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5th Gen RMT


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Hey guys, i want to restart my White 2 game and needed help with my team. I have the moves and items but i need help on how to improve it or to know if its already good enough. I've decided to ditch my starter, but just picked Tepig since i wanted "Hugh" to have a Samurott at the end. So here goes, this is the team (No HM slaves):

@ Leftovers
- Coil
- Drill Run
- Return
- Rock Slide

So instead, Dunsparce will serve as my primary hero and will act as my starter. It sure will be tough to find, with only a 10% chance of finding in shaky grass. I understand why a few people dont want to use Dunsparce in Black and White 2. But actually, Dunsparce's moveset and learnable moves are really good. It will be my start pokemon, i'll run DR and Coil and hit the opponent with Return. Actually a really fun pokemon to use and annoy the hell out of your opponents.

@ Wide Lens (DW Ability)
- Bullet Seed
- Rock Blast
- Tail Slap
- Wake Up Slap

I love cinccino and with its dream world ability Skill Link, this cinccino will be such a tank. People dont usually use this pokemon for attacking purposes but i decided to take advantage of its ability and give it three of those 2-5 hit moves. Since skill link is active, the moves will always hit 5 times. I also gave cinccino Giga Impact to trash some of the trainers.

@ Wise Glasses
- Charge Beam
- Extrasensory
- Earth Power
- Shadow Ball

I've never really used Claydol before and i wanted to use him ever since pokemon emerald came out. I figured before X and Y come out, this will be one of the last chances to finally use it. The moveset of Claydol isn't bad, so i decided to run it as a physical attacker. All the moves are aimed to finish off opponents and it'll be the force of attack in my team.

@ Muscle Band
- Return
- Fly
- Superpower
- Shadow Claw

Picked over Vespiquen, can get early in-game.

@ Expert Belt
- X-Scissor
- Iron Head
- Hone Claws
- Stone Edge

Ever since they made pokemon generation 5, ive wanted to try out durant. Its really underused and really looked down on by some trainers. Least used bug-type out there. I ran a physical set of four offensive moves. Might need help with this set.

@ Life Orb
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic

I needed at least one classic pokemon in my team and without a surfer, i wanted a water-type. Who wouldn't want a starmie. Its strong and fast, this is one of the usual sets used by many trainers but i might need a few strategy moves.
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You shoul replace Giga Impact with either Wake Up Slap or Aqua Tail.

Two Bug Types could be bad. I woul replace Vespiquen with Braviary using this set.

Sheer Force
·Superpower/Rock Slide
·Shadow Claw

Everything else seems to be fine.


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Thanks for youre input, i made the changes to the team in bold. What item do you think Braviary should hold (should be different from others)? And Is durant or vespiquen the better bug-type overall?
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Give Braviary Muscle Band.

Durant is a better choice imo because it's superior Attack and Speed. Vespiquen is amazingly slow. It's even slower than Combee.


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Sheer Force Braviary wants Rock Slide, since Superpower is not affected by Sheer Force.

But since it seems like you want to get the one in Route 4, then it's okay to keep Superpower (though Superpower doesn't affect Defiant either)

as for Dunsparce, Rock Slide over Poison Jab, for more coverage (and as a bonus, Rock Slide's flinch chance is affected by Serene Grace, if your Dunsparce's ability is that)

Also, do you need help with the Natures or are you just going to pick the Nature on your own?


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Thanks Shine, i made the changes to my team. I think ill be sticking with the route 4 braviary (or maybe need help finding a better flying type with good coverage) but i'll definitely find a serene grace dunsparce. I also need help changing the moveset of durant. Is there another move i can switch out for Rock Slide since i already have that coverage on dunsparce now. Also help determining wake up slap or aqua tail for cinccino and if dunsparce should hold shell bell or scope lens. Thanks a lot!

@Macroboom: Thanks for the clarification man
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Happy to help.

On Durant, there are ALOT of moves it could use. Some utilities are Hone Claws(amazing with Hustle as its Ability), Agility, Iron Defense, and Thunder Wave. It seems the least mentionable Pokemon have the best movepools. Just look up Durant's Pokedex entry. There's so many options.
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