage only gets you so far in these games. I failed to get a Woobat in Twist Mountain (then caught one in Mistralton Cave) so I saved in Mistralton City ready to take on Twist Mountain properly.

So far the team is pretty good - Duosion is my surprise success so far (it hits ridiculously hard) and whilst Archen is also really good, I was warned it would be. Krokorok is spectacular as well and Leavanny is doing decently too, although she'll be next to drop if I do drop something. If I can capture a Shelmet outside Icirrus City then Escavalier might replace it depending on how much grinding I feel like doing since that Steel typing is pretty solid and it's one of my favourite Unova Pokemon. Perhaps I'll save it for a White 2 playthrough I want to do after this one. Oh and Emboar is solid too, at least it was as a Pignite. Got out of the boring stage of the games!

White Team:

Chonker the Emboar, Level 36 ()
Return, Heat Crash, Hammer Arm, Rock Slide

Ruffian the Krokorok, Level 36 ()
Bite, Crunch, Dig, Rock Slide

Beaky the Archen, Level 35 ()
Acrobatics, Rock Slide, Dig, Crunch

Bubbles the Duosion, Level 35 ()
Flash, Hidden Power [Bug], Psyshock, Endeavor

Leafyboi the Leavanny, Level 36 ()
Return, Leaf Blade, X Scissor, Shadow Claw

Pringles the Frillish, Level 17 ()
Scald, Surf, Recover, Will 'o Wisp

Former & Unused Members:


Unova Enthusiast
I resumed my file on White. Left Celestial Tower and challenged Skylar’s gym. Wasn’t too hard, CHerrybomb, BiG LiNDa, and KweenSwine were my mains.

It’s winter so I decided I’d play some more.

Left the gym to be confronted by N. We chatted and I headed for Twist Mountain afterwards. Met up with Cheren, he wanted to rumble; he lost. Taught Blue Dream Surf after acquiring it from Alder who popped up on us.

After traversing the mountain, I entered the nest city and immediately challenged Brycen. Used BiG LiNDa mainly, who wound up evolving. Explored the city for a second and then went into Dragonspiral Tower to confront Team Plasma. DS needed to charge so I called it a night. Might play some more later or Continue with W2

Blue Dream/Dewott
Lil Venom/Scolipede
BiG LiNDa/Scrafty
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