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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    Congrats! I have a shiny Mew too. Too bad mine, unlike yours, is 100% hacked lol. I just can't bring myself to release it haha.
  2. LexSuicune

    LexSuicune Feraligatr Master

    You really have a Shiny Feraligatr? So jealous T_T
  3. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    Tied with Sceptile as the best starter ever ;) If you have SS or HG you should SR for one! Typhlosion and Meganium are pretty good shinies too, so you win no matter what.
  4. Icay4321

    Icay4321 Well-Known Member

    Who all's doing the community hunt? Any luck? Haven't had any yet, personally, but it's still early.
  5. ColorsofTheRainbow

    ColorsofTheRainbow Live. Love. Ho-Oh.

    No luck so far :/ I'm really hoping I run into a shiny pawniard soon though. Then again it seems like that's what everyone's aiming for lol
  6. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    I got a Garbodor in about ninety REs. I'm continuing the hunt, so now I've 460 REs. How many REs have you done?
  7. Redstars89

    Redstars89 Shiny Ditto Trainer

    reached 60 eggs for farfetch'd with no early luck. Hopefully it will be under 1000.

    BLUE-MEW What is existence?

    were is the community hunt this week? i want to join in but idk were lol :p
  9. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    It's on Route 9. Here's the group for future reference. :)
  10. Icay4321

    Icay4321 Well-Known Member

    Route 9, west of Opelucid.
    Have only gotten 15 to 20 RE's in, but I had school, and I'm raising some Pokémon at the same time. Hoping for any shiny here to be honest. Oh, and I was lucky enough to have a Poocheyena Swarm, too.
  11. Stylinson

    Stylinson Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Congrats! Garbodor is a really cool looking shiny,IMO. I actually started earlyer then I had planned, my mom didnt need me to do as much I was planning. Anyway, I did around 125 REs. Im not sure though, how do you keep track? I dont want to have a peice of paper near me all the time to keep tally marks.
  12. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    Flip over your Trainer Card, until you get to the records side. Scroll down to random encounters, and write down the number. Then, after REs, subtract the previous number from your current.
  13. PokemonOwn

    PokemonOwn Well-Known Member

    About 600 REs on Rotue 9. Nothing. However, it's only the beginning. If you think about it:

    Pawniard = Shiny Blue
    Garbador = Shiny Blue
    Duosion = Shiny Blue
    Houndour = Shiny Blue

    Good hunt much? I'm using a Magnezone with Magnet Pull to give me a higher chance of finding a Pawniard. I find 2 nearly everytime I enter the Double Grass.
  14. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    Poochyena is shiny gold =/ If I wasn't MMing deino I would probably join this hunt but I am not going to drop that hunt for anything. I've been doing it for way too long!
  15. hekalopter

    hekalopter Active Member

    Hi, I’m somewhat new here, I’m reusing an old account because I have no idea what the one I used months ago was.

    Recently I’ve been MM for a shiny Scraggy (Jap Scraggy + US male Smeargle). Mostly because I just like Scrafty, but because it has relatively fewer steps than most to hatch, either ability is useful, and it isn’t totally dependent on a perfect nature / IVs (like a Jolly Garchomp with an IV of 30 in speed :/ ).

    Current eggs: roughly 500 hatched.
    Any a tips, or advise would be much appreciated. This is my first time MM for a shiny, as all others have been RE, SR, or trades.

    A few questions:
    So far I haven’t turned my game off since putting the parents in the day care, but I’m not sure it matters. Some have said it does, but I thought that only applied for RNG. Anyone have any definitive info one way or another?

    When the shiny actually hatches, is the sprite shiny? As in, when the screen says “YOUR POKEMON hatched from the egg!”, would it be obvious? Is the same sound make / stars appear as when encountering a shiny in the wild?

    What amount of eggs would you recommend stopping at if you hadn’t gotten a shiny yet? I know there is no set number, and everyone has different standards - but I would think around 2000-3000 I would just give up.
  16. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna finish for the night. This cold is killing me. At least I got a shiny out of today. I'm at 600 REs. :)
  17. Confusious

    Confusious Kimetsu no Yaiba. <3

    My plans are shot down, I have no basketball game to distract me until SUNDAY night, so, even though I'm not apart of the group, I shall participate in the weekend hunt, effective immediately.

    Since I already have every shiny, I don't care which I get. Just a new nature would be sex.
  18. PoryGone222

    PoryGone222 Well-Known Member

    I was going for Pawniard, but my Nosepass keeps taking a beating. So before i go evolve it, I'm just going for anything at this point. I like every shiny available on Route 9.

    630+ REs and counting.
  19. silicon

    silicon Swordsman

    It only matters with RNG.

    It does appear shiny, but from the videos I've seen no extra sound or stars come with the hatch (Unfortunately I haven't had one hatch yet - I'm still working on my first MM myself, Axew)

    Personal prefrence.
  20. ShadowedXHunted

    ShadowedXHunted Banned Trainer

    I joined but haven't been accepted yet either. I assume their should be a PM with the time is right?
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