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5th gen speculation thread and what you wantt

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Arcane Of The Wild
title says it all the shillouete looks great!

mod approval bye s.suikun and possibly razor leaf

when shining mew is done move this to the 5th gen area please.
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Pokemon Doc
No. 5th Gen speculation threads. No 5th Gen 'wants' threads.

Is that mini modding? Im waiting for an official 5th generation speculation thread but ill wait here.

It looks like a fighting type, also has fox like features its really looking good.


It looks like another ugly Fighting-type...


Arcane Of The Wild
im thinking a pure dark type/dark fighting/dark ghost/dark water type pokemon that is an evoloution of absol, branch of riolu(evolving at night),or mighteyena evo
Overriding approval. We're in the process of setting up the new forum and have yet to completely decide how to organize it at this point.

Since the only new information revealed was just a shadow of Z, a thread as been opened for that. However, there is still absolutely no information on any other aspects of the games. Thus, for right now, we are hesitant to open up more threads. Theres nothing to speculate off of.
Not open for further replies.