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#619 Mienfoo / #620 Mienshao

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Your WORST nightmare
Looking for a 31 IV in speed and attack Mienfoo. Must be Timid. With regenerator ability


New Member
I have some Mienfoo Lv. 1 UT with low kick. PM me if interested.


Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Mienfoo - Bold Nature, Inner Force Ability, Female, Level 39 - Calm Mind, Force Palm, Drain Punch & Jump Kick
Mienshao - Serious Nature, Inner Force Ability, Female, Level 59 - U-turn, Wide Guard, Bounce & Hi Jump Kick

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.


Artistically angry
Want; ut naive/ hasty Mienfoo. Needs to be nearly flawless with HP Ice and regenerator ability

Offering; anything up to tier 3 in my trade shop


I'm looking for a mienfoo, preferably UT and adamant, I don't mind either gender and ability will do, please PM me if you can help thanks^.^


Well-Known Member
looking for a UT adamant/naive/jolly meinfoo with regenrator ability
pm me so we can negotiate


Active Member
Well I got lucky!

I just bred myself a Shiny Mienfoo that knows Low Kick!

It has Regenerator but a lot of people will be dissapointed to learn it's nature is Quiet.

Still, it's Untouched and looking for a nice home.

In return I'll be looking for something fairly good / hard to acquire: I don't care about shinies or banned legendaries but a competition-capable Poké or a Mon with rare egg-moves are always nice sights. PM with offers.

EDIT: After a bit more breeding I'm going to be adding onto this post:

I now have TWO plain Mienfoos who are Jolly and have Regenerator, along with the move Low Kick. I'll edit this post as I lose 'em.
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Unknown Trainer
Ive got a TON of mienfoos up for trade. They all have varying natures, mostly naive and some of them have perfect ivs in some stats. Really just willing to get rid of these, so just pm me if you want one and what you can offer for it.

Oh yeah, some of them came from the daycare so its not completely UT, but most are freshly hatched


New Member
I simply need to trade my meinshao to and back from somebody for the exp boost. Pm me please.
Looking for a shiny flawless naive meinfoo/meinshao. I have many flawless legends/regular pokes for trade, as well as some events. PM/Vm me if you're interested :).


Highly competitive
Looking for an Iron Fist female Timburr :532:, an Intimidate female Scraggy :559:, Rough Skin female Gible ;443;, Skill Link female Mincinno :572:, Toxic Boost female Zangoose ;335;, Moody female Snorunt ;361;, Moxie female Pinsir ;127;, Moxie female Heracross ;214;, Reckless female Mienfoo :619:, Adaptability female Corphish ;341;, Mold Breaker female Druddigon :621:, Vital Spirit female Elekid ;239;, Vital Spirit female Magby ;240;, Water Absorb female Chinchou ;170;, Regenerator female Tangela ;114;, Reckless female Staravia ;397;, Run Away female Venonat ;049;, Rattled female Cubchoo :613:, Analytic female Elgyem :605:, Run Away female Caterpie ;010;, Sap Sipper female Girafarig ;203;, Swift Swim female Psyduck ;054;, Hydration female Lapras ;131;, Sap Sipper female Miltank ;241;, Rain Dish female Wingull ;278; , Simple female Woobat :527:, and Sap Sipper female Blitzle :522:.

If you have 3 of the above Pokemon, I will personally RNG breed you any breedable Pokemon there is and give it to you at level 1. If you want me to EV train it, that's 4 DWFs, and if you want me to eV train it and leve it up to lv 100, that's 5 DWFs.

Please check my Signature to see if I still need the Pokemon too :).


From Zero To Hero
I'm looking for a Dream World female Mienfoo/Mienshao, I don't care what nature or level it is, as long as it female and has Reckless, I have every other released Dream World female except what I'm looking for in my signature.

Got it.
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New Member
Looking for a Meinfoo. It doesn't need to have special moves, natures or anything else. I've just restarted my game, and it seems like a pretty decent pokemon to have. PM me please? Thanks.


New Member
Hi, looking for DW female Mienfoo. Can offer shards, rare candies, DW females not listed in my sig. Let me know if keen.


New Member
Hi, I got a spare shiny Mienfoo for trade. I'm looking for any of these pokemon as shinys: Absol, Emolga or Buizel (possibly others). PM me with offers if you're interested.
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