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#619 Mienfoo / #620 Mienshao

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New Member
Wanting a Shiny Mienfoo [Jolly Natured]

Preferably female. Males will work too. Please message me for my great offers! :]


Looking for shiny Mienfoo/Mienshao, UT or EV'd. Preferably Adamant/Jolly.

Events I have to offer: Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus, Jirachi, Mew, Flying/Surfing Pikachu, Lucario, Electivire, some other event Pikachus

Shinies I have to offer: Venusaur, Golbat, Eevee, Ninetales, Garchomp, Charizard, Raikou (the roaming one), Ralts (female), Charmander, Beldum, Ho-Oh, Oddish, Elekid

PM me for offers! :)
Looking for Jolly 31 Att 31 Spe Mienshaa/Mienfoo.

Will offer really well :)


New Member
I have a handful of Adamant/31 Atk/31 Spd (and a bunch of Adamant 31 Atk) Mienfoos from a breeding session.

I'd like to trade for for an Adamant/Jolly/ 31 Atk/31 Speed Deino

But I'll take other 31 IV'd offers on different Pokemon as I'd like to build a larger, more flexible breeding pool. I also have some male Eevee's available from my signature, though many don't have Bite as they are from different generations.

PM me if interested

Please no clones or hacks. All my Pokemon are 100% natural and I'd like to keep them that way.
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Storm Wendjule

Advanced Trainer
I just got a female lvl 52 Shiny Mienshao, she knows the moves Calm Mind, U-Turn, Drain Punch, and Bounce. She has Inner Focus, and was caught in an Ultra Ball.
Her stats are HP-135, Atk-146, Def-70, Sp.Atk-109, Sp.Def-67, and Spd 127. She has a Hasty Nature, and is A Little Quick Tempered.
I have no idea if she's cloned or not, I just got her from the GTS ingame.
I am not interested in Legendaries, I am looking for 6 different low-leveled shinies. Male Venipede, Female Emolga, Cottonee, Deino, Solosis, and Zorua. Low-leveled meaning I'll accept lvl 1's. Please PM me to negotiate.

-Storm W.

Swampert is my Homeboy

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma
I am looking for a shiny level 1 Mienfoo. Preferably with the regenarator ability. I would also like for it to have a Jolly nature, but it is okay if it has a differnt nature. I can trade the stuff in my signature, along with any starter, and a few of the legendaries. Pm me with offers!!


New Member
looking for a female mienfoo(or mienshao) with regenerator ability and a jolly or adamant nature. Willing to make any reasonable trade from the pokemon in my signature.


Dragon Master

I really want a shiny Mienfoo. I will trade a LV 100 Donphan or a LV 100 Delcatty
Looking for 31 speed 31 attack UT mienfoo with jolly nature.... with regenerator ability. doesnt need to be shiny

PM me and I will offer you


ASAP Fancys
I have a touched shiny Mienshao I no longer need. Looking for an Ev'd pokemon


shadow puppeteer
I am looking for a UT lv.1 male mienfoo with jolly or adamant nature, I can offer a female deino or a ditto. pm me please.
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The Legendary DJ
I am looking for a lv.1 Meinfoo or a Meinfoo egg. I don't have much to offer because I barely started my game today. PM/VM me if you can help.


Sup? I'm looking for a Mienfoo that's lvl 1, is great with Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed. Idk how to say it but if the Judge judged it, he'd say, "It's outstanding" and "It can't be better." for those stats. It must also Naive or Hasty. If you got this, I'm willing to trade a Riolu level 10 that knows Crunch and Earthquake as an egg move, plus it's great with HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed (like b4, outstanding and can't be better). PM or reply for a trade. However it'll probably be a little bit b4 we would trade. But PM or reply and I'll let u know :)


New Member
Adamant (252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP)
U-Turn/Hi Jump Kick/Bounce/ Rock Slide

Check my shop in my sig for my wants


Pokemon Adoptions!
:619:I've got extra Mienfoos looking for good homes. PM me offers.:619:​


Lugia Collector
Looking for a Jolly/Adamant Mienfoo/Mienshao with 31 IVs in Atk/Speed.
or EV'd.
Take a look at my sig for what I'm offering.
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