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#621 Druddigon

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Looking for Adamant natured druddigon. Must be Female or know Fire fang.


New Member
Trading a lv 31 UT male shiny Druddigon, looking for other shinies. I really wanna trade for something in the machop, shellder, nidoran male, staryu, pinser, abra, scyther, corsola, or shuckle families. The list goes from most to least wanted, PM me if you want to trade or have other offers.

Emerald 2006

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I post an offer to the last poster, but if anyone has a shiny Druddigon low level,
please contact me! I have many shinies to offer.
I <3 green shinies.

EDIT; I have my shiny Druddigon, Thanks to PlasmaYay!
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I have four newly hatched Druddigons up for trading. All of them are Adamant, have great Attack IVs and come with Glare and Sucker Punch as egg moves. PM for offers!


Avery, EV Trainer
I have a shiny druddigon. pm with offers
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I want a UT shiny Druddigon from the year of the dragon event.
Offers in the signature.


Avery, EV Trainer
Again, I still have a shiny druddigon. Just want an evolutionary stone besides dawn stone.


walking oxymoron
is looking for a year of the dragon druddigon. can chose any poke from my shop for one.


Clone my Balls!
Trading Away

Druddigon - Jolly Nature, Rough Skin Ability, Male, Level 31 - Slash, Crunch, Dragon Claw & Chip Away

Just taking up room. I'm never going to use them.


New Member
hey I have a shiny UT YOTD Druddigon. Pm me if we can trade. I am mainly looking for event and rarer shinies though


Meager PKMNCollector
Hi, i'm looking for a japan-event shiny druddigon, offers in sig,+ i have a lv 55 game trained lugia, pm me if you want anything other than what i've offered and i'll see what i can do


New Member
Looking for a Druddigon, any regular one will do, pm or vm if you have one with what you'd like in return :)


Well-Known Member
Looking for a DW Druddigon, PM me and we can negotiate a trade. I can offer a dw poke for it, and if it is a male, I can trade a dw male eevee/eeveeloution.


Smash Trainer
I just have a quick question about this Druddigon i am raising. My Druddigon has sheer force, but will he still get confused because of outrage's secondary effect?


like pepsi cola
I am after DW female Druddigon, Swinub and Eevee. If you have any/all of these, please PM me!

In return I have a large assortment of DW females and/or egg move males for you to choose from; if you have a particular 'want' or wish to see my entire available list, please contact me. Thank you.


shiny hoarder
looking for shiny drudigon, dont care if its from the event or not prefferably an UT hatchling with DW ablility
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i have a UT DWF Drudigon w/sucker punch. PM with offers. starter from any generation except gen 5 would be nice. PM with offers. I also have pokerus that I can throw on it.



Great Ball Rank Trainer
I'm looking for a male Snorunt with Moody (preferrably as an egg). I have a Wifi event Darkrai & Zekrom to trade, as wel as the following pokémon I caught in the Dream World & my dream Radar:
Swablu-Multiple/3 Male 1 Female
Shuckle-Multiple/All Female

PM me if interested


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Hi All
i Have a Shiney Japanese Druddigon, im open to all offers as im not a collector of shiney's

Lv: 32
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Rough Skin
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