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5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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I am also getting that itch to play White. Wish I had the sequel, but nooooooooooooooo I don't.

Team choices: Samurott, Serperior, Stoutland, Excadrill, Liligant, Whimsicott, Krookodile, Reuniclus, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, Electross, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Beartic, one of the fossils.


Oshawott is bab
I am also getting that itch to play White. Wish I had the sequel, but nooooooooooooooo I don't.

Team choices: Samurott, Serperior, Stoutland, Excadrill, Liligant, Whimsicott, Krookodile, Reuniclus, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, Electross, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Beartic, one of the fossils.
Yeah when i get a new charger for my 3ds im gonna play through black again


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It's been a few months since I posted about my White 2 Challenge Mode run but I have been trying to make an effort lately to finish up old play throughs so I picked up White 2 and continued on. I started up just outside Victory Road (looks like my last post ended with me beating the seventh gym so I guess I never posted about Serperior dominating the last gym or Scrafty going ham on Ghetsis). This massive dungeon took quite a while because I kept having to go heal and a few routes lead you back to the entrance. But I made it through and arrived at the Elite 4. I used my Rare Candies which put my entire team at Lv63 (a bit over-leveled honestly) and headed inside.

For the most part Scrafty took care of Shauntal, Grimsley and Caitlin with a few exceptions like Serperior taking down Golurk and Krookodile for example. Marshall was definitely the toughest of the bunch since FOUR of my team members are weak to Fighting. Serperior and Weezing did most of the heavy lifting but Cinccino actually defeated Conkuldurr and Sawk. With all four defeated I healed up and headed into the final challenge.

Iris led with Hydreigon and I led with Scrafty which survived a Focus Blast and KO'd Hydreigon with Brick Break. Dewgong's Ice Beam brought down Druddigon in one hit so Iris sent out Aggron next for some reason which fell to Surf. Serperior got a critical hit on her Lapras which knocked it out. So far so good. She went to Haxorus so I sent out Probopass who luckily had the Quick Claw activate so it could set up Thunder Wave before fainting to Earthquake. Dewgong returned to the fight and won with an Ice Beam/Aqua Jet combo since Haxorus was holding a Focus Sash. Finally two Aqua Jet's from Dewgong brought down Archeops. And that's that.

Groff, Lv63
- Serperior was about the same as it always is whenever I use one. Not my favorite.
COVID-2020, Lv63
- Probably the nickname I was proudest of since I'm not very creative. Honestly Weezing struggled throughout and I ended up using Return most of the time over moves like Sludge Bomb. I am glad I didn't have to use any Destiny Bond cheese against the Elite 4.
Vitamin-Z, Lv65
- Probably the strongest member of my team throughout the play through. Moxie is a fantastic ability and the coverage it had with moves like Crunch, Brick Break and Ice Punch meant it was always useful.
Marshall, Lv64
- The glass cannon. Either this thing was going to knock out the opponent on the first turn with Tail Slap, Bullet Seed and Rock Blast or it would miss and Cinccino would be OHKO'd. Single handedly created some of the most memorable and most frustrating moments of the run.
Luigi, Lv63
- Honestly this tank was way better than I expected. It pulled its weight throughout which isn't something I can always say.
- I take back what I said about Weezing this was my favorite nickname. It did fine during the late game but truly shone against Iris.


Unova Enthusiast
Still continuing with my Ghost run on White. Made it to Mistralton some days ago where I finally added Litwick to my team. Making my way through Skyla’s gym. Excited to add Frillish/Jellicent to this team after I get Surf.

BIG Venus/Giratina


Back in MY day...
So, I've finally decided to replay one of the Unova games and chose to play through Black 2. That version got the most mileage for me, so I wanted to see how this experience would compare. I decided to stick to the canonical names and play as Nate, while keeping my rival's name Hugh. The first time around, I started with Oshawott. This time, I decided to choose Tepig and name him Crispy (bacon is crispy, and he's literally a fire pig so it made sense). With two tail whips and two tackles, Crispy made quick work of Hugh's Oshawott and won our first battle, gaining a level in the process (7 exp shy of having gained 2 levels, which is an annoying but minor occurrence). I hadn't checked prior, but Crispy has a Hasty nature. I do tend to prioritize speed so this was a nice surprise. I'll have to invest in some Attack EVs, but that won't be the end of the world.

