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5th Generation Spoilers


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I was just wondering what's going to happen with regards to revealing information about the upcoming 5th generation. I do want to know some things obviously but I also want to keep some of it as a surprise. For example when I first saw most of the 3rd gen pokemon it was actually in the games and I loved that. Whereas I got addicted to this site in the run up to the 4th gen which really softened the impact of Diamond/Pearl since I'd already seen most of the pokemon. Some of this blame does lie with me (don't look for the info) but sometimes it's hard to avoid such as if for example I come on to check one little thing and have pictures of the new starters jumping out at me from the main page. I vaguely remember something along the lines of a spoiler button but if that is used would it apply to everything or just some?



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In the run up, with stuff Nintendo officially releases, I'm not going to hide stuff as it'll be everywhere.

When the games come out, I'll start spoiler tagging things, but I will not spoiler tag stuff officially revealed on official sites, Pokémon Sunday or CoroCoro. Sorry.


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That makes sense. It'll be hard to avoid some things anyway what with them probably being mentioned in the anime, movies, reviews, etc. Thanks.
Most likely we just have to wait and see if anything all will be revealed when the time is right.


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That wasn't what was asked. What was asked is how I was going to shield things for those who wish to stay oblivious but still visit the site.

I have an idea. Maybe you could try putting spoilers in a certain text color, like this one, and keep everything with a low spoiler content in the usual black. It would catch people's eye, and they would know not to look. Sure, some of it may be unavoidable, but that way, most text spoilers could be identified and avoided.


Serebii always either puts things in spoilers or posts very general statements like "page includes spoilers" so only those who actually go to that page view the spoilers. Don't be greedy and feel thankful for the fact that he's covering everything perfectly.