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#633 Deino / #634 Zweilous / #635 Hydreigon

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Young Apprentice
I'm Looking for a Deino lv. 40 and up! I'd take a Zweillous if you have one...Just need it to finish my dex....Thanks! :D


Supreme Overlord
I'm seeking anything in the Deino-Hydreigon line that knows Dark Pulse and has a Timid nature. What I am offering is in my signature. PM me for offers. Thanks!


New Member
Currently breeding deinos' with dark pulse. Pm offers, also looking for a bagon( not dw)

Black fc: 5071 8123 9331


Howls of Loneliness
Does anyone have a modest ut shiny deino for trade?
I will trade a hayleys mew or event victini I also have some shinies that I would trade for it.please pm me if you have one for trade.


Well-Known Member
I've got a lot of Deino for trade. I believe they all have the move Dark Pulse. They are of various natures, most have 1 or more perfect IVs, and both genders are available.

Also, have Dark Pulse & Extrasensory Zorua with the same qualities.

I'm looking for some items for some new 4th games I'm starting-

TMs: Flash Cannon, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Iron Tail
Items: Amulet Coin, Blue Flute, Yellow Flute

Items: Blue Flute, Yellow Flute

In 5th gen, I'm looking for legendary dex entries (or legends themselves), mostly. You might made other offers though.

Of course, the better the pokemon, the more I'll have to ask for it.


Well-Known Member
Hi Im looking for a shiny deino please pm me if you have one and are interested in trading for it.. thank you!


New Member
Does anyone have a Zweillous? I need it to complete my dex and I can trade it back if you want. I can offer anything in my signature. PM me to make an offer.


New Member
I have the jp event hydreigon that I'm looking to trade. Will take any 3 prev gen normal legendary's, or one of any event legendary.


Trader and Battler
I have the korean and japanese event clarita's shiny hydregon. Feel free to offer.


New Member
Offering UT Rash Deino with flawless HP, Attack, Sp. Def and Speed


New Member
simply need

I simply need a dark pulse deino. Male. Can someone help me out? I am willing to let go of a legend i have most... My deino with dark pulse forgot it in the daycare. :( Pm me with needs.

Dragon Trainer X

If anybody could, I'm looking for a Deino, Zwelious, or even Hydreigon that is either UT or max EV with SpAtk and Spd. IV's in those two are requested as well. I have several lengendaries and shinies that I'm willing to trade in exchange for one, so please PM me if you have the chance.


New Member
Looking for a good or neutral natured Deino with dark pulse. Preferably male, though its more for in game so i dont care as much about natures or gender. I just started Black so I dont have much to offer other than maybe black exclusives early in game.


Amemoth Fan :D
I'm looking for Hydreigon to complete my pokedex. If somebody is willing to trade me one or dex trade it would be helpful!


Pokemon Demigod
I'd like a shiny deino.
UT would be nice, but i'll take anything.
I have most pokemon to trade, no shinies


New Member
Looking for a shiny Dieno that knows dark pulse. I have a lot to offer, pm me for negotiations. Or a hydriagon
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Looking for a flawless/almsot flawless dieno UT
i have quite a few shinys/events i can offer so let me know if you have to trade =]
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