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5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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it shone! ^_^
Hello everyone. I see we have a new shiny thread.

I haven't found any new shinies in my 5th ten games yet, but here's how all my hunts are going so far:

White: Litwick - 21,643 encounters
SS: Headbutt - 13,610 encounters
HG: BQ/Lapras - 4300 soft resets
And I'm currently breeding for a good IV'd jolly female Aipom in my Japanese Black, so that I can eventually breed for a shiny one.

And... I know it's not 5th gen, but I have found my 3rd badge quest shiny in Platinum: a shiny Cranidos, who shone after only 1512 soft resets ^_^ : video

Good luck, guys. Congrats on new shinies.

Shiny Hunter Se7en

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Hi guys!!! Awesome, incredible, totally expected news
Well for about three weeks i've been looking for shiny Turtwig in my Pokémon Pearl to start my first ever BQ. Since it was taking so long I decide to start SR in my Pokémon White for a shiny Snivy, this was an on/off hunt. Since Turtwig was taking so long I decide to give Turtwig a week and Snivy the next one. Last week was Turtwig's week so today I got focus on Snivy
The moment I decided to SR for Snivy as well -I'd been looking for Turtwig for at least two weeks at this moment- I knew that Arceus's twisted sense of humor was going to make Snivy shine before my most wanted Turtwig, and about an hour ago it happened

Nice looking Magneton @Charizardmaster#1, pretty good nature
Congrats on those awesome orange Shellder @andyhaj, wow! now you can evolve one to be a cool shiny Cloyster and leave the other as orange Shellder
Cool shiny Roselia and Cranidos,@PaddysTurtwigFanClub and @Helotrope, I don't mind it was a 4th gen catch... still congrats
Really cool shiny @StingrayKurt, Shinx's shiny evolution line is for sure one of those I want
Nice job @PocketMonstre, congrats on your first MM shiny poké ever
Awesome shinies @mario_fan, both final shiny forms of those pokés are really cool
Congrats on your new shiny Nosepass @Johnfiles, too bad it didn't get the ability you want

Good luck on your Spearow hunt and SUPER GOOD LUCK with Drillbur @Dangertrout, I hope they shine as fast as Snivy
Good luck guys SRing, REing and MMing, they'll shine for you

By the way shiny Turtwig's hunt is still on, shiny Snivy just gave me the strenght to continue

and Snivy is Impish nature....


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Congrats on Cranidos and Snivy! Love seeing peoples hard work pay off.

Unto 11,260 encounters now. Will carry on tomoz.

Best of luck everyone!


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I'd never heard of a "badge quest" before yesterday, so I have questions for those that are doing it. Do you prefer to get each shiny before a badge or afterwards? Do you use nothing but those shinies in your team? And are you bothered by the long gaps in gameplay?


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Well, this is quite irritating... Nothing in that batch of 210, so the total is now 1,640... Why is shiny Tauros so elusive?!


The Great Gublet
I'm glad to see that there's a new topic with more relaxed rules, and I'm also very happy that I finally have a 5th gen shiny to report after months of hunting!


Blitzle hatched after 1480 eggs, and a combined 2874 eggs. I said that I wanted a shiny before a combined 3k, and I got one! She's Jolly, which means that my great luck with the everstone is continuing, and has 31 IV's in Speed! She also has Lightningrod for an ability (I probably would have preferred Motor Drive, but both are pretty good) and Double-edge as an egg move. I'm glad that I got a really great shiny after such a long hunt =)

I have another 90 Blitzle eggs that I need to hatch, and then I'll be hatching 180 Ponytas. I'll keep MMing until Ponyta shines, though I'm not sure what I'll do after that. I have other MM targets in mind, but I would also like to SR Groudon and Ho-Oh in Soul Silver... I guess I'll figure that out when I get there.

Congrats to all of the recently obtained shinies, and good luck to everyone on your hunts!
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The Upgrade
Congratulations on all the recent shinies!

