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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

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Calamity Lynn

Lady Breeds-a-Lot
OK NOW I am sorry I posted twice on the same page. Guys. Guys. Guys. I have this trend of complaining, and then magic happens. I just got a shiny Scyther pretty much immediately after complaining of getting nothing. Touché, pokémon...

Will edit with pictures, IVs, and egg count.

Egg 569 Total since last Shiny hatch.

Everstone failed. Hasty Nature.....

24 HP | 12 ATK | 31 DEF | 6 Sp.ATK | 31 Sp.DEF | 31 SPD

I. Am very upset right now, to be perfectly honest. Why twelve? Why? For all the useless 31's you give my physical mons in sp.atk, why give him 12 atk? ): Shinies, you are my bane sometimes.

Oh right. And he didn't even get Technician. Well, I'll be breeding more of them cuz I need one for my bug monotype team anyway... Maybe I'll get one that doesn't suck.
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Shiny Hunter
i dont mind Tomo
whoa congrats on anorith and scyther


Money is the anthem!
Congratulations on the Scyther, Calamity Lynn! I'm not really a big fan of shiny Scyther, but my opinion matters not when it's your shiny :3

After only 1412 REs I gots a female shiny Frillish! I would've preferred a male, but she's awesome anyway.
I haven't gotten a shiny in like MONTHS so getting her definitely felt great :D.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MEQlwKzcoU&feature=plcp
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it shone! ^_^
I've been in Celestial tower for like 3 hours trying to get a shiny Litwick. SHOW UP!
That reminds me; I should get back to hunting for my shiny Litwick. I started hunting for one last year, but put in on hold since it was taking ages and I wanted to hunt for other targets. The last time I left off I was at just over 19,000 encounters. Sigh... shiny Litwick obviously doesn't like me. But I really want to find one and nickname it "Ghostlight" (after the Doctor Who episode ^.^ ).

Good luck with your Litwick hunt.

As for my hunts, I've done a little more hatching for a shiny Pansage in UK Black, bringing my total up to 400 eggs hatched. And I'm at 9990 encounters for a headbutt shiny in Soul Silver (which will be either a Cherubi or an Exeggcute).
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Kyle Clarthy

Well-Known Member
Hey all!

Forgive me, but it's really hard to remember everyone's names. Congratulations on the two Flora's, the extremely late Chimchar, Miss Goofball Alessa, and the disliked Scyther. And anyone else I have forgotten. There's been an awful lot of success lately, so here's hoping the others who haven't had success will be next.

Dan, Slugma is being a pain, but you'll get it. We know you will. It is maddening when the hunt goes over the odds. How are you collecting the eggs? When I hunt, I collect eggs in batches of 3, 4 or 5 boxes, save the game, and then reset and collect another batch, until all the boxes are full. I usually do this with different Pokemon each time, just so that there's not the risk of getting multiples of the same Poke. You have to do it the way you enjoy it, I suppose, and might even do it that way already. Good luck!

Calamity ... Embrace your shiny, warts and all! Like it for how unique it is! If you don't like me saying that, I'm sorry. I just think that it's awesome to get a shiny in 500+ eggs, so focus on that. All those "blemishes" make it more unique, I suppose!

Let me know if I've been rude and forgotten about your latest shiny capture. It wasn't my intention.

So, here's Shazam all grown up and EV trained to beat up some Johto and Kanto gym leaders.

Well, here's my latest news.

Thankfully the old man and his wife spared this particular egg. Late last night I was hatching eggs and listening to music, so I didn't notice immediately that a shiny had hatched from within the 1064th egg. When I did look over to cancel the nickname option, I literally did get a shock. It really took me off-guard this time.

I am totally in love with this chick. I think her little following sprite is so cute. (I sound totally like a girl right now!)

Polly is just a stand-in name until I think of something else, like Crackers or Aria or Gusto or Poopy. I am struggling for a nickname for a female ... I'll have to think about it some more tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and good luck with any of your current hunts, guys ... and gals!


Shiny Hunter
1300 encounters for shiny mareep
gl luck on your hunts everyone

Calamity Lynn

Lady Breeds-a-Lot
Calamity ... Embrace your shiny, warts and all! Like it for how unique it is! If you don't like me saying that, I'm sorry. I just think that it's awesome to get a shiny in 500+ eggs, so focus on that. All those "blemishes" make it more unique, I suppose!
I was hoping I could use him for something, but Technician is very important to make it work. With a Hasty nature the best I can do with him is do Eviolite Scyther. Except nowhere as good as if he had higher attack and tech. I decided to name him Amuro, after the iconic Gundam protagonist. Because he was a huge disappointment and totally useless. :p

I'll figure something out to do with him. I love Scyther, loved him ever since gen 1. It's just getting very frustrating that I haven't been able to use ANY of the hundreds of scythers I have bred. Despite the parents being flawless. Despite all the work I put into it. Then this surprise shiny pops up, and is just like the rest. The worst part is I need 2 of them, one for an eviolite scyther, one for a scizor.

I'll be back to breeding them.... every day until I get two that I can use. He is still better than a good 70% of my shinies. Who were mostly terrible because I had not yet learned to RNG the parents, and they ended up with the worst the parents could offer every time. My only functional shinies, as in they have no massive flaw, are my Crustle, who lacks the Sturdy ability but has okayish IVs, and my Flygon, who got the desired nature and overall good IVs with exception to a bumbling S.Def score.

I really don't want to break down and RNG the egg. 1. I can't get my SecretID so there's no hope of a shiny unless I hit a MiracleSeed by accident. 2. I really prefer holding up my tradition of using only Natural-Bred mons.


Face Oblivion
Damn those Chikoritas! When will my shiny show up...I wonder....oh well.

I actually don't mind a shiny Chikorita, funnily enough...
Just hatched a random shiny Swinub after nine eggs... It's Adamant, has an Oblivious, and overall not very good IVs. I probably won't bother to upload any pictures, since I don't particularly care about it.


Shiny Hunter
OMG! after only 1418 REs shiny ekans has appeared
will post pics later


Shiny Hunter
^ lol u r right :) i might catch up with you


Well-Known Member
Haha at this rate you won't just catch up, you'll finish your quest before Slugma shines!

Might put this hunt on hold soon and just RE my next shiny just to keep me motivated.
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