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#613 Chubchoo / #614 Beartic

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#613 Cubchoo#614 Beartic


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I have the legit Pokesma! (Japanese Event) Cubchoo. Looking for LEGIT DW starters (excluding Treeko and Bulbasaur) or Eeveelution, but might trade for Gen 5 shinies with good IV/nature combined or other event pokemons as well. VM me with your offer.

On the second note, I also have shiny Adamant Cubchoo. Likewise, VM me with your offer.


Grass Master
I have a Cubchoo caught in Twist Mountain. Really want a Deino.


hungry hippo
looking for an adamant Cubchoo.
got a jolly Sandile and a modest Zorua (jp).

pm me with offers

p.s. also looking for modest Shelmet, Beheehem's pre evo, Litwick and adamant tynamo


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anyone got a spare chubchoo? i havent got anything interesting to offer tho...

Trade done!
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Looking for Cubchoo. Not much interesting for offer :(
Level, nature etc. Doesn't really matter. :)

EDIT: Received a Cubchoo after!
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Para Noid

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looking for a shiny pokemon above i have alot to offer if your interested plz pm me


The PPL'S Trader
i have a world championship shiny Eevee , a VGC09 Shiny Milotic, a TRU Arceus,and Ash's Pikachu just want a regular cubchoo


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i have a world championship shiny Eevee , a VGC09 Shiny Milotic, a TRU Arceus,and Ash's Pikachu just want a regular cubchoo
Pmed' just want the Eevee or Shiny Milotic :)


Haters gonna hate
Looking for Wi-Fi event Cubchoo from 2010 UNTOUCHED (no exp, no PKRS, preferably no moves changed, AND NO NICKNAMES!!)

If anyone has one, I will offer any of the pokemon in this list: TRU Regigigas, Gamestop 2008 Deoxys, Space Center Deoxys, Wishmaker Jirachi, Summer '10 Jirachi, Ash's Pikachu, Hayley's Mew, Mystery Mew, Fall 2010 Mew, ALAMOS Darkrai, Shiny ALAMOS Darkrai, 10 ANNIV Latios and Latias, Celebii, 3 shiny dogs, TRU Arceus, MICHINA Arceus, VGC '10 Shiny Milotic, VGC '10 Shiny Eevee, Zekrom, Thundurus, Tornadus, Landorus, Shiny Zorua, Pikachu-colored Shiny Pichu, Enigma Stone Latios/Latias, Shiny Modest Kyurem, Shiny UT Kyogre, Shiny UT Groudon, Reshiram, TRU Shaymin, Shiny level 100 Shaymin, Cobalion, Shiny Virizion, Shiny Terrakion, Shiny Ditto with PKRS, Japanese Ditto, and Ho-oh.

Besides 1 or 2? the rest are COMPLETELY untouched and completely LEGIT. PM me or contact Hax0rus on Serebii's Wi-Fi Chat :D
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