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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

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What IS the difference? I don't really get how something can be 'semi-legit'....surely, just by defintion, that makes it non-legit?

Semi-legit shiny Pokemon are Pokemon who are legit shiny, however the Pokemon themselves are cheated/the items used to get them are cheated.

For example, Arceus can be SRed for if you hack the item used to unlock the in-game event. So it can be a semi-legit shiny. Or you could be using the random encounter code to find a Jirachi and end up finding a Shiny Jirachi.

But yes, by definition it's not legit. But opinion plays a huge role in whether or not it's a real shiny, some people think that semi-legit shinies shouldn't be counted. I think, in the case of Arceus it's okay. But in the case of Jirachi it's not. I feel like I am rambling.


<---Shine for me
My Mew has yet to be judged on the hack check thread,SMH


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I can finally stop hunting Bulbasaurs as my third shined last night, just two days and 146 eggs after the last one. Im so happy, I now have a Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur lined up in a box together :) Now onto charmander. Good luck to everyone else.

Btw, did anyone have any luck on the safari hunt week?


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Congrats on your shiny bulbasaur family. Lets hope your charmander hunts are just as kind.

Taking a couple of days off from hunting since I've been non stop since I started the quest. I'll pick it up again at the weekend.

Good luck peeps.


I'm now at 10,000 soft resets for a shiny Chimchar in Platinum. Geez this is boring...

... and I still can't get my shiny Reshiram in B/W 2? Why, GameFreak, why?! ;__;

its just stupid how game freak keep shiny locking resiram and zekrom... i wonder why they don't want anyone to have shiny zekrom and reshiram?
Ok guys you'll never beleive this! Last night I was breeding my spiritomb for two reasons. 1. To get a whole bunch of them. 2. To find a shiny. So I was about to hatch my nineth egg and prayed for it to be shiny. When it was hatching I kept wondering, hoping it would be. And I guess 9 is my lucky number because it was a shiny! That has got to be the shortest non-musada methed shiny egg hunt ever!


Congrats on Bulbasaur and Spiritomb!

Hatched another 100 Ponyta eggs. No shiny yet.
How many eggs have you hatched so far and I got the shiny spiritomb on diamond not black or white. Dun dun dun!


Too lazy to pick a pic
Oh, boy... I was looking for Hidden Hollow pokemon on GTS. Some guy offered a mienfoo for a shroomish and I gave a try. Whe I was breeding my breloom... BANG!


Shiny shroomish at the 4th egg! Unexpected, really. My second unexpected shiny in White in an year, after shiny snorunt!

Oh, yeah, the mienfoo wasn't a reckless one... ¬¬"


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Egg 125!
Working my way up to 2,200 Masuda Method eggs for a shiny Houndour...

I have to be approaching some kind of dubious award - I swear I'm doing this wrong. So many people get their MM's in less than 500 eggs, I think my Houndour is just cursed.



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its just stupid how game freak keep shiny locking resiram and zekrom... i wonder why they don't want anyone to have shiny zekrom and reshiram?

Well, tbh it makes more sense to not have them shiny in B/W2 than in B/W. In B/W they were wild Pokemon, like Lugia, Ho-Oh, etc. In B/W2 they are N's Pokemon from B/W, so it does make some sense that they can't be shiny because they weren't in B/W.

Not saying I'm happy about it, but I assume that's the logic behind it. As for the shiny lock on Resh/Zek in B/W, well, I have no idea what the reasoning behind that one is >.<
Started randomly hunting for a shiny with Illuminate at Giant Chasm in the dark on Pokémon White grass yesterday. Already been hunting for 2 hours now. When i encounter a Shiny i hope it's a Metang :p Piloswine won't be that bad either i guess. When i'll encounter Shiny Metang i'll use my Master Ball (haven't used it yet).


~Draco Rex~
Woah, I haven't posted on Serebii here for ages XD been playing too much Kid Icarus: Uprising and had too many assignments in the last few months, but now I've finally got time/motivation to carry on with my White hunts, especially since Black and White 2 will be out in a few months! Congrats on the recent shinies everyone :3.

I actually meant to post this way back in January, but I finally found my secret MM shiny after 1193 eggs! Which was...


Purrloin! It wasn't that secret though since there's a Shiny Liepard in my sig XD.



I'm so happy I got the right nature and decent IVs, even though I'd wanted a girl one more than a boy :p. Cookie to anyone who knows what he's named after! He's evolved now, but I'll post those pics later~

I'm now focusing on my Larvesta hunt and I'm at 440 eggs now. I really hope it won't take too long so I can finally get this team together and fully trained for the E4. For B/W 2, with the Shining Charm, gift Gible or Dratini and Wild Shiny Haxorus, they sure are giving out a lot of chances to get shinies, aren't they? I'm not sure if I'll use them or not, but I guess it's nice for the people who've never seen any shinies or don't hunt for them a lot.

@Heliotrope: Aaah, 10,000 SRs is huge O_O they take so long to do for the starters in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum as well. I hope it shines soon!

Good luck everyone on your hunts! ^_^


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Still working on my shiny Dratini hunt. Up to 15 eggs in my Pokébox, will be getting the rest today and hatching them. Over 300 eggs so far hunt wise, not giving up though :). Got a lv. 52 (iirc) shiny Dratini from a Japanese trainer on the GTS. Took forever to find one that I could trade for.

Also got a shiny Pawniard last night for a Haunter. All and all, been having some decent luck on there.


Money is the anthem!
Working my way up to 2,200 Masuda Method eggs for a shiny Houndour...

I have to be approaching some kind of dubious award - I swear I'm doing this wrong. So many people get their MM's in less than 500 eggs, I think my Houndour is just cursed.

Don't worry, it took me 3,596 eggs to hatch my shiny Karrablast... xD
To be fair, my MM hunt before that was 185 eggs, and my next MM hunt after Karrablast only took 32 eggs :p.


Shiny Hunter
Yesterday i found a female DW Eevee on GTS nego and today i started hatching eggs.I've only hatched 30 at moment but i'm working on it.:p


Wanna trade
going on a shiny hunt for sheildon so just started one egg


got a shiny voltorb on fire red on 618 REs then 45-60 mins later hatched my shiny charmander by masuda method on my 500th egg
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