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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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Kanto Ranger
^ Way to go on that shiny adamant Axew. You got it fairly quick too, only 455 eggs? Wish my hunts were that short.

Anyway congratz!


Active Member

The reason it happened that quickly is because I only counted the eggs I've hatched, I've still got another 6 boxes full of eggs stored in the PC.


Egg 125!
I had a good feeling when I woke up today...

As you can see it's exactly what I was after with the adamant nature and it's even got mold breaker and it only took 455 eggs, time to EV train it!

Woot! Congrats, Haxorus!!

Awesome shiny, and it's always awesome when you get a nature and ability that you want! Well done!!

455 eggs is a pretty low number as well. My lowest is my Tirtouga but even that was over 1,000 eggs.

Congrats on the newest shiny!


Shiny hunter :)
It's actually an error on Gamefreak's part, within the coding. Apparently it was an easy mistake to make.

oh. well why dont they just fix it in b/w two.. xD
and congrats on the shiny axew! taht's my next hunt =D
Hey guys haven't posted here in a week r so but ill try and post daily again @ shiny haxorus congrats on shiny axew
@ YNCRN i would pass the hp iv onto feebas @ 1410 eggs for my treecko hunt for anyone offering motivation!! gl guys on your hunts


Shiny Hunter
I really hope you get your Treeko soon Paddy! I want one some day too! I have currently hatched 1,890 Sneasel eggs with no success. I am boxing up more now and I hope to get one in this batch! Good luck everyone! And congrats on the shiny Axew! I love my shiny Haxorus. It took out my friends whole team once (thanks to Guillotine) :p


The Master
Good luck with the Sneasel! That was one of my lucky ones: Shiny Adamant female with Ice Punch in less than two hours. Sadly Riolu is not being as cooperative.


Shiny hunter :)
I don't know if it's been mentioned here yet, but in case anyone here was interested in a community hunt, check out the main Shiny discussion in the general discussion forum, we're REing at Chargestone cave =)


Shiny Hunter
This Ralts popped up after 610 eggs. Naughty nature and female. Haven't checked the IVs yet


Pokemon Lover
I'm currently MMing Sawsbuck/Deerling. I'm under a box of eggs, and I realize this will take a long time. Although I've never actually got a shiny, I have been MMing for a few months now (4-6 months). Anyway, I'm hoping to get my first shiny soon!


Shiny Hunter
Wow gratz on the Drifblim and Ralts! Cool shinies and they both came quick, I'm around 2k re's in route 12 for that female Combee hopefully I don't get multiple Tranquill and Rapidash this time but I have a feeling I will >.< Anywayz good luck on the hunting everyone.


I might actually give this shiny hatching a try now....just got two foreign ditto (dont ask why i got 2, i guess it was just to make sure 1 was definitely foreign lol) but i am gonna start breeding soon


X.x -blobbed-
X_x I ran into a shiny Axew and I was like "O: gotta catch this!!!" but then I realised I had no pokeballs or anything to capture it with... still on the hunt though


Golden Sun 4?
I've played Pokemon Black for over 353 hours and I have yet to even see a shiny pokemon. Cummon Ninetales or Yanma, SHINE


Pokemon Lover
I've played Pokemon Black for over 353 hours and I have yet to even see a shiny pokemon. Cummon Ninetales or Yanma, SHINE

I believe i am almost 800 hours, and i have never seen a shiny. That is this save file alone, as i had one that was about 500 hours, then I deleted it to play the story again. My luck is terrible as you can see. (this is on black alone)


Shiny hunter :)
The error is on BW2.

ooh ok I thought you meant it was in BW 1. @Tomatohater &Nashey don't just give up cuz of a number. if you set your mind on it and hunt for them i'm sure you'll get a few :p
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