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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

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Hello,i have a question on the masuda method for pokemon black.If i use MY metang that I caught(canada) and use a foregein ditto(usa)will my odds increase?
I'm pretty sure it has to be a different language not just country. You can check your pokedex and look to see if it has a foreign dex entry to be certain.


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just hit 1700 SRs


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Keep going Cocoa, it'll shine soon!

2,400 encounters now and going strong. Already know what I'm doing for hunts 6 and 8 so I'm looking forward to them. Still undecided whether I'll go on and do the 2nd badge quest for the kanto badges 9-16. Would be fun I guess.

Best of luck peeps.


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I'm pretty sure it has to be a different language not just country. You can check your pokedex and look to see if it has a foreign dex entry to be certain.
Pretty sure Only pokemon caught in 4th gen will have foreign dexs. So thats not a full proof plan. My emboar (or flambirex as its called) is deff german yet has no foreign dex, yet my jap electivire and yanma imports from diamond do
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They dont specifically have to be caught in 4th gen to have foreign dex entry. It will show foreign dex entry for every pokemon except for 5th gen only. It's strange why they've done that.


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^ gl ratata will shine for you if not it will be the next best thing

Dan do you plan to SR ho-oh i think i will do the kanto part also will be fun

i know what i plan to hunt after eevee :D and there appearance is 90% XD
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That's funny Dan I'm hunting in route 32 right now and I'd be happy with any shiny there except rattata, i already decided that if I get it I'd nickname in Scum, or liferuiner,huntdestroyer,or trashbag lol I guess it's just because I'm not a fan of rodents.


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If I manage to get an Eggexute I'm naming it E.G.G.M.A.N. (cookies if you know the reference). Might name Gotlett that if I can get one.
Is that a Sonic reference? I want a COOKIE =P

Anyway, I'm almost done gathering my next batch of eggs. Up to 1194 Ponytas and 1192 Blitzles. REALLY hoping to get a shiny before combined 3k eggs. Still no luck on Snivy, Piplup, or Registeel either. Congrats on all of the recent shinies (J-Tech, you have no idea how lucky you are to have that Snivy!), and good luck to all on your hunts =)

Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
Up to 9,252 REs for my Virbank Complex hunt. Hopefully won't go too far past 10,000.

Hey guys congrats on all recent shinies and good luck on your hunts!


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Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted here. I ran into this guy today:
Totally took me by surprise. I was REing in the area previously, so if we want to count numbers it was probably around 3000+ encounters.
Probably going back to hunting shiny Porygon soon, I've hatched more than 1k eggs so if I'm lucky it'll shine soon! Good luck to all of those on the hunt!

Shiny Hunter Se7en

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Congrats on shiny Larvesta, gold Volcarona is an epic shiny
I'm still looking for my shiny Turtwig so i can start my Pearl BQ, I think I'm going to search for another shiny before my first gym battle, I was thinking on hunting at Eterna Forest -hoping for a shiny Misdreavus- but lets first find Turtwig... come on shine my little earth dweller turtle

Good luck to all of you hunters SR, RE or MMing, keep your eyes on the shiny-lining


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Good luck with the hunt, 7. Shiny Turtwig are cool little critters. I've been hunting for MM Larvesta for a while as well. Haven't gotten the little thing, though. Hunting on both my Black and White, mainly Black though.


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Still MMing for my shiny Zorua, at 792 eggs now. I was hoping to have it under 500, but it is my first shiny hunt ever so I wouldn't know what to expect.
I'm more determined now than ever to have it though, my dog of fourteen years died a few days ago (hit by a car surprisingly) and I plan to name it after her and grant it a permanent spot on my team once it shines.


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That's a nice reminder of your dog. My first MM on BW went over 1000 eggs (my Solosis called Chaos), so it could really take any time at all. It could even have hatched within 10 eggs. But just keep going. You'll get it soon enough.


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"What makes a 'good' shiny?"

In my opinion, it's a sprite that's different enough than the original, yet still reflects on the typing of the pokemon. An example would be Chandelure - it's normally purple/blue, yet the shiny sprite is orange/red.

I like this because it's dealing with fire (orange/red), yet looks vastly different than the original sprite, which is the blue color.

Don't even get me started on how much I HATE Kangaskhan's shiny sprite.


For me, I don't really care if it doesn't match the typing, any shiny sprite is good as long as it is clearly different than the original color.

However, there are also a few shinies whose colors are a bit disappointing, because while it is clearly different, but it's still not enough, because it's just different shades, not exactly different color.
A great example of this would be Shiny Blaziken. The colors are clearly darker than the original, but it's also very obvious that they are just darker shades, they don't change color.
It's sad, because Shiny Torchic has such an amazing shiny sprite, with the yellow and orange being swapped.

Then there are also a few shinies whose colors are great, because it is clearly different, but unfortunately their previous evolution has a better shiny color.
A great example of this would be Shiny Rapidash, Shiny Drapion, and Shiny Zoroark. To be honest I much prefer Shiny Ponyta's blue flame, Shiny Skorupi's bright red body, and Shiny Zorua's bright neon blue. Especially Shiny Zorua VS Shiny Zoroark, that bright neon blue on black works so much better than purple on black.

And yeah, Shiny Kangaskhan's color sucks. But Shiny Garchomp will always be the worst shiny color ever.
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