I continued out to Route 19 to train up a little and, after meeting Alder, ended up in Floccesy Town. I headed on to Route 20 to find Hugh and give him his Town Map, subsequently arriving at Floccesy Ranch. While I was looking for Hugh, I was also looking for our first addition to the team, and my first encounter was a Riolu. While I have no intention of using Riolu in this playthrough, I caught him just to help out until I get to Castelia City. I didn't realize that Hugh would be challenging me to a battle the moment I found him, but fortunately Crispy was still able to hold his own, although it was a much closer battle than before. I forgot to heal my pokemon after the battle and almost lost to a Sewaddle, but all went well. After some hunting, I found the true next addition to our team - a Psyduck. I named her Webbigail, and then proceeded on to rescue Herdier from the Team Plasma grunt.

I grinded up Webbigail to about Lv10, Crispy was already at Lv12, and then I went back to Aspertia to challenge the gym. Webbigail took down the gym trainers by herself and did well against Cheren's Patrat, but inevitably fainted. Crispy cleaned up Patrat and defeated Lillipup for the win and our first badge.

Round 2:

I went out to Route 20 to grind up a bit and to flesh out my team a bit more. General strategy is to try and use a well-rounded team of pokemon that I haven't really used before so my first thought was to catch a Venipede. I found one fairly quickly but it had the Swarm ability. After about an additional hour or so of searching, I finally found a Venipede with Poison Point and named him Fubsy (synonym for roly-poly, idk I thought it was cute.) I arrived in Virbank City and cleared out the complex, with Crispy evolving into Pignite. I took advantage of the shaking grass Audino encounters, got my team up to Lv19 and entered the gym. I led with Fubsy, and much like in Aspertia, Fubsy was able to make quick work of the gym trainers but fell to Roxie's Whirlipede. Crispy came in and cleaned up, and now that's two badges down. I finally sent Riolu to the PC and headed over to Pokestar Studios.


Badges 3 & 4:

So a decent amount happened over the past few days. I finally ended up in Castelia City and completed the Harlequin Hunt, cleared out the sewers, and wiped the floor with Burgh. I proceeded out to Route 4 where I was able to defeat Colress, and then spent some time grinding up at the Desert Resort. In the process, I caught a Sandshrew who I named Nyla (atla reference), who quickly evolved into Sandslash. I proceeded through Join Avenue to Nimbasa City. I went on to Route 5 to grind and ended up catching an Emolga who I named Electra. I cleared out the sports complexes, proceeded to the new gym, and Nyla and Fubsy took care of Elesa. After the battle, Fubsy evolved into a Scolipede. I went back towards Route 5, helped Hugh defeat some Plasma Grunts, took care of Charles and his rotation battle, arrived in Driftveil, battled Sage Rood, and added a Zorua to my team.
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Unova Enthusiast
Finally….Finally took the time to finish White. The Elite 4 wasn’t much trouble, Grimsley was the hardest for obvious reasons. N didn’t stand a chance, well I forgot about Zoroark and was wondering how a KlingKlang? was sweeping me all of a sudden.

Was about the same for Ghetsis. Hydreigon as always gave me problems. I didn’t even have a Pokémon above Lv 50 so I’m surprised I made it through them the first time.

Just received the orbs and gave the Griseous to BIG Venus, because why not. I might replace StrngeVIBE but idk what ghost Pokémon are available post game. Found out Zekrom is Adamant so that’s nice as well.

StrngeVIBE/Spiritomb Lv 49
LITuation/Chandelure Lv 49
deepCdeatH/Jellicent Lv 47
Iron GIANT/Golurk Lv 46
BIG Venus/Giratina Lv 49
CursdTouCH/Cofagrigus Lv47


Call of Fate
Two days ago, I was checking some of the Hidden Grottoes in Black 2. Suddenly, I encountered a shiny Piloswine in Giant Chasm. Thanks to a critical capture, I caught her in a single Ultra Ball. Sadly, she has a Quiet nature, and her best IV is in Special Attack, and even that isn't that high. Then, I saved the game.


