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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt « Breeder »

    there are no stars or sparkles, but it does show up shiny on the hatch screen.
  2. PoryGone222

    PoryGone222 Well-Known Member

    When I was trying to breed a female Tumburr and got a shiny on egg 1, I wasn't sure it was shiny and needed to go check its summary to make sure.

    Sparkles or a noise would be nice when you hatch one.
  3. dukedudez

    dukedudez ...Loves God

    Well I just started to do the community hunt! This is my first time REing so I hope to find a shiny soon! Good luck to all the other hunters!
  4. Redstars89

    Redstars89 Shiny Ditto Trainer

    Why is the community hunt RE instead of MM? Isn't it completely random what IV's and nature it will have? Id hate to put in like 2000 RE's only to get docile or something.
  5. PokemonOwn

    PokemonOwn Well-Known Member

    Because RE is random, so you don't know what you'll get. It's a wildcard.

    Who thinks I should SR for Amoongus?
  6. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt « Breeder »

    no SR. MM! wouldnt you want your amoonguss to have a guaranteed top stat?

    join me! 200 eggs to shiny foongus and counting.
  7. PoryGone222

    PoryGone222 Well-Known Member

    I personally don't care about IVs, and though I would like a good nature, if it winds up being a dud, it's still a random shiny, which makes it sort of like a nice trophy for us non-RNGers.
  8. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt « Breeder »

    you got a point. purists all!
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I wasn't aware that Mew could be Shiny. From what I heard, none of the event Mew can be Shiny. I know that Japanese Emerald players can soft reset for Mew on Faraway Island if they have access to it, but I heard some rumors that those couldn't be Shiny, either. I'm just curious, because if legit Shiny Mew do exist, then I definitely want to obtain one of my own :]

    Anyway, I just hatched another 20 Deino eggs. I've hatched 160 eggs so far since this hunt began, and I'm getting closer to finding that Shiny Deino. I can just feel it in my bones :p
  10. Redstars89

    Redstars89 Shiny Ditto Trainer

    If it walks like a hack, and quacks like a hack, its probably a hack.
  11. ~Light

    ~Light Well-Known Member

    It's a Shiny Pokepark Mew :)

    From an event in 2006 in Taiwan

    It's location checks out ( Hoenn ), it's moves are the same, Trainer & Trainer ID is the same

    And it's from a trade shop here on the forum so I'm 100% sure it's legit cause everything checks out :)
  12. hekalopter

    hekalopter Active Member

    [ QUOTE=Vendidurt;12562656]there are no stars or sparkles, but it does show up shiny on the hatch screen.[/QUOTE]

    Okay, thanks. Glad I can go on and do something else in the game without screwing up my chances - SR for Thundurus was such a pain because I saved inside the house :/

    Alright, I’ve seen videos of shiny hatches, but you never know when it’s just an AR or something similar.

    Any suggestions for a 4th egg move for scraggy? Currently I have:
    -Dragon Dance
    -Ice Punch
    -Drain Punch
    It gets, Amnesia, Counter, Detect, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Elemental Punches, Zen Headbutt.
  13. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt « Breeder »

    i advise a dark move, but if youre bent on getting eggmoves, fake out for sure!
  14. dukedudez

    dukedudez ...Loves God

    Quick question: Why doesn't my Poke Toy work? I gave it to my level 20 watchog that knows illuminate so if it isn't shiny it can escape. However, whenever I try to run it says I couldn't escape. Why isn't it working?

    Edit: Nevermind. I just figured out it's a battle item. Is there an item that allows me to escape from as many battles as I want without having to buy a new one each time?
  15. PoryGone222

    PoryGone222 Well-Known Member

    The ability Run Away does that...unless having Watchog in the front is a necessity.
  16. dukedudez

    dukedudez ...Loves God

    Nah, it's not a big necessity, but neither is run away anymore. I'll just use a high level pokemon in the front
  17. hekalopter

    hekalopter Active Member

    Give the first pokemon in your party the Smoke Ball to hold.
  18. Kakujitsu

    Kakujitsu Well-Known Member

    Use a Smoke ball. That Item is my new best friend. ^_^
  19. PoryGone222

    PoryGone222 Well-Known Member

    I always assumed Smoke Ball was a 1-use item.

    This will let me keep Nosepass in front! I leveled it up to 42 for nothing. :s
  20. dukedudez

    dukedudez ...Loves God

    Where does one obtain a smoke ball?
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