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#619 Mienfoo / #620 Mienshao

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Maestro Entrenador
looking for a #620 Mienshao, will trade for zorua, pm me


New Member
I have a female lvl. 1 Adamant Mienfoo w/ Regenerator. Looking to trade it for a female Jolly Mienfoo /w Regenerator, any level. Also have other Pokemon with favorable natures I'm willing to trade for her. PM me.


Fierce battler
i got a lvl 59 japanese gentle mienfoo and im lookin for any legit 5th gen shinies


Aspiring Battler
Got a female adamant mienshao with regenerator and superior IVs i can breed off. If anyone wants an egg, pm me.


1678 3049 0910
Looking for Mienshao. I can breed and trade the following:

PM me your offers.
Looking for a Mienfoo either in egg, or around lvl 40 with adamant nature and regeneration... willing to negotiate trade ... plz pm with offers


Virizion Collector
Anyone out there got a female shiny mienfoo/mienshao with a beneficial nature (increases attack or speed without cutting either) and regenerator preferably? Let me know, and we can work something out. :)


Avery, EV Trainer
looking for a shiny mienfoo!!! pm me plz


LF: regenerator Jolly mienfoo with 31 ivs in Att and Spe.
Offering: DW gligar or DW vulpix. Also others PM to discuss.


i herd u liek me :P
trading UT Timid LV.10 Mew for UT Shiny Jolly Mienfoo with 31 IVS Spe and A
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Looking for an Adamant/Jolly Meinfoo/Shao. Pm for offers


New Member
Looking for a shiny mienfoo/mienshao I can offer you a shiny charmander or other shinies too, PM if you have one please

Trainer Evan

Local Crackpot
Offering a Mienfoo at level 1 with a Jolly nature and Regenerator. PM me with offers!
I've got a lv 100 adament regenerator Mienshao with the IV's 25/31/31/14/31/31

I will only accept very good IV's, near perfect, and benefitial natures as listed
Charizard dw, timid modest, modest prefered
Ninetails dw, timid, modest, calm. are there female ninetails from dw?
Leafeon adament jolly dw
espeon timid modest dw
politoed dw timid calm modest
arcanine adament 5th gen intimidate
dugtrio jolly adament arena trap
sableye bold, impish dw
vaporeon bold, water absorb

pm me if you have any other guys that aren't on this list but have perfect iv's, natures, and look like I may want them. Sometimes I miss guys i want and I won't turn down a good pokemon.
Shinies with usable IV's and natures are also acceptable
Also, I clone so this is how it will work. we trade, I clon eyour guy, give him back, you walk away with both pokemon and i do the same. it takes me less than 5 minutes.
pm me if you're interested


Crazy Musical Ninja
Offering Mienfoo. Female. Level 60. Jolly Nature. Mischievous. Inner Focus ability. Caught in a Quick Ball. ID No. 10438. Message me with offers. :)

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King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
I am looking to get rid of these Mienfoo as I will release them all by May 30th so if you want one then PM me then we can discuss a trade.

I also have plenty more stuff to get rid of so feel free to check out my shop to get one of these Pokémon that I'm getting rid of =]

Mienfoo- 30/30/30/31/31/31- Bold- Regenerator
Mienfoo- 30/30/30/31/31/31- Lax- Regenerator
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