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#619 Mienfoo / #620 Mienshao

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#619 Mienfoo#620 Mienshao


like pepsi cola
Really, badly need a female Mienfoo egg, adamant nature, w/regenerator. Can only offer fodder w/pokeball at this stage of the game...please PM if you want to help me out! Would be grateful, thanks!!


Well-Known Member
Need Male Addamant nature (may change mind if u have dif type) and I have a Male Bold Nature Oshawott to give! :)


Pokemon Breeder
looking for a meinfoo will trade u what i can pm me what u want for it


Well-Known Member
I actually have 2 Mienfoo now but no Oshawott so give me a male Oshawott thats not sassy or naughty nature and still needs a good nature for Mienfoo


I have a female Lv 31 Meinfoo with careful nature, PM if interested.
I'm not looking for much in exchange. ^ ^
I have a lvl 59 UT Female Mienshao for trade. Impish nature. PM with offers

Para Noid

New Member
looking for a shiny pokemon above i have alot to offer if your interested plz pm me


Dark Trainer
Looking for a Male Mienfoo or Mienshao with "Me First"

Primarily have the stuff you'd basically find around the game normally.
I do have an extra Lv1 Female Tynamo with the Brave trait (+Attack -Speed) if that interests you.


Fan of Foxes
Looking for a shiny Mienfoo or Mienshao, don't care which. Regenerator preferred, but I like the shiny version of this one a lot, so it's all good.


Well-Known Member
I have a lv. 66 Gentle Mienshao with Inner Focus, and the moves Reversal, Hi Jump Kick, Bounce, and U-Turn. If anyone happens to be interested, PM me. (And you'd have to tell me what to do, because I've never done a trade that's not a regular GTS trade).


New Member
looking for a shiny meinfoo/meinshao naive nature with regenerator ability. Willing to offer any starter or i can migrate some shinies from HG. PM me with an offer. Thanks

FC:5371 9731 2160


G-Rank Hunter
Looking for a Female Meinshao Lvl 40 and up, I can Trade a sigilyph (lvl 40), Pm for offers, I do have some other pokemon, but not much..
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