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#610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

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I have a japanese male Lv. 1 axew. Jolly nature, mold braker ability. He knows aerial ace, dig, rock tomb, and poison jab.

I would really, really, love a shiny! 5th gen shinies only please, specifically dying for snivy, deerling, litwit and/or rufflet . Will entertain offers through PM.

Thank you
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I'd love an Axew, but I don't have much to trade. Hopefully we can work something out.


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Hey, I'm looking for a non-US(Japanese most likely) female of this line(Axe/Frax/Hax).

I'd like her to be adamant, if possible with Mold Breaker. IVs don't matter.

I have White version, so if you're looking for exclusives, I could do that. I also have a TON of Archens, mostly Naughty in nature and of both genders. I've also got a buncha Tynamos.

Both the Archens and Tynamos are untouched at level 1. So, I'd be glad to get a Lv. 1 Adamant female. Message me if you've got one and are willing to trade her. =]
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LF: shiny lvl 1 UT Axew, Adamant nature, Moldbreaker, EM Iron Tail, good IV spread (doesnt have to be perfect)

Offering: Gen 4 US and Japanese event pokemon. 2 for 1 Axew bred to spec. Any TRU event; Arceus, Manaphy, Shaymin; Goon Scizor, Alamos Darkrai, etc etc.

PMs please
Looking for a shiny male axew(would ike jolly nature , but not needed)
offering every shiny legend gen 1-4 PM me


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I have UT Axews to trade, and one haxorus. PM for details.


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Okay, I have a Level 15 Victini. Legit. Just captured. Nickname requests open.
Also, just some other Pokemon:
I have a Japanese Movie 12 Arceus
Wish List: (No nicknames please.) Hacked Pokemon are fine.
Shiny Female Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus
Shiny Deino (Any gender.)


I would like to request a pre evolution of HAxorus or Haxorus with adamant nature and mold breaker with 252 atk ev, 252 speed ev and 6 on defense.

Good IVs are necessary and I will offer a shiny charizard or altaria. :)

pm me
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Para Noid

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looking for a shiny pokemon above i have alot to offer if your interested plz pm me


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I'm looking for a shiny FEMALE axew or any evolutions. I will make a great deal with someone who cantrade me a FEMALE shiny. I can't stress the female part enough.


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Have Male/ Female Axew's UT, fresh out of the egg and can give them PKVRUS. PM me if interested I'd prefer any generation starters.


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i have 21 lv1 UT axews
PM me if ur interested,imma have more but mite not update this so PM me if looking for a certain nature
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My Fave shiny!!! :3
I would love to have a Shiny Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus I dont care which one it is. any gender it fine.


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Shiny pokemon trade

I have a level 100 shiny jolteon if anyone wants to trade for a different level 100 shiny. If you would give me a shiny legendary it doesnt have to be level 100. But the lowest i will go for legendary shinies is 60

The poekmon i would prefer are ;149;;487;;386;;006;;483;;381;;448;;383; But any shiny will be nice those are some of the examples that can go as low as level 60 since i am giving away a level 100. But any legendary pokemon works.And i wont accept every trade so it depends what you are trading me. my friend code is 1850-1238-3035
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