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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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Congratulations! to aquaregisteel finally getting your shiny chickorita, you really deserved it! Good to see cocoadragon back, sableye is an amazing shiny! and to pocketmonstre on your castform, did you now my treecko hunt is taking longer than your zubat and castform hunts combined , @ 811 eggs, boxing up again, no treecko = ( q: how long is your A) shortest and B) longest MM hunt

Sorry about that =p Good luck with your treecko hunt, it will surely shine soon. I am also jealous of your shiny emolga haha.

About longest/shortest hunt, I have only done 2 so far, and they were pretty close
Zubat - 301 eggs
Castform -281 eggs

@ZaneClarthy, thanks for the nickname ideas, they are inspirational. I changed its named to 'Aeris', which is Latin for atmosphere/air, but I kind of like "Dew" or "Droplet" more :)

PocketMonstre, I have some active shiny hunting youtubers:

Alpha Zapdos

Ahh, thanks. I will subscribe to those later. Watching videos does help a lot.
5 boxes of eggs ready to hatch, im going to fill the remaining 3 and hatch all 240 at once to take me over 1000 (if it dosent shine of course) @pocket monstre im not that jealous of you zubat has amazing shiny evolutions and castform is quite rare, but the shiny is actually quite nice, any ideas of what you'll be hunting next? as for emolga its a nice enough shiny but utterly useless to me because its highest iv is 17 in defense. Anyway im more motivated than ever, i see the closer to the odds you are the more likely the next egg will shine ... 1366 here i come


Active Member
Hatching 2 boxes of charmander eggs... no luck so far but its still early in the hunt


Shiny Hunter
Hatching 2 boxes of charmander eggs... no luck so far but its still early in the hunt

How many boxes do you normally stock up before hatching? I feel like an egg hoarding addict because I HAVE to box 15 boxes before hatching. And can you imagine what it must look like for someone to bring an egg to a pc and somehow store the egg in it until they are ready to hatch it? I mean pokemon themselves are one thing because they are in balls, but the egg is just an egg. *smacks self* Woah. Going in this too much. It's just a game, it's just a game. ;) Anyways... 2 1/2 boxes left to store before I start hatching my first NEW batch of Sneasel eggs. :)


Active Member
I only have 2 full boxes available to stock up. the rest are organized by pokedex and will fill up as i trade for/catch more

I still have to find someone on the negotiations page that is willing to come off a bulbasaur/squirtle and the Johto starters


Sorry for posting twice so close together, its just that my above post is a bit cluttered.

@PaddysTurtwigFanClub , I haven't decided what I will be hunting next but I do have a few in mind. Emolga/feebas/aipom/slowpoke/or a RE hunt on various routes are all being considered.


Well-Known Member
Now at 1,820 eggs hatched, meaning the next batch of six boxes will take me to 2,000... Let's hope I get it before then!


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Yeah well im switching up rt. 14 for relic castle since i have been at this route for awhile and im bored of seeing tropius and golduck all the time. Seeking cofagrigus or onix, still hunting victory road in black 5,500 encounters


A couple days ago I got a female Japanese 31/x/31/x/31/x Bold storm drain Lileep off the GTS (I don't care what anyone says about the GTS I love it....sometimes) for one of the extra Kabuto I had and I began to MM using it so I can get an awesomely green Lileep that could possibly be used competitively. So far nothing, I've hatched about 423 eggs and nothing. I really hope the hunt doesn't last as long as my Kabuto hunt, hatching 3000 eggs gets really tedious.


Shiny Hunter
Its been a really long time since i got a new shiny well today i made up for it. So i was doing grass shaking spots my White2 in Pinwheel forest and after 495 i got this, and so i decided to keep going and after another 73 i got a second one. i wasnt able to take a pic of the 2nd one cause when it was in battle, i didnt have anything to take a pic and my battery was gonna die. First one is male with lonely nature and the 2nd was a female with relaxed nature. Overall im just glad my drought is over, and still no shiny from my secret MM lost count but im prolly around 3k.

sorry for the pics



Congrats on all shinies, i love seeing ppls new shinies its what keeps me going.


Face Oblivion
Wait what? You can dual encounter Audino...that's cool. Congratulations on that though, so good luck everybody.
I seriously never knew you dual encounter them either :confused:.


Face Oblivion
^only in BW2. That rocks.

Anyways, too busy with my Soul Silver BQ...but I might start a Black BQ after I complete the Soul Silver Badge Quest.


I come bearing good luck!....and a new shiny!

On my 606th egg this thing popped out:


Another green shiny to add to my collection! Although its evolution is pink I will let it slide only because it is Cradily ... and I like Cradily.

The Everstone didn't work :( Its nature is the exact opposite of what I wanted lonely instead of Bold and it didn't get its hidden ability but oh well a shiny is a shiny.
Its Ivs on the other hand are "outstanding" according to the guy at the battle subway with 31 IVs in Def so...yay.

I now have 3/10 shinys I'm catching up!
Friend (boo)
:541: :548: ;079; :622:
Me (yay)
:602: ;140; ;345;


Shiny Hunter!
Hiya everyone! I have been hatching Charmander eggs for 3 weeks and am up to about 700 eggs. Will continue my hunt tonight after work. I really hope he shines before the 1000 mark! Keep up the good work everyone and good luck!
Hey i am goin hard at treecko 4 boxes hatched today so i might rest tonight and watch the olympics, i still have four more boxed up boxes of eggs so hopefully we've a shiner in those if not this is gonna be a very boring hunt @ cha chi congrats on that audino and mario fan on your lileep, are you racing your friend to 10 shiny pokemon if so good luck on it ! Q) do shaking patches boost the chances of finding shiny pokemon? because of cha chis experience with audino and my own with emolga im asking, also heard people saying it. not much activity on this thread lately.....sigh


Psyched Up
Staff member
Ah, so that Stoutland standing next to your Glaceon belongs to Cheren. Doing double battles with an NPC is a very risky move, unless you faint Cheren's Stoutland first :p
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