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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

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Face Oblivion
Just hit 1,100 REs in my Pinwheel Forest and Secret Route dual hunt, and I have also gone up to 8,730 starters seen (2,910 SRs). The latter hunt is getting on a bit now.


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Dan thank you but I don't think I'm going for either I kinda want grow lithe to be my fire type, and I also really want shiny scyther but don't know if I want to do a long mm for him. It's only like 3850 steps for spinarak and it's like 6200 steps for scyther. I want to catch up to you guys so what I think I'll do is first mm for spinarak then go mm for growlithe.


Face Oblivion
I have just gone up to 9000 starters seen, aka 3000 SRs. In fact, I have now gone up to 9003 Starters seen.


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Aqua you will get it buddy, give it your all this weekend and I know you will get it!

broken glass

average shiny hunter
yea aqua it will eventually shine for you hope u get it gl

back to SRing eevee after playing the gamecorner all night XD idk why i played it

gl dan kurt aqua


Forever now
3,864 RE's on rt 20 White 2 a shiny finally appeared, it's Venipede!
female n lonely. Pics tomorrow okay I gotta sleep now.

It's great to catch shiny again. Yatta!


Shiny Hunter Se7en

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Hi everyone, it's Saturday, I'm Home Alone(1) for the rest of the weekend so it is on... Turtwig is destined to shine today -if only it was that easy-

, how about Murkrow?, is a cool dark/flying poké and it has a nice shiny form
Congrats!Nice catch @Cutty Flam, Venipede and its evolution line have such an awesome shiny look

Well, hopefuly my next post will have some shiny news
Good luck shiny hunters SRing, REing and MMing...
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Shiny Hunter

Err.. Isn't it supposed to be Cobalion that must be caught first to unlock Vizirion n Terakkion? But you caught the other two first instead. o_O

Yea I'm playing on my nephew's black game since I already caught the trio on my white game before I started shiny hunting and he fought and killed his Cobalion which is why I was able to hunt for Virizion and Terrakion first. I didn't even know he fainted it until I got to Cobalion's location and it wasn't there! But then I found out that if you beat the E4 again it will respawn back in the cave, sorry for the confusion. =p Anyways, I think this may be my longest SR hunt hope it shines soon.


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Woo hoo!! good job venipede line is awesome in shininess!
Shinyhunterseven that is an awesome suggestion ill wait to do that as a random encounter


What is existence?
just found a random shiny Throh in my imported Blk2 after only 657 in game encounters...... that was quite unexpected

sorry for the terrible quality my camera is terrible


Mr. Robot-O
Congratulations! Currently I'm MMing a secret target, I'll give you a hint, it's gold as a baby, but not when it's an adult.
Quick question, I always wondered, since Gen II and Gen IV, is shiny 'Dos viable? I mean I know you encounter one at Lake of Rage.
I meant along the lines of catching it in the wild, MMing. I figured it wouldn't be viable since, technically, it's the most easiest shiny to obtain.

Also, a side note, turned out I had to get my little bite checked out, I'm fine, they have me on antibiotics. It puts a damper on my hunts thought because of medication and the sort.


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Question: Anyone have B2/W2 AND has their shining charm yet? I'm wondering if anyone has noticed a significant increase in shinies appearing in the wild, or if it still feels the same as before.
grats to everyone on the recent shinies!
As for me, I'm still working on my female bulbasaur. I'm over 1100 eggs now and knowing my luck, when it DOES hatch it'll be another male. sigh. might switch targets and hunt a weedle. i don't have a weedle yet...

@TomoEGoto, I must have missed it, what bit you?


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Just filled up 6 boxes for my shiny target, and I'm at 2280 SR for shiny kyurem. Wish me luck on hatching those 6 boxes tonight!


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ok, I'm gonna risk an infraction for this.

Guys who are posting 3+ times per page, go look at the FULL title, and then the first post of this thread. If you're not careful, the mods will start handing out infractions to you. Especially people who post only "grats to person X on getting shiny Y". thats like 2 strikes in one if you've already posted once on that page. Just giving you a heads up before you start getting in trouble like.... cocoadragon? I think it was cocoadragon.
I know we're all just trying to be friendly and encouraging, but maybe move some of the congratulating to VM walls, or save them up and make one post per page.


daydreaming ~
So, after I gave up hunting Snivy after 3500 ~ eggs, I decided to switch targets to a Shiny Woobat today, as those things hatch pretty fast, and only 15 eggs later...
http://i50.*******.com/21boj7t.jpg (Kinda big, sorry :p)
A shiny Woobat hatched! In only 15 eggs! :DDD
He's male and modest, but I forgot that my Ditto had a Power Bracer on, so he has 31 IVs in attack rather than Sp.attack :p His other Iv's are -
21 / 31 / 13 / 30 / 30, 31 / 14 - 19 Nice Sp.attack and Sp.Defense, which is what matters, lol. Ah well, I'm soo happy I finally found a shiny <33 I won't train him up at all, and use him during my playthrough of Black 2 :)
http://i50.*******.com/f35dm1.jpg (Shiny vs Normal :p)
I guess my game really didn't want me to get a shiny Snivy, haha. I don't know what to call him - I was thinking Koko for a girl, but he's a boy P: Any suggestions?

Congrats to Blue Mew + Cutty Flam on their shinies too <3


The Great Gublet
Just thought I'd post to say that I just reached Giratina in my Platinum game, took far longer than I expected (I'd forgotten how long Platinum is). I'm actually going to attempt to count SRs this time, I've never counted before so it should be interesting.

I opted out of getting a smeargle with false swipe and foresight (or foresight in general). I figure that since my Empoleon is level 48 (1 higher than Giratina), resists all of Giratina's moves, and has a weak move to weaken it with (aqua jet), I'll just use him to fight Giratina. I also transferred in my shiny Zapdos from SoulSilver since he has thunderwave and is level 50.

Since playing Platinum will no longer be distracting me, I'll be going back to work on my other hunts. Congrats to Callie on the shiny Woobat, and good luck to the rest of you on your hunts!


Specialist Operator
Hey @Serris, is just matter of time before you to get your little green-eyed Larvesta
Thanks, 7. Let's hope you get your SparkleTwig soon.

And congratulations to Cutty Flam, BLUE-MEW, and Callie-Rose on your shinies. Glad you were able to see them sparkles.

And Dangertrout took a fall for all of you posting 2+ times a page. But they're right: read the topic and first post. It'll help.

I'm up to 650 eggs now, just taking a little break. I've been listening to Skyrim music while hunting. Adds to my groove. Also, I've thought of names, and would like opinions. Prometheus for a boy, Amaterasu for a girl. What do you think? The reason I chose these names is because they are both names of volcanoes on the moon Io orbiting Jupiter.

Good luck everyone and let's hope you see sparkles today.
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