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I recently decided to restart my Pokemon White. I've already beaten the 6th Gym and my team is: Emboar, Stoutland, Musharna, Seismitoad, Archen (soon to be Archeops) and Galvantula.


playing Version X
I recently decided to restart my Pokemon White. I've already beaten the 6th Gym and my team is: Emboar, Stoutland, Musharna, Seismitoad, Archen (soon to be Archeops) and Galvantula.
That team is pretty good ngl, covers a lot of types.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
I got the level 5 Dialga from Dream Radar and I'm going to name it Tiny Time. I had forgotten that we can still get the coveted Dream Balls from there.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
Haven't played a ton but I moved some recently breed pokemon up from GenIV - mainly starters or competitive mons with egg moves. Been running through the Battle Subway trying to get battle points as well.

Spent the morning EV training my Reshiram. Will be doing Kyurem next.


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I just completed the National Pokedex in my White 2 and obtained the Shiny Charm!

This wasn't something I was actively working on until a few days ago when I saw that I only had about 80 Pokemon missing from the full Pokedex. This White 2 has been my main Gen 5 save for many years now so I used it a lot for transferring Pokemon from older games to the newest ones as well as trading all my Pokemon from other Gen 5 games to this one before restarting those other Gen 5 games when I wanted to replay them. So I guess over time the majority of the Pokemon ended up on this save file at least for a short time so the Pokedex was almost full and when I saw that I decided to complete it and get the Shiny Charm as well as the new Trainer Card, and today I finally did it. The last Pokemon I registered was Exploud of all things because I had to transfer a Whismur from my Sapphire and train it all the way up until it evolved twice.


Long gone are the days
I have been playing pokemon white and reached the part where you fight Team Plasma in the Cold Storage. Later on I went on to challenge the Driftveil Gym. This game is certainly more challenging than later entries, I often find myself using revives and super potions at the gym battles.


Young Battle Trainer
Just caught a Virizion in Black 2. I also finally won at the Opelucid Gym because my Lucario paralyzed his Haxorus with Force Palm and his Flygon for some reason kept using Crunch on my Virizion, which activated its ability Justified and allowed me to KO it in just two hits with Giga Drain.


Unova Enthusiast
Acquired B2 last month. Starting a mono run, torn between Flying or Fighting types. Right now I have a Tepig and Swablu in my party. Kinda wanna go through Unova with the Therian forms, something I’ve never done…

I’ll probably end up choosing Flying types.


Unova Enthusiast
Decided to restart and do a Grass Mono Run, in honor of the grass mono run I did when B2W2 initially launched. Got a female adamant Snivy, what luck.

Currently I’m in Virbank where it is snowing. Beat Cheren easily, Roxie was pure luck. Just shot a movie and now I’m looking for Team Plasma before I embark to Castelia City.

Lileep aka tHe ori. Z

Shiny Venusaur

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Been running through the Battle Subway trying to get battle points as well.
So for clarity, this was in my White 2. After resetting my copy of White years ago, it turns out I never really did much with the Battle Subway (which makes sense as by this point the online for these games wasn't active). Why this matters now however, is the other week I moved my original Sapphire team up from Gen IV to Gen V. Gen V is the first generation you can EV train a pokemon that is already level 100. Two of my team members at the time of transferring from Sapphire were already level 100. Since berries are rare in Unova, I cleared the EVs in Gen IV before I moved them up.

The big issue is I don't have a ton on this cart for competitive, so the BP grind for power items has been slow. My time in Unova won't be too long with this team, as there isn't a ton to do Ribbon / memory wise, but I'll be sure to get HoF records in both White and White 2 before moving up. I'll also use my time here to use the team to try and tie up any loose ends that my still be left, or at the very least, do some dex completion and region exploration with them.

If you haven't been following from the other threads (which I wouldn't blame you lol), I noticed a few years ago I never moved my original team off of my Sapphire cart. Since these are technically the oldest pokemon you can have due to Gen II not being able to transfer up, I started the process of getting ribbons and important things on this team as I move it up through the ranks. The team is as follows:

Blaziken (traded)


Long gone are the days
I’ve been playing BW2, this game is as beautiful as I remembered. So many new locations and things to do! Both of Elesa’s gyms are probably my favorites in the franchise. Then I went to Driftveil and saw an Ex Plasma member arguing with a current Plasma member. Love the conflict between the characters. Then went to get Zorua and got reminded that former TP members felt guilty about their actions in the past. These are some of the few grunts in pokemon that you see with inner turmoil. I really enjoy every bit of this game. :)