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#639 Terrakion

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have a Terrakion (Quirky). mostly looking for PPmax, masterball & lightball.
pm me with offers.

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i have a spare UT Terrakion, check my signature for what i'm after. PM me for offers!


Looking for a Jolly Terrakion with somewhat hight ivs in attack and speed. offering all kings of pokemon. PM to discuss.
Looking for a Jolly UT Terrakion. Offering DWF Poliwag, Vulpix and Gligar, Muscle Band, Brave Guts Drain Punch Male UT Timburr, Timid Flash Fire Female UT Litwick, Adamant / Modest Male UT Snover or a life orb.


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offering an untouched lvl 42 jolly terrakion for a jolly jirachi mainly. I will also accept offers of shiny pokemon

Dragon Pokéballs

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I'm looking for an Adamant Terrakion with some good IVs. PM me if anyone has one and I can make an offer. Just ask me what you want and I'll probably have it. Thanks!


Wanna trade
have a shiny terrakion for trade pm me offers


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I need a Terrakion with a adamant nature and likes to thrash about characteristics. Also it has to have no previous training I'm willing to trade many different Pokemon for it. My Skype name is cash.joshua, so just send me a friend request. If my Skype account doesn't work for some reason pm and give me yours.


completely untouched Jolly Terrakion for trade HP 133/ atk 116/ def 87/ Satk 59/ Sdef 93/ spd 114 somewhat vain
Offering a lvl 42 Bold. Nicknamed Cave-Bull. Looking for shinys and the items in my sig

a cat

Have an extra Terrakion. Looking for a Latias, or Azelf. And maybe Uxie.


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I have 2 different Terrakion, and I'm willing to trade one. These are the characteristics:

1: Lax nature, a little quick tempered. Level 42.

2: Mild nature, quick tempered. Level 42.

PM me for offers~


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Hello everyone, I´m looking for an Adamant Terrakion, preferably un-touched and with no nickname. Please PM me if you´re interested, I have good offers in Pokémon and items, but it´s better if you let me know what you´re looking for. Good luck!
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Offering a UT Mild Terrakion, nicknamable and in a standard pokeball. PM me with offers

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Looking for a jolly Terrakion with high Iv's in Attack and speed, can offer starter Pokemon, or something else, pm me
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