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#629 Vullaby / #630 Mandibuzz

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I'm looking for a Vullaby. Doesn't matter what level or nature since I have white. I can't offer much but can offer Solosis or Rufflet as version exclusives. Just ask for any other unova pokemon as I might have it. Thanks.

EDIT - Traded.
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Looking for a Vully. Any level or nature, I don't care.

Can offer Rufflet, Pansage, or Petilil. Please PM me, thanks.


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Hello! I am looking for a Vullaby :), I don't need any special one because I only need it for fill the Pokédex (and I can't see any in White in order to look for it in the GTS). I can give almost any Pokémon only found in White (even a Reuniclus!) or others from previous generations. PM me if you want to trade :). Thanks a lot!


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Need a Vullaby. Any level, any Nature. I can offer a Rufflet if anyone wants to do a version-exclusive switch. PM me!


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looking for a mandibuzz offering any starter pm me if you want to trade ^^
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Looking for a Rufflet, I've got a Bold Vullaby. VM me if interested.

edit: Trade complete!
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I need a Vullaby or Mandibuzz can trade a Rufflet. :)


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Need Vullaby or Mandibuzz, offering Zorua. Pm and junk.


In need of a vullaby bad!

I can give you a throh or another version white exclusive. Just let me know.

FC: 2881 5768 9207


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I'm looking for a Vullaby or Mandibuzz for breeding. Gender/level/nature don't matter. Can trade almost any previous-generation legendaries (Aricuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Jirachi, Celebi, and many more), though they are not EV trained. Can also breed Oshawott, Snivy, Archen, Tirtouga, Zorua, or any white-exclusive pokemon. PM me if interested.

EDIT: Trade Completed
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Looking for a Vullaby. Don't care about lvl or nature. Just for completing my unova pokedex.

PM me if you can help me out! :)


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Looking for a Vullaby or Mandibuzz. can trade almost any breedable pokemon. Just PM me with what you want and I'll let you know if I have it.

Trade: Completed
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Looking for a Vullaby.

I can offer a number of breeded pokemon like Rotom, Zoroua, Spiritomb, and a ton of others. I also can offer all white exclusives.


Looking for a Vullaby or Mandibuzz, any level is fine (just trying to complete my Pokedex). I have White so I can trade any version exclusives. I also have a Oshawott available.

Edit: Trade completed!
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