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#610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

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Looking for a axew with adamant or jolly nature (shiny or none shiny) must have mold breaker and speed characteristics!!!!
offering movie arceus /darkrai/victini/reshiram offering shinys (idk i have so many) PKTOPIA electivire event shaymin DW sharpido and other pokemon such as celebi/deoxys/jarachi etc just pm me and i will give you my FC


Dragon Breeder
Mold Breaker Females:
2 Adamant** (one is lv. 21, ut, leveled through day-care), Calm, Naughty**

Rivalry Females:
Adamant**, Bold, Brave**, Rash**

Mold Breaker Males:
Adamant**, Brave**, Careful**

Rivalry Males:
Adamant**, Naughty**, Relaxed**

WILL TAKE ANYTHING FOR THEM! The ones with ** on them know the moves, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw and Taunt
PM/VM offers
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Dragon Breeder
have a fraxure for trade, as well as a bunch of axew


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Im giving away my SHINY haxorus, naughty nature level 100, good atk and speed ivs, if your interested here is my FC: 4298-8576-3030 or pm me


I can breed an Adamant/Jolly Axew with 31 ivs in HP, Attack and Speed.

I am looking for an adamant beldum, level 1 (no evs), with 31 ivs in HP, Attack and Defence.


False Swipe!
I failed with RNG breeding today (my chatot's didn't have a recorded chatter) and I hit some really unlucky albeit shiny frames for axew, so these are pretty much to whoever wants them, I have these two:

Natures: Naughty & Naive
Ability: Rivalry
Gender: Female
IVs: 31/15/31/31/31/31
UT @ Lv 1


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Several baby axews untouched. Pm me for moveset/natures. Also, several eggs that were breeded under the masuda method. Please pm me with offers
edit: egg moves are currently dragon claw, dragon pulse and taunt
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Veteran Trainer
Looking for a Jolly, Japanese/South Korean Haxorus. Can be any level as long as it's legit, and any gender, though female would be preferred. PM or VM me with what you'd want in return, as I have Gens III-V (minus FR/LG) at my disposal, and so could provide almost anything.
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A meowing duck.
Looking for the shiny haxorus found in black 2 and white 2. I'm also looking for the shiny dratini and gible in the game given to you by Alder's grandson. If you have any of these, please PM me. :)


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Hey, I'm looking for any untouched Axew. I'm pretty early in the game, so I don't have much. I am able to breed Snivys with my female starter though, so just PM me with offers please. Thanks!


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Looking for a shiny evd adamant Haxorus im offereing Shiny Evd Weavile Shiny Evd Metagross Shiny Evd Blaziken Shiny Evd Glaceon Evd Lucario Evd Infernape Evd Scizor Evd Dragonite and Events Movie 10 Entei and Raikou World09 Weavile and a Goon Scizor Movie 10 is on Gen 4


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Seeking a shiny axew with the ability mold breaker =)

I have:
Shiny Eevee - Level 5 - Timid - UT - Male
Shiny Tyrogue - Level 51 - Impish - Male


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Level 1 Flawless Axew up for trade.
Male, Adamant nature, Mold Breaker ability.
NNable and *not shiny*
VM or post in my shop with offers if interested


Breeding Trainer
I was breeding some axews today and I got an extra usable axew.

level: 1
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Mold Breaker

Again, untrained. PM with an offer if you want a cheap axew. I'm mostly looking to complete my pokedex currently, specifically looking for the starters (especially squirtle family), or previous generation legendaries. I have everything for unova for the most part.


Active Member
Looking for a Shiny Male Axew with Mold Breaker. Preferred Level 1 and Adamant natured. I can offer any starter pokemon, pokemon usually opposite gender of the norm (female Combee, female Riolu, male Vulpx) as well as other kinds of pokemon. PM me to negotiate. 8]


Eevee Trainer
Hey I have a Shiny Axew for trade. Pm for details and offers. =D


Dragon Trainer
Seeking an Axew. Preferably male, and/or Adamant. Any will do though. I appreciate it, and don't have much to trade, except for a Pansage, Audino and Munna. PM me if you'd like to help me out. :)


Mad Scientist
got a shiny haxorus lv 60 for trade. pm me with offers if you want it. looking for legendaries but if you want to offer something else that's fine too.
I also have lv 1 UT axews for trade both male and female with rivalry and mold breaker abilities. so let me know if you want either of them.
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