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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

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Hi guys, just wanted to tell you that I have breed almost 2000 dratini eggs (masuda) and still no shiny...should I lose my mind?


Cloyster Trainer
Charmander is coming soon.... I can feel it..... but no luck yet :(


Shiny Hunter
I'm still working on my shiny badge quest in SS got shiny zubat after 10 days of Reing and then shiny Nidoran male 4 days later which I just noticed is my 40th shiny =D Now I'm magnet pull hunting hopefully for a shiny Magnemite for the 4th badge, Good luck on your hunts everyone.


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Hello everyone. Congratulations on all recent acquired shinies. I have finally hatched my shiny Zangoose after around 1700 eggs. I am now MM hunting Seviper on black version now, what a wicked shiny it has. I am at around 1600 Rufflet eggs on white version and still no shiny yet. I am starting to multi hunt on white version now as the Rufflet shiny is taking forever. I am also MMing Sewaddle (for Swadloon shiny, wow another brilliant one) and i think i may try caterpie as well.

Edit 13/1/2012

Hello everyone really good news, i have just one day after MMing a shiny Zangoose on black version recently hatched my shiny Seviper! wow it is awesome. I didn't expect to get it so quickly but it happened and i am so happy. I hatched about 60 eggs.
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Smart Cookie
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted here... 8 months, in fact. When I got Frappe, my shiny Vanillite. Remember that at the end of that post, I said I was hunting Solosis? Yeah. Well, I've been hunting it on and off since then. In the last week or so, I finally got a move on and started hatching again.

Well, it took a while, so I was getting pretty sick of it. Last night, I had got up to about 2,900 - 3,000 eggs, just so you get an idea. That's a lot. So, yesterday, after I got one batch, I decided to treat myself and listen to some nice Pokémon music on Youtube. Fun. Anyway, one piece of music was taking a while to load, so I decided to pass the time by hatching that batch of eggs I held off. So I hatched them. And, at the third egg, I could not believe my eyes:


This little cutie popped up! As you can see, it's a Bold Male named Bubblegum. =3 He has Overcoat and apparently outstanding potential with a fantastic Special Defence stat! Yay! He's also the first shiny photographed and placed online! (This one is after I trained him up a bit)

My next hunt is Zorua, hopefully it won't take too long. I'm already up to about 20 eggs. Other future targets include Litwick, Mudkip, Deino, Cottonee, Drifloon, Torchic, Shroomish, Joltik and Vulpix, all with food related names as well. =D

To the evolving question, no, I specifically collect unevolved shinies. They are just so cute! ^_^
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storig eggs for alomomola i think ill RE alomomola and frillish while i hatch these eggs see who shines first^^


<--- newest shiny :D
I've been hunting on and off. Mostly off, but once or twice a week I'll sit down and quad hunt for a few hours on different pokemon. Well, my phone that had the app i was using for counting froze up and I had to restore it so I lost my data on hunts. All I remember is guessing about 2300 SRs for Treecko, 160 SRs for Charmander, 260 REs for Grimer, but I still have my eggs for totodile so I at least know that. So if I do end up getting those shinies, my data wont be right. It might not even be within 100.


Shiny Hunter
I hatched 1300 eggs so far.only one box left to feel.SRing for Ho-oh and a shiny starter in SS isn't going to well either.but a shiny has to pop out soon.i know it.:D
good luck to everyone.^-^


Let's go to the beach, each.
I just finished evolving some Shiny Pokemon that I obtained via trades. I had to trade them back to their trainers after that, but I'm just glad that I had the opportunity to add some more Shiny Pokemon to my Pokedex. I've also worked hard on my Shiny Cubchoo hunt; I hatched 40 Cubchoo eggs yesterday and I've already hatched 25 more today. I'll continue hatching eggs this evening. I'm already eager to start my next hunt, but I figure that I should finish this one first.


Well-Known Member
Congrats on recent shinies guys.

Now at 4,080 on this hunt and just stocked up another 180 so fingers crossed!

Yesterday I accidently released my Volcarona halfway through my hatching session. I was stuck with either having to say goodbye to it or turn off the DS and rehatch the 100 eggs I'd just done... Bye bye Volcarona :-(
Spent last night levelling up my baby Larvesta to level 59 so I could get a new one.


Well-Known Member
Well I haven't had any luck with my Nidoran hunt, so I decided to scrap Nidoran for a little while. I think i'll try my luck with MM breeding a Shelmet, because Shiny Accelgor is epic.


The Great Gublet
Hi everyone =) I haven't posted on here in awhile but then again I haven't had a 5th gen shiny in awhile either... anyway today I finally concluded a hunt that I started back in August but put on hold for awhile. She hatched after 1268 eggs:


She hatched while watching The Big Bang Theory so I called her Penny =D My everstone worked and she hatched with some great egg moves too (thanks to whoever lent me that Japanese Fraxure...)


I'll be trying again for a DW Eevee, last shiny Eevee hatched at 2500 ish eggs with great nature (Modest) and IV's (31 in Special Attack) but no DW ability... Good luck to everyone else on their hunts!


Shiny Hunter
Lol... There are 7 pokemon in the route I was hunting in, I would have been happy with all except 2 which is Meowth and Farfecth'd and what do I get...? Shiny Meowth xD its a boy and has a careful nature and technician which is pretty good I guess. Now I'm soft resetting for shiny Lapras wish me luck!


Ghost Type User
Well it seems that I'm a bit of a roll as of late. ^_^

After getting shiny Litwick a few days ago, I began a RE hunt on route 9 and yesterday, after around 1250 encounters I found a shiny Pawniard. He is rash natured unfortunately and has inner focus too, but I'm just glad to have found another shiny so soon.

Yesterday I also got Litwicks IV's checked out by the judge, apprantly he's 'relatively superior' and that his Sp. Attack 'can't be better' so that was was quite surprising as I hadn't been breeding for IV's.

With my MM hunts I got tired of seeing Beldum and Yamask so I've temporarily put them on hold and started hunting for Croagunk. Up to 540 eggs hatched for him currently and I've also moved my RE hunt to Pinwheel Forest.

Congrats on all recent shinies and good luck to everyones hunts. :D


Shiny Hunter
Ok,my boxes are empty again and i can keep collecting eggs.i have to say i found a really good DW Eevee and even a better Torchick that i can use competitively.
Egg count:1330

Calamity Lynn

Lady Breeds-a-Lot
Finally got another shiny. Been awhile waiting. Was doing one of my favorites!

after 1716 eggs...


Egg move Hammer Arm.

*Kangaskhan [Careful] (Highly curious.) -Ability: Scrappy- // Hidden Power; Poison 61
0 hp, 30 atk, 28 def, 30 sp atk, 22 sp def, 25 spd
Relatively superior.

Why couldn't that special attack and hp be switched?! Sad now. ):

EDIT; oh right, everstone failed as well. clearly.
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Formerly Torterra14
I haven't posted here in a while! I have up on my last hunt and am now MMing a shiny Ferroseed! Hopefully my everstone will work an give me a Sassy natured one! So far I've hatched 35 eggs.
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