I have a shiny of my own; shiny Corsola, after only 122 eggs, making my first MM hunt relatively short and successful. c:

She's Bold with Hustle. Not the best combination, I would've preferred Natural Cure, but she probably won't see much battle anyway.

IVs: 07/31/24/31/12/26

Hunting a Shuckle next. Good luck on your hunts, everyone!


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I'm so happy to see everyone getting shinies lately congrats to all of you and thank you to all who have watched my shiny shinx videos!
You guys and gals are great on this thread!


Pokémon Master!
I am now up to 1,510 Electrike Eggs, Still no Shiny. But I'm not even considering giving up. I feel as if it will shine really soon. As I said previously in the thread, if anyone wants to make predictions, feel free to do so on my profile!


Shine, Eevee, shine!
Is it just me, or do female Lillipups look lighter colored than Males? Ugh. My DS is trolling me. If I don't look directly at the Pokemon, I get all kinds of excited because I think I hatched a shiny. I haven't hatched many eggs today, but I'll need to catch up... I was supposed to be at... 300 eggs today? I'm not even in the 200s. >.<
I'll be able to hatch for another thirty minutes tonight, then it's off to bed.

~needsalimegreenespeon signing off! See ya!


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Just got my sparkly Cobalion! It came fairly quick, but I was hoping it would come on my birthday last Tuesday. Regardless, it is a shiny, and the Synchronise worked: Jolly natured.


Congratulations Rykerr, Skippio, and Empoleon! (sorry if I missed anyone)

Some people up here are having some long hunts (master) but keep going guys.

Anyway, after my shiny zubat, I am probably going to MM for a shiny castform. I like it because it is one of my favorites, and it is really uncommon, especially in shiny form. If I get bored, I will switch to Emolga or Feebas, but I will hunt all three at some point.


Shiny Hunter
Congratz on the new shinies guys.^-^
I started to MM Cynda.


Shiny Hunter
After a week of no hunting I'm ready to start up again :) I'll be reing in the Challenger's Cave since I like all the shiny forms in there and headbutting tree's on Soul Silver for that female Combee that I've been hunting on and off for since January hope it shines this time! Gratz on all the recent shinies and good luck all.


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I am decreeing this day as a day of rest. Think I need it after hatching nearly 1,000 eggs in one week!


Face Oblivion
I'm tempted to not bother with my badge quest after I get my starter. I am at 13,167 Starters seen, and I'm about to continue with hunting whilst watching Youtube Vids.


Shiny Hunter
nice idea to renew the thread hmm i guess ii am back

congratz on all those new shinies they look amazing

gl on the hunts guys

also i am continuing my whirlipede hunt at 1500 RE

@aquaregisteel good luck on your starter hunt
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^I was wondering where you went =) Welcome Back. At least people can't be infracted for posting for than once on the same page (not in a row, of course). Keep up the Vaporeon hunt then (Well, Eevee hunt)!


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@ Cocoadragon, if you're not careful you'll get infracted again. Even if it's on two different accounts, you probably shouldn't be posting the SAME progress of a 4TH GEN badge quest here, at least not without some 5th gen news.
@TheEliteEmpoleon, Grats on the Cobalion!

I hatched an Adamant Drilbur in White last night, so that hunt will go much better now that I can use the Everstone trick ^_^ I'm just going to finish off my batch of Spearow in Black and then focus on the Drilburs. (At about 300 Spearow now)


Shiny Hunter
@ Cocoadragon, if you're not careful you'll get infracted again. Even if it's on two different accounts, you probably shouldn't be posting the SAME progress of a 4TH GEN badge quest here, at least not without some 5th gen news.
@TheEliteEmpoleon, Grats on the Cobalion!

i know that ...... so i cant post about my badge quest here anymore :/

ah well that sucks well i guess i will post if i find a shiny whirlipede or something different

gl on the hunt tho everyone
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