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#616 Shelmet / #617 Accelgor

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So i herd you Liek..
I need someone to help with both the Kerroblast and Shelmet evolutions. If you need to evolve them too, then lets trade

Joe The Bow

Redstone Utilist
I need to evolve my Shelmet, pm me to trade it for Karrablast and back.
White FC: 0991-2731-2227


best pokemon breeder
shiny accelgor

i am in need of a shiny accelgor
i can offer any pokemon from generations 1-4 and the legendaries from generations 1-4 are shiny and at level 100 \i have ut shiny starters from generations 1-4
not offering shinies from generations 5


Till all are One
Need help evolving my karrablast and shelmet if anyone can help PM me please!


OG Trainer
i have both shelmet and karrablast that i need to evolve.
if you happen to have both and are willing to trade please pm me asap.

Sweet Lou

Sweet Trainer
Looking to trade karrablast and or shelmet in return for the opposite, preferably low level if you can. Message me :)
i have a karrablast and shelmet that need to evolve. If you are in the same predicament, PM me so we can trade :)


Lover of underrated characters
I`ll trade a Basculin for Shelmet


New Member
looking for someone with a shelmet to trade and trade back so I can get an escavalier. I would be glad if anyone can help out.

Twilight Dawn

Active Member
Hej guys, well everyone wants his karrablast/shelmet to evolve right ? well I want to trade :p then it gets an exp boost too :D
if you want to trade Pm :p x


New Member
i want to evolve my karrablast but of course, it has to trade with a shelmet so if anyone needs help evolving their shelmet to get accelgor then ill gladly trade then trade back pm me if ur interested


Platinum Expert
Hello can anyone help evolve my Karrablast into Escavalier by trading with me a Shelmet??


Eternal God
offering flawless 31 iv accelgor with moves bug buzz final gambit giga drain and me first ev'd in hp and sp atk and timid nature
will only take a flawless larvesta calm nature with morning sun
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hey looking to trade a karrablast for a shelmet and then when the season changes will trade a shelmet for karrablast.

pm me for negotiations :